Honkai Star Rail: All Characters [Skills, Stats & Path]

Take a look at all 22 characters in Honkai Star Rail as well as their role, stats, path, and how to obtain them.

In Honkai Star Rail, you will be able to use a plethora of characters with different skills, rarities, elements, and paths. These can be obtained through the gacha system called the Warp System. You will be able to use Trailblazer from the very start, who is also the protagonist. The rest of the characters can be obtained through the warp system. 

Key Takeaways
  • You will be able to choose between 22 characters available in Honkai Star Rail. 
  • When you first start out in Honkai Star Rail, you will get Trailblazer for free. 
  • For the other characters, you will have to use the gotcha system called the Warp. 
  • These characters use elements like Lightning, Fire, Wind, Physical, Ice, Quantum, and Wind, as well as Imaginary and adaptive elements. 
  • They also have paths like Preservation, Erudition, Hunt, Destruction, Harmony, and Abundance. 
  • Each of these characters has different HP, APK, DEF, SPD, and energy costs. 
  • Some of the best characters in Honkai Star Rail include Trailblazer, Himeko, Serval, March 7th, and Gepard

All Honkai Star Rail Characters 

Below you will see all the available Honkai Star Rail characters as well as their role, stats, and path. You will be able to obtain some of these characters by simply progressing through the main story. However, others can be unlocked by using the game’s gacha system called Warp. These characters follow certain paths, and seven are available. This will also affect their performance in battles and attacks as well. 

Here is a Honkai Star Rail all characters comparison with their stats, and sorting:

CharactersHPATKDEFSPEEDEnergy Cost
Trailblazer (Physical)1203.0620.0460.0100.0120.0
Trailblazer (Fire)1241.0601.0606.095.0120.0
March 7th1058.0511.0573.0101.0120.0
Dan Heng882.0546.0396.0110.0100.0

1. Trailblazer

You will be able to play as Trailblazer when you first start Honkai Star Rail.

honkai star rail all characters
Trailblazer – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
Depending upon your choice, you can play Trailblazer either as a female (Stelle) or male (Caelus).

  • The story will revolve around Trailblazer, and they will be a major part of it.
  • You will not have to use the Warp System to obtain them.
  • They have a variable gender with an Adaptive Path as well as an Adaptive Element.
  • This is why Trailblazer is considered one of the most versatile Honkai Star Rail characters
Stats (Physical) Max Level 
HP 1203 
ATK 620 
DEF 460 
SPEED 100 
Energy Cost 120 
Stats (Fire) Max Level 
HP 1241 
ATK 601 
DEF 606 
Energy Cost 120 

2. Yanqing

Another important Honkai Star Rail character with great skills is Yanqing.

honkai star rail characters guide
Yanqing – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
He is the Lieutenant of one of the major flagships called Xianzhou Luofu. This flagship is one of the six major ships belonging to the Xianzhou alliance.

  • If you are looking to use swords in your gameplay can choose Yanqing.
  • He has great skills, and his Hexafleet is determined to eliminate the Abominations Of Abundance.
  • Yanqing is a young swordsman, but ice is his major element.
  • You will be able to take the Hunt path when leveling up with Yanqing. 
Stats Max Level 
HP 892 
ATK 679 
DEF 412 
SPEED 109 
Energy Cost 140 

3. Welt

He is one of the most experienced Honkai Star Rail characters with amazing builds.

honkai star rail characters role
Welt – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
Welt Yang has been known to save Earth and other planets from massive Destruction for a lot of time. In Honkai Impact 3rd, he made his first appearance.

  • Once known as the Anti-Entropy Sovereign, he appears in Honkai Star Rail again after leaving Earth due to the massive alien invasion.
  • Now his major goal is to stop other planets from suffering the same chaos and destruction.
  • He is now known as Welt, inherited from a world in Honkai Star Rail, and has joined others in his journey with the Astral Express.
  • In addition to that, Welt has the nihility path with imaginary elements. 
Stats Max Level 
HP 1125
ATK 620
DEF 509
Energy Cost 120

4. Tingyun

Next is Tingyun, who is also the head representative of a Merchant Guild.

honkai star rail characters guide
Tingyun – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
While managing the merchant Guild whistling flames, she also analyzes the trade fares in Xianzhou. Due to her trade deals and merchant expertise, she is pretty famous worldwide.

