Honkai Star Rail Clara Build [Cones, Relics, & Team Comps]

Learn about the best Clara Build in Honkai Star Rail by equipping top-tier light cones, relic sets, ornaments, various playstyles & team comps.

Creating an optimal Clara build in Honkai Star Rail is crucial to leverage her unique abilities and effectively maximize her combat efficiency. It facilitates strategic gameplay, enhances her battle performance, and improves team synergy. The correct build can turn Clara into an unstoppable force in Honkai Star Rail. On the contrary, she is a waste of a 5-star character if you do not know how to utilize her in a build.

Key Takeaways

Clara’s build is a significant aspect of gameplay in Honkai Star Rail, affecting both her offensive and supportive capabilities.

  • Best Light Cones boosts her attack stats and provides bonus abilities.
  • Equipping the best Ornaments enhances critical hits and follow-up damage.
  • Optimal Relic Sets offer HP and speed benefits.
  • Use Clara’s Basic ATK, Skills, and Ultimate efficiently for maximum impact.
  • Build a balanced team with characters like Tingyun for energy, March 7th for defense, and Natasha for healing.

Honkai Star Rail Clara Build

Here is a summary of Clara Build in Honkai Star Rail, which contains all useful elements necessary for the build.

Clara Light ConesClara RelicsClara SkillsClara OrnamentsClara PlaystyleBest Team Composition
1. Something Irreplaceable
2. Nowhere to Run
3. The Moles Welcome You
4. Collapsing Sky
1. Champion of Streetwise Boxing
2. Guard of Wuthering Snow
1. Svarog Watches Over You
2. Promise, Not Command
3. Because We’re Family
4. A Small Price for Victory
1. Fleet of the Ageless Ornament
2. Inert Salsotto
1. The Tank Playstyle
2. The Counter-attack Playstyle
3. The Aggressive Playstyle
1. Tingyun (Energy and Attack Support)
2. March 7th (Defender and Crowd Controller)
3. Natasha (Healer)

Who Is Clara In Honkai Star Rail?

Clara Stats Value
HP 1241
ATK 737
DEF 485
Speed 90
Taunt 125

Clara is one of the best 5-star characters in Honkai Star Rail. She is a fierce combatant known for her impressive attack abilities and unique healing skills, making her a versatile addition to any team. As a character who balances offense and support capabilities, Clara is adored by many players. She can adapt to various game scenarios, whether battling foes or providing essential heals to teammates. 

Best Light Cones

Choosing the best Light Cones in Honkai Star Rail for Clara is a game-changer. They directly boost Clara’s attack and healing capabilities, allowing her to dish out more damage and sustain better in battles.

Something Irreplaceable [5-Star]

Something Irreplaceable
  • Benefits: Increases attack by 24%. Defeating an enemy or taking damage triggers health restoration and a temporary damage increase.
  • Significance: This Light Cone is ideal for Clara due to its versatility in boosting both offense and defense, aligning perfectly with her tanky yet aggressive playstyle.

Nowhere to Run [4-Star]

Nowhere to Run

Nowhere to Run is a 4-star rarity Light Cone that augments the wearer’s attack by 24%. This Light Cone provides an additional benefit: when the wearer defeats an enemy, they regain health equal to 12% of their attack.

  • Benefits: Boosts attack by 24%. Health restoration occurs upon defeating enemies, calculated as 12% of attack power.
  • Significance: Supports Clara’s aggressive combat style by providing a significant attack boost and healing, enhancing her sustainability and allowing her to maintain frontline presence.

The Moles Welcome You [4-Star]

The Moles Welcome You
  • Ability: “Fantastic Adventure” grants a stack of “Mischievous” with each Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate used, increasing attack by 12% per stack.
  • Significance: This Light Cone complements Clara’s frequent use of attacks, allowing her to build up considerable additional power through continuous combat.

Collapsing Sky [3-Star]

Collapsing Sky
  • Benefits: Enhances Basic ATK and Skill Damage by 20%.
  • Significance: Offers a straightforward boost to Clara’s primary damage sources, reinforcing her role as a powerful front-line fighter who thrives in direct engagements.

Clara Skills

Effectively utilizing Clara’s skills is crucial. Her skills, including her basic attack, ultimate, and abilities, are her primary means of interacting with the game world.

Svarog Watches Over You

  • Type: AoE Skill
  • Effect: Deals physical damage equal to 60% of Clara’s attack to all enemies. Enemies marked with Svarog’s Counter take an additional 60% damage.
  • Significance: This skill is pivotal for dealing amplified damage to multiple targets, particularly effective against marked enemies.

Promise, Not Command

  • Type: Ultimate Skill
  • Effect: Reduces damage taken by 15%, increases the likelihood of attracting enemy attacks, and enhances Svarog’s Counter, all for 110 energy.
  • Significance: It serves a dual role by bolstering defense and offense. It not only reduces incoming damage and draws enemy fire to protect allies but also strengthens counterattacks, making it a strategic skill for managing battlefield dynamics.

Because We’re Family

  • Type: Talent Skill
  • Effect: Reduces damage to Clara by 10%. When attacked, Svarog marks the assailant for retaliation with a counter that inflicts 80% of Clara’s attack as physical damage.
  • Significance: This skill enhances Clara’s survivability while converting defensive maneuvers into offensive retaliation, making it excellent for maintaining her effectiveness in prolonged battles.

