Honkai Star Rail Echo Of War Bosses [Phase, Unlock, Drops]

Learn about Honkai Star Rail Echo Of War entailing Cocolia and the Doomsday Beast, their weaknesses, team comps, and abilities!

Honkai Star Rail has an interesting weekly boss system, where it offers two bosses to farm every week, ranging from the Cocolia and the Doomsday Beast. Getting to know everything the Honkai Star Rail Echo Of War offers might be difficult; therefore, an insight into the bosses, their phases, recommended team comps, their skills, and drops might be helpful! 

Important: Cocolia will not be unlocked until she has been fought first during a main mission.
Key Takeaways
  • The Echo of War, a weekly boss raid, facilitates farming of Cocolia and the Doomsday Beast.
  • Unlock it after completing the In The Dangerous Swamp questline and defeating Cocolia in the main storyline.
  • Doomsday Beast can be farmed three times with a 30 trailblaze power requirement, weak to Physical, Fire, Wind, and Ice.
  • Essential team comps include characters with Fire elements like Himeko or Hook.
  • Cocolia, Mother of Deception, requires 30 Trailblaze Power and is weak to Fire, Lightning, and Quantum.
  • Team comps with characters like Himeko, Hook, Bailu, Natasha, Fire Trailblazer, Qingque, and Serval are useful.
  • Cocolia wields two lances, the Lance of Eternal Freeze, Right and Left, aiding her in combat.
  • The Echo of War has a three-run limit per week and resets thereafter.

How To Unlock 

Echo Of War
Echo Of War (Image Credits Exputer)

First, let’s look at how to unlock the Echo Of War in Honkai Star Rail. During one of the main missions, Cocolia leads Bronya towards a dangerous place while doing the In “The Dangerous Swamp” questline. 

  • After the trailblazer and the entire team come to the rescue and Seele calls Cocolia a witch, she becomes the Mother of Deception, and, you have to go through hell to fight through her phases. 
  • After the boss fight and the mission was completed, she was unlocked as a weekly boss fight that could be farmed. 
  • Getting to the bosses can be extremely easy since all that needs to be done is to open the Survival Index, go to the Echo of War tab, and teleport to the location. 

Doomsday Beast 

Doomsday Beast Location
Doomsday Beast Location (Image Credits Exputer)

The Doomsday Beast is among the first bosses in the Echo Of War in Honkai Star Rail. The Boss itself can be farmed 3 times as the Echo of War offers 3 runs per week, and it resets every Monday at the usual reset time. 

It uses 30 trailblaze power to get one drop and has 2 phases. Its main weaknesses include Physical, Fire, Ice and Wind, and it is resistant to Control Effects and Entrancement. There are three main parts to the Doomsday Beast, as listed below. 

Doomsday Beast
Doomsday Beast (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Disaster’s Right Hand is one of the first parts, and it is weak to elements like Fire and Ice but resistant to Quantum and Imaginary. 
  • The Dawn’s Left Hand is weaker, seemingly to elements like Fire and Wind, but is resistant to Quantum and Imaginary. 
  • The Antimatter Engine has been known to be weaker to elements like Physical and Fire but will be resistant to elements like Imaginary and Quantum, and all three parts will be resistant to Entrancement. 
Doomsday Beast Drops
Doomsday Beast Drops (Image Credits Exputer)

The Doomsday Beast will drop items like the Destroyer’s FInal Road, Lucent Afterglow, Musketeer of Wild Wheat, and Thief of Shooting Meteor. 

  • Alongside that, there is a chance that it can drop light cones, too (Four-star). 

Best Team Comps To Use 

Team Comps
Team Comps (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, now that the weaknesses and resistances are known, let’s look at team comps that can be used to beat it. 

  • The Doomsday Beast is particularly weak to Fire, making it an essential element in a team comp

If a mono-Fire team needs to be run with Fire-based characters, such as Himeko, Asta, or Hook, it can be used in comps. Any healer, such as Natasha or Bailu, can be used here. 

Other than that, best characters, such as Asta, can be deemed pretty crucial for shield shredding, and on March 7th, Dan Heng and Natasha can be free-to-play units that can be used. Below are the best relics that can work for the characters in the fight against the Beast. 

Characters  Best Relics  Best Ornament Set
Himeko  Hunter of glacial frost  Space sealing station  
Asta Firesmith of lava forging  Fleet of the ageless
Hook Firesmith of lava forging  Space sealing station 
Bailu Passerby of wandering cloud  Fleet of the ageless 
Natasha Passerby of wandering cloud  Fleet of the ageless 
Dan Heng Eagle of Twilight line  Space sealing station 
March 7th Knight of purity palace  Belobog of the architects

Doomsday Beast Abilities 

Doomsday Beast Abilities
Doomsday Beast Abilities (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, quite a few abilities must be faced whenever a fight against the Doomsday Beast occurs. 

Antimatter Engine 

There are a total of 6 abilities that the Anti-matter Engine will have. They are listed as follows. 