  • Also titled the Silver Tongued Foxian, she is a very peace-loving and kind-hearted character in Honkai Star Rail.
  • Now that the Merchant Guild has the approval of the Sky Faring Commission, she is able to perform her role more dutifully.
  • Her path is Harmony with Lightning as her element. 
Stats Max Level 
HP 846
ATK 529
DEF 396
Energy Cost 130

5. Sushang 

One of the members of the cloud knights, which is also the major military force of Xianzhou, Sushang is one of the popular Honkai Star Rail characters.

honkai star rail characters paths
Sushang – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
  • She is the most inexperienced one in the cloud knights and wants to become the best fighter in Xianzhou.
  • Sushang uses a greatsword as her main weapon.
  • With a kind heart and good nature, she loves to study a lot and has the Hunt Path. Her element is Physical.
Stats Max Level 
HP 917
ATK 564
DEF 418
Energy Cost 120

6. Serval

She is said to be the eldest daughter in her family. Nature-wise, she is very rebellious and unpredictable.

honkai star rail characters and skills
Serval – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
Serval Landau is said to be the complete opposite of her brother, who is known to be serious in his work. Professionally, she is a mechanic, and she also has a small workshop in Honkai Star Rail called the Neverwinter.

  • Her workshop is also known for organizing rock’n’roll concerts.
  • She takes her job more as a hobby rather than something to make a living out of, and her path is Erudition.
  • In addition to that, she uses the Lightning element in her attacks.
Stats Max Level 
HP 917
ATK 652
DEF 374
Energy Cost 100

7. Seele 

Seele is one of the most important members of a ruling faction of Belobog’s Underworld.

honkai star rail characters abilities
Seele – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
Known as the Wildfire, the major aim of the faction is to eliminate any barriers between the two major worlds in Honkai Star Rail.

  • Just like the Overworld has Silvermane Guards, the Underworld has the Wildfire.
  • She is one of the most powerful fighters, with strength as her main attribute.
  • Her nickname is Babochka, while her path is The Hunt.
  • In addition to that, she uses Quantum as her main element.
Stats Max Level 
HP 931
ATK 640
DEF 363
Energy Cost 120

8. Sampo 

Sampo Koski is from the Underworld as well.

Sampo – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
Known as the silver-tongued mercenary, he is known to be very knowledgeable and can attract many customers thanks to his eloquent skills.

However, he pursues profit in any way he can, with The Nihility as his path and Wind as his main element.

Stats Max Level 
HP 1023
ATK 617
DEF 396
Energy Cost 120

9. Qingque 

She is known as the Diviner for the Divination Commission, and she loves playing cards or reading books in her free time.

Qingque – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
  • She joined the Commission as a way to make her parents proud even though she is quite lazy most of the time.
  • Qingque has changed a lot of departments due to the hectic nature of her job, and her path is Erudition, with Quantum as her main element.
Stats Max Level 
HP 1023
ATK 652
DEF 441
Energy Cost 140

10. Pela

Short for Pelageya Sergeyevna, she is one of the intelligence officers of the Silvermane Guards.

Pela – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
While she appears as a serious and devoted character, she is known to have a chaotic personality which she keeps very well hidden.

  • When it comes to work, she is seen as brilliant and intelligent, working hard to solve any problem that comes her way.
  • Her problem-solving capabilities and skills are the best among all characters, and her path is the Nihility, with Ice as her main element in Honkai Star Rail.
Stats Max Level 
HP 987
ATK 546
DEF 463
Energy Cost 110

11. Natasha

She is one of the doctors from the Underworld.

Natasha – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
It is said that there are very few medical practitioners and doctors in the Underworld, and the resources are scarce as well. This is why she plays an important role and is liked by everyone.

  • Her nature is kind-hearted, but she has a dark side as well.
  • She greets everyone with kindness.
  • This is why she is very well-known in her community.
  • Her path is Abundance, with Physