Honkai Star Rail Clara Build [Cones, Relics, & Team Comps]

Learn about the best Clara Build in Honkai Star Rail by equipping top-tier light cones, relic sets, ornaments, various playstyles & team comps.

Creating an optimal Clara build in Honkai Star Rail is crucial to leverage her unique abilities and maximize her combat efficiency effectively. It facilitates strategic gameplay, enhances her performance in battles, and contributes to better team synergy. The right build can turn Clara into an unstoppable force in Honkai Star Rail. On the contrary, she is a complete waste of a 5-star character if you do not know how to utilize her in a build.

Key Takeaways
  • Clara‘s build is a significant aspect of gameplay in Honkai Star Rail, affecting both her offensive and supportive capabilities.
  • The right Light Cones boost Clara’s attack stats. They can also provide bonus abilities, making her more formidable.
  • Equipping Clara with the best Ornaments enhances her abilities, allowing for increased critical hits or follow-up damage boosts.
  • The best Relic Sets for Clara offer additional enhancements, such as increased max HP or speed benefits.
  • Effectively utilizing Clara’s skills is key to maximizing her contributions in battles. Know when to use her Basic ATK, Skills, or Ultimate.
  • Clara’s team composition is crucial. Pair her with characters like Tingyun for energy buffs, March 7th for defense, and Natasha for healing support.

Honkai Star Rail Clara Build

Here is a summary of Clara Build in Honkai Star Rail, which contains all useful elements necessary for the build.

Clara Light ConesClara RelicsClara SkillsClara OrnamentsClara PlaystyleBest Team Composition
1. Something Irreplaceable
2. Nowhere to Run
3. The Moles Welcome You
4. Collapsing Sky
1. Champion of Streetwise Boxing
2. Guard of Wuthering Snow
1. Svarog Watches Over You
2. Promise, Not Command
3. Because We’re Family
4. A Small Price for Victory
1. Fleet of the Ageless Ornament
2. Inert Salsotto
1. The Tank Playstyle
2. The Counter-attack Playstyle
3. The Aggressive Playstyle
1. Tingyun (Energy and Attack Support)
2. March 7th (Defender and Crowd Controller)
3. Natasha (Healer)

Who Is Clara In Honkai Star Rail?

Clara StatsValue

Clara is one of the best 5-star characters in Honkai Star Rail. She is a fierce combatant known for her impressive attack abilities and her unique healing skills, making her a versatile addition to any team. As a character who balances offense and support capabilities, Clara is adored by many players. She can adapt to various game scenarios, whether it’s battling foes or providing essential heals to teammates. 

Best Light Cones

Choosing the best Light Cones in Honkai Star Rail for Clara is a game-changer. They directly boost Clara’s attack and healing capabilities, allowing her to dish out more damage and sustain better in battles.

Something Irreplaceable [5-Star]

Something Irreplaceable

Something Irreplaceable is a 5-star rarity Light Cone that enhances the wearer’s attack by 24%. Additionally, defeating an enemy or receiving a hit triggers instant health restoration and a temporary damage boost.

The reason why Something Irreplaceable stands as the best Light Cone for Clara lies in its dynamic utility and perfect alignment with her playstyle.

  • Firstly, the immediate 24% attack increase significantly amplifies Clara’s damage output, which works harmoniously with her aggressive skills.
  • Secondly, the health restoration mechanism is activated when Clara either defeats an enemy or is attacked.
  • This feature matches well with Clara’s tendency to draw enemy fire, ensuring her survival and sustaining her aggressive front-line presence.
  • Furthermore, the temporary damage increase also triggers under the same conditions, adding another layer to her offensive power.

All these elements combine to make Something Irreplaceable a Light Cone that amplifies Clara’s strengths, boosts her survivability, and enhances her combat effectiveness, thus making it the best choice for her.

Nowhere to Run [4-Star]

Nowhere to Run

Nowhere to Run is a 4-star rarity Light Cone that augments the wearer’s attack by 24%. This Light Cone provides an additional benefit: when the wearer defeats an enemy, they regain health equal to 12% of their attack.

  • The primary attribute that places Nowhere to Run as Clara’s top Light Cone is its synergy with her aggressive, combat-oriented style.
  • The immediate 24% boost to attack complements Clara’s damaging skills, escalating her offensive potential.
  • Moreover, the health restoration feature kicks in each time an enemy is defeated. Given Clara’s role as an attacker, this is a common occurrence in battles, turning each defeated enemy into a healing opportunity.
  • This feature maintains Clara’s vitality throughout battles, permitting her to stay on the frontline longer, dealing significant damage while ensuring her survivability.