A Small Price for Victory

A Small Price for Victory is a Clara Technique that allows her to strike an enemy instantly. Once Clara enters the battle, enemies will likely target her for the next two turns.

“A Small Price for Victory” effectively combines aggression with strategic distraction as Clara deals swift damage through immediate attacks, crucial for an early battle advantage.

Best Clara Relics

Equipping Clara with the best Relics in Honkai Star Rail is also vital. These sets offer specific bonuses enhancing her attributes, making her even more formidable in combat. A well-matched Relic Set can greatly bolster Clara’s build abilities and resilience in Honkai Star Rail.

Champion of Streetwise Boxing

Champion of Streetwise Boxing

The Champion of Streetwise Boxing Relic Set is a four-piece gear set that boosts physical damage by 10%. After the wearer either attacks or is attacked, the set further enhances attack power by 5% for the duration of the battle, up to five stacks.

  • The primary reason Champion of Streetwise Boxing is the best Relic Set in Honkai Star Rail is its synergistic nature with her skill set.
  • Clara’s skills revolve around dishing out physical damage and attracting enemy attention.
  • The 2-set effect plays into her strength, giving her a straight 10% increase in physical damage output.
  • The 4-set effect, however, takes full advantage of Clara’s skills, particularly those that make her a magnet for enemy attacks.

Guard of Wuthering Snow

The standout quality of the Guard of Wuthering Snow Relic Set that makes it the best for Clara lies in its strong defensive traits. Clara’s skills focus on attacking and drawing enemies’ attacks onto her. Thus, the 2-piece effect’s damage reduction is a perfect fit, allowing Clara to take more hits while mitigating damage.

  • This perfectly complements the abilities that increase enemy aggro towards her.
  • But what makes this set truly remarkable is the 4-piece effect.
  • When Clara’s health dips below half, the set automatically regenerates a portion of her maximum HP and energy.

This means even in the toughest of battles, Clara has a constant source of self-healing, sustaining her ability to engage enemies and protect her allies. This makes the Guard of Wuthering Snow Relic Set ideal for maximizing Clara’s defensive capabilities and her resilience in prolonged fights.

Best Ornaments For Clara

Picking the right Ornaments for Clara is just as important. These items amplify specific traits, from increasing critical hit rates to boosting ultimate and follow-up attack damage. This allows Clara to unlock her potential and perform optimally in fights.

Fleet of the Ageless Ornament

Fleet of the Ageless Ornament
  • Type: Planar Ornament
  • Benefits: Increases Max HP by 12%. Provides an 8% attack power boost to all allies when Clara’s Speed reaches 120 or more.
  • Significance: This Ornament is particularly effective for Clara because it enhances both her survivability and her ability to support her team. The increased HP allows Clara to endure more damage, maintaining her presence on the front lines, while the speed-related attack boost for allies adds strategic value, enhancing the overall team’s offensive capabilities

Inert Salsotto

  • Type: Planar Ornament
  • Benefits: Increases CRIT Rate by 8%. When CRIT Rate reaches 50% or above, the damage of Clara’s Ultimate and follow-up attacks increases by 15%.
  • Significance: While perhaps a secondary choice, the Inert Salsotto is invaluable for boosting Clara’s critical attack efficiency. The initial increase in CRIT Rate enhances her standard attacks, and once the CRIT Rate threshold is reached, her ultimate and follow-up attacks become significantly more devastating. This Ornament suits a more aggressive playstyle, where maximizing damage during critical phases can decisively influence battle outcomes.

Best Team Composition For Clara

Clara Best Team composition – Tingyun, March 7th, and Natasha

Creating an optimal team composition for Clara in Honkai Star Rail is crucial as it will maximize her abilities and overall performance in battles. A well-balanced team will complement Clara’s strengths and compensate for any weaknesses. That is why having Tingyun, March 7th, and Natasha on Clara’s team is an excellent choice. 

Team Member Role
Tingyun Energy and Attack Support
March 7th Defender and Crowd Controller
Natasha Healer

Tingyun is a lightning-based support character who brings energy economy and an attack buff to the table. She helps Clara by regenerating energy and boosting her attack power, thereby maximizing Clara’s damage potential. Tingyun’s Talent can also trigger bonus lightning damage for an ally, providing a significant DPS boost when combined with Clara’s powerful counterattacks.

March 7th is an icy defender who can shield allies and freeze enemies. Her shielding ability ensures Clara stays in the fight longer, soaking up damage while Clara deals out hefty counterattacks. The freeze effect also provides crowd control, restricting enemy action and letting Clara mark and strike enemies more effectively.

Finally, Natasha is one of the best healers in Honkai Star Rail who can keep Clara and the team in top shape. Her continuous healing abilities prove crucial for maintaining the team’s HP, especially in prolonged battles. Furthermore, Natasha’s Ultimate, which heals all allies, and her Talent, which boosts healing for low-health allies, ensure Clara can continue fighting and counterattacking even when her HP dips low.

Clara Build in Honkai Star Rail will get you out of tough spots only if you have her equipped with the right light cones, relics, ornaments & team comps. Otherwise, you’re potentially under-powering her, and some of the best 4-star characters that you may have could outperform her. That is why, go with the recommendations I have listed above & you will outperform the enemy AI.

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