Abilities  Description 
Calamity Strike  It gives the Enhanced to the Dawn’s Left Hand, through which it can regain its toughness. 
Void Fission  It gives Enhances to Disaster’s Right Hand, regenerating its toughness. 
Impending Doom  It causes everyone to take in Imaginary and Quantum damage. 
Total Annihilation  Causes one ally to take in Imaginary damage. 
Engine Boost  It gives the Enhanced status, regening their toughness. 
Cataclysm Precursor Gains the charging and enhanced status both. 

Dawn’s Left Hand 

When it comes to Dawn’s Left Hand, has the mentioned abilities listed here:

Abilities  Description 
Fallen Star’s Visit  It will make one target take in Quantum damage and have a slight chance of getting Entanglement. 
Fallen Forge Hammer  Deals massive amounts of Quantum damage to one target. 
When The Dawn Is Dark  Deals Quantum damage to one target and has a chance to cause entanglement to them. 

Disaster’s Right Hand 

Lastly, the Disaster’s Right Hand in the Honkai Star Rail Echo Of War features the following abilities. 

Abilities  Description 
Tough Cuts  It deals imaginary damage, with a tiny chance of causing Imprisonment to them. 
The Breakdown Of Tyranny  It deals with Imaginary Damage to all the targets but has a slight chance of causing Imprisonment. 
Calamity Tear  Deals a small amount of Imaginary damage to everyone. 


Cocolia Map Location
Cocolia Map Location (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, when it comes to the second boss, it is essentially Cocolia, Mother Of Deception, which has two phases and will reset every Monday at the usual time that the server ends up resetting. It requires 30 Trailblaze Power to acquire the drops. 

It is pretty weak to elements like Fire, Quantum, and Lightning but will have resistance to Physical, Ice and even Wind, alongside being pretty resistant to Frozen and Imprisonment. Alongside that, it has two main parts listed as follows. 

Cocolia (Image Credits Exputer)
  • One of the first parts is the Lance of Eternal Freeze (Right) which is extremely weak to fire and Lightning but is resistant to Frozen. 
  • The second part is the Lance of Eternal Freeze (Left), which is weaker to elements like Fire and Quantum but is resistant to frozen. 
Cocolia Drops
Cocolia Drops (Image Credits Exputer)

After defeating her, she can drop relics and Ascension mats, such as Destroyer’s Final Road, Lucent Afterglow, Musketeer of Wild Wheat, and Thief of Shooting Meteor.

  • She can also drop light cones like quid pro quo; wildfire, fermata, the river flows in spring, past, and future, woof walk time, and the seriousness of breakfast. 

Best Team Comp To Use 

Fire Trailblazer
Fire Trailblazer (Image Credits Exputer)

Regarding team comps, it’s better to build teams that use characters with elements Cocolia could succumb to. She is pretty weak to Fire; therefore, focus on bringing Fire-based characters, such as Himeko or Hook.

The Fire MC is also incredibly good at tanking damage from Cocolia’s attacks; therefore, stacking Defense on her/him and bumping up their overall defense is essential. Single-target DPSes such as Seele can work well, too, considering she can take more damage when Cocolia is weakened.

Therefore, using characters like Serval, Seele, or Himeko is viable, and healers can include Natasha or Bailu. Below mentioned are the recommended relic sets for these characters.

Characters  Best Relics  Best Ornament Set
Himeko  Hunter of glacial frost  Space sealing station  
Hook Firesmith of lava forging  Space sealing station 
Bailu Passerby of wandering cloud  Fleet of the ageless 
Natasha Passerby of wandering cloud  Fleet of the ageless 
Fire Trailblazer  Knight of purity palace  Belobog of the architects 
Qingque  The genius of brilliant stars  Celestial differentiator 
Serval  Band of sizzling thunder  Space sealing station

Cocolia’s Abilities 

Cocolia's Abilties
Cocolia’s Abilities (Image Credits Exputer)

While being busy admiring- I mean annihilating Cocolia, it’s crucial to know of the abilities she can pull off on you, with her primary abilities and using her Lances. 

Abilities  Description 
Bone-Shattered Cold  Willd eal ice damage to one target. 
Soulrend Coldstream  It will deal insane amounts of Ice damage to one target. 
Harbinger of Annihilation  It locks onto one target and then uses Soulrend Coldstream on them. 
Heartless Annihilator Call  Brings forth Lances of the Eternal Freeze. 
Creator’s Resolve  After changing the form that she is in, she gains Speed and can deal Imaginary damage. 
Harbinger’s Resolve  Use “Soulrend Coldstream” on one target and have a high chance of freezing them. 
Last Choir Of Genesis  It can deal insane amounts of Imaginary damage to all targets. 
Genesis Chord  It can deal imaginary damage to one target but also may cause Imprisonment to them. 
The Creation’s Prelude   It goes into the charge state, and the subsequent attack can use the Genesis Absolute Sound on all targets. 

As for the Lances, they can use their Everwinter Reverberance abilities to deal Ice damage to their teammates. 

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