The Nowhere to Run Light Cone is thus an excellent choice for Clara Build in Honkai Star Rail, reinforcing her attacking prowess while providing her with a valuable source of healing, keeping her ready and active for the next skirmish.

The Moles Welcome You [4-Star]

The Moles Welcome You

The Moles Welcome You is a 4-star Light Cone that comes with an intriguing ability, Fantastic Adventure. Whenever the wearer uses Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate to attack enemies, they gain a stack of Mischievous, each stack enhancing the wearer’s attack by 12%.

  • What sets The Moles Welcome You as the best Light Cone for Clara is its unique stacking mechanic and compatibility with Clara’s combat approach.
  • As Clara engages in battles using her Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate, each attack grants a stack of Mischievous, subsequently boosting her attack power.
  • Given Clara’s frontline role and aggressive playstyle, it means she will frequently be attacking and hence, regularly amassing stacks.
  • This progressive amplification of her attack power plays into her offensive capabilities, steadily ramping up her damage output as the battle proceeds.

Hence, The Moles Welcome You not only amplifies Clara’s attack power consistently but also optimizes her potential as a damage dealer, making it an invaluable Light Cone for her.

Collapsing Sky [3-Star]

Collapsing Sky

Collapsing Sky is a 3-star rarity Light Cone that augments the wearer’s Basic ATK and Skill Damage by a solid 20%. This straightforward yet impactful ability serves as a potent weapon for any attacker in Honkai Star Rail.

  • As to why Collapsing Sky is a top pick for Clara, the answer lies in its ability to enhance two significant aspects of Clara’s fighting style.
  • Clara is a combat-oriented best character who heavily relies on her Basic Attacks and Skills for dealing damage and drawing enemy aggro.
  • By ramping up the damage output of both Basic ATK and Skill DMG by 20%, Collapsing Sky significantly increases Clara’s offensive capabilities, enabling her to hit harder and, thereby, potentially take down foes faster.

This consistent boost in power, although seemingly simple, plays a critical role in augmenting Clara’s effectiveness on the battlefield. For a front-line brawler like Clara, who excels in constant engagement with the enemy, Collapsing Sky is an excellent Light Cone choice that optimizes her inherent strengths.

Clara Skills

Effectively utilizing Clara’s skills is crucial. Her skills, including her basic attack, ultimate, and abilities, are her primary means of interacting with the game world. Mastering the usage of her skills is key to maximizing her combat efficiency and overall performance in Honkai Star Rail.

Svarog Watches Over You

Svarog Watches Over You is a potent AoE skill in Clara’s arsenal. The skill inflicts physical damage equivalent to 60% of Clara’s attack on all opponents. Moreover, enemies bearing Svarog’s Mark of Counter suffer an additional 60% damage, making it highly effective.

What sets Svarog Watches Over You apart as Clara’s best skill is its dual functionality. Firstly, the skill’s wide area of effect ensures that all enemies in range receive damage, which is essential in crowded battle scenarios. Secondly, the skill’s unique feature, dealing additional damage to marked enemies, allows for strategic play. By marking and then activating the skill, Clara can direct substantial damage to key opponents. 

Promise, Not Command

Promise, Not Command is a unique Clara Ultimate skill that cuts damage taken by 15%, boosts chances of enemy attack, and strengthens Svarog’s Counter when used, all at the cost of 110 energy.

What makes Promise, Not Command stand out as Clara’s best skill is its multi-tiered defense and offense. On the defensive side, the skill reduces damage received and draws enemies’ attention, helping protect allies by keeping them out of harm’s way.

Offensively, the enhanced Svarog’s Counter feature allows immediate retaliation when an ally is attacked, dealing even more damage to enemies and those near them. This skill creates a perfect balance between absorbing damage and dishing it out, giving Clara both a guardian and a warrior role in the battle.

Because We’re Family

Because We’re Family is a Clara Talent skill. With Svarog’s protection, it lessens damage to Clara by 10%. Furthermore, Svarog marks and retaliates against Clara’s attackers with a Counter, dealing physical damage amounting to 80% of Clara’s attack.

Because We’re Family stands out as Clara’s best skill due to its protective and retributive functions. It shields Clara from harm, decreasing damage taken, thus enhancing her durability in battle. At the same time, it turns defense into offense with Svarog’s Counter, dishing out 80% of Clara’s attack as damage to those daring to strike. The combination of defense and retaliation makes this skill exceptional.

A Small Price for Victory

A Small Price for Victory is a Clara Technique that allows her to strike an enemy instantly. Once Clara enters the battle, enemies are more likely to target her for the next two turns.

The best aspect of A Small Price for Victory is how it actively combines aggression and strategic distraction. By immediately attacking, Clara can deal swift damage, crucial for gaining an early battle advantage. The subsequent increase in Clara being targeted, although seemingly a drawback, is an effective strategy for diverting attention from weaker teammates. This calculated risk allows Clara to act as both an aggressor and a shield, embodying a strategic sacrifice that can turn the tide in tough battles.

Best Clara Relics

Equipping Clara with the best Relics in Honkai Star Rail is also vital. These sets offer specific bonuses that further enhance her attributes, making her even more formidable in combat. A well-matched Relic Set can greatly bolster Clara’s build abilities and resilience in Honkai Star Rail.

Champion of Streetwise Boxing

Champion of Streetwise Boxing

The Champion of Streetwise Boxing Relic Set is a four-piece gear set that boosts physical damage by 10%. After the wearer either attacks or is attacked, the set further enhances attack power by 5% for the duration of the battle, up to five stacks.

  • The primary reason that Champion of Streetwise Boxing is the best Relic Set for Clara buil in Honkai Star Rail is its synergistic nature with her skill set.
  • Clara’s skills revolve around dishing out physical damage and attracting enemy attention.
  • The 2-set effect plays into her strength, giving her a straight 10% increase in physical damage output.
  • The 4-set effect, however, takes full advantage of Clara’s skills, particularly those that make her a magnet for enemy attacks.

Each attack or counterattack further boosts her attack power, effectively turning her into a more formidable damage dealer as the battle progresses. This constant growth in power makes Clara a lasting threat in prolonged battles. As Clara keeps fighting and attracting attacks, the Champion of Streetwise Boxing set makes her an ever-growing powerhouse, optimally complementing her abilities.

Guard of Wuthering Snow

The standout quality of the Guard of Wuthering Snow Relic Set that makes it the best for Clara lies in its strong defensive traits. Clara’s skills focus on attacking and drawing enemies’ attacks onto her. Thus, the 2-piece effect’s damage reduction is a perfect fit, allowing Clara to take more hits while mitigating damage.

  • This perfectly complements the abilities that increase enemy aggro towards her. But what makes this set truly remarkable is the 4-piece effect.
  • When Clara’s health dips below half, the set automatically regenerates a portion of her maximum HP and energy.

This means even in the toughest of battles, Clara has a constant source of self-healing, sustaining her ability to engage enemies and protect her allies. This makes the Guard of Wuthering Snow Relic Set an ideal choice for maximizing Clara’s defensive capabilities and her resilience in prolonged fights.

Best Ornaments For Clara

Picking the right Ornaments for Clara is just as important. These items amplify specific traits, from increasing critical hit rates to boosting ultimate and follow-up attack damage. This allows Clara to unlock her potential and perform optimally in fights fully.

Fleet of the Ageless Ornament

Fleet of the Ageless Ornament

Fleet of the Ageless is a Planar Ornament that offers dual bonuses. It bolsters the wearer’s Max HP by 12%, and when the wearer’s Speed reaches 120 or more, all allies’ attack power increases by 8%. The primary reason that Fleet of the Ageless emerges as a top pick for Clara stems from its dual-effect capability that complements Clara’s role in Honkai Star Rail.

  • The 12% increase to Max HP bolsters Clara’s survivability, a key attribute for a character frequently attracting enemy attention.
  • Higher HP enables Clara to withstand more damage, keeping her active in the fight for longer periods.
  • The secondary effect, an 8% ATK boost to allies when Clara’s Speed hits 120 or more, adds a strategic dimension to Clara’s role.

Not only does she play the part of a frontline fighter, but she also enhances her allies’ offensive capabilities, making her an invaluable asset to the team. This blend of personal survivability and team support makes Fleet of the Ageless an excellent choice of Ornament for Clara.

Inert Salsotto

Inert Salsotto is a Planar Ornament that offers a boost to the wearer’s CRIT Rate by 8%. Additionally, when the wearer’s CRIT Rate hits 50% or above, the damage of the wearer’s Ultimate and follow-up attacks increases by 15%. Even though Inert Salsotto might not be the first choice for Clara, it still provides valuable enhancements for her combat style.

  • The 8% increase in CRIT Rate can significantly improve Clara’s damage output, making her attacks more potent and unpredictable.
  • When the CRIT Rate hits 50% or more, the boost to Ultimate and follow-up attack damage can turn Clara into a real powerhouse, enabling her to dish out heavy damage in critical moments.
  • This combination of increased critical hit chance and amplified damage during specific attack phases adds a level of depth to Clara’s combat abilities.

Although it may require a bit more strategic gameplay and might not be as consistently advantageous as the Fleet of the Ageless, the Inert Salsotto is still a powerful second choice for enhancing Clara’s combat prowess.

Clara Build Playstyle In Honkai Star Rail

Having the best build in Honkai Star Rail for Clara is vital as it allows you to maximize her unique abilities and skills. It also leads to better teamwork, strategic advantages, and more efficient battles, contributing to a more enjoyable gaming experience.

1. The Tank Playstyle

The first playstyle for Clara involves utilizing her as a “Tank”. Clara’s skills, especially “Promise, Not Command” and “Because We’re Family,” work well in ensuring that she takes the brunt of enemy attacks while protecting her teammates. Her abilities to mark enemies, reduce damage taken, and instantly counterattack create a sturdy shield for the team. Equip her with the “Guard of Wuthering Snow” Relic Set and “Something Irreplaceable” Light Cone to boost her defense and health regeneration, creating a formidable front line for the team.

2. The Counter-attack Playstyle

Another exciting way to play Clara is as a counter-attacker. Clara’s unique ability to mark enemies and launch powerful counters can be optimized with this playstyle. “Svarog Watches Over You” and “Because We’re Family” are crucial skills here, enabling Clara to deal significant damage while staying resilient. To complement this approach, equip her with the “Champion of Streetwise Boxing” Relic Set and “Nowhere to Run” Light Cone. This combination enhances her Physical DMG output and offers additional health restoration every time she defeats an enemy, providing both offense and sustain.

3. The Aggressive Playstyle

Finally, Clara can be played in an aggressive playstyle, focusing on dealing massive damage to enemies. Her skill, “A Small Price for Victory,” makes her a potential damage dealer. For this strategy, equip her with the “Fleet of the Ageless” Ornament and “The Moles Welcome You” Light Cone.

These tools increase her Max HP and ATK, making her more durable while also upping her offensive potential. In this playstyle, Clara dives into battle, increasing her chances of being attacked but also her opportunities to dish out hefty damage.

Best Team Composition For Clara

Clara Best Team composition – Tingyun, March 7th, and Natasha

Creating an optimal team composition for Clara in Honkai Star Rail is crucial as it will maximize her abilities and overall performance in battles. A well-balanced team will complement Clara’s strengths and compensate for any weaknesses. That is why having Tingyun, March 7th, and Natasha on Clara’s team is an excellent choice. 

Team MemberRole
TingyunEnergy and Attack Support
March 7thDefender and Crowd Controller

Tingyun is a lightning-based support character who brings energy economy and an attack buff to the table. She helps Clara by regenerating energy and boosting her attack power, thereby maximizing Clara’s damage potential. Additionally, Tingyun’s Talent can trigger bonus lightning damage for an ally, providing a significant DPS boost when combined with Clara’s powerful counterattacks.

March 7th is an icy defender who can shield allies and freeze enemies. Her shielding ability ensures Clara stays in the fight longer, soaking up damage while Clara deals out hefty counterattacks. The freeze effect also provides crowd control, restricting enemy action and letting Clara mark and strike enemies more effectively.

Finally, Natasha is one of the best healers in Honkai Star Rail who can keep Clara and the team in top shape. Her continuous healing abilities prove crucial for maintaining the team’s HP, especially in prolonged battles. Furthermore, Natasha’s Ultimate, which heals all allies, and her Talent, which boosts healing for low-health allies, ensure Clara can continue fighting and counterattacking even when her HP dips low.

Overall, this team composition offers Clara robust support in terms of attack enhancement, damage mitigation, crowd control, and health regeneration, making it an excellent fit for her.

Wrapping Up

Clara Build in Honkai Star Rail will get you out of tough spots only if you have her equipped with the right light cones, relics, ornaments & team comps. Otherwise, you’re potentially under-powering her, and some of the best 4-star characters that you may have could outperform her. That is why go with the recommendations I have listed above & you will outperform the enemy AI.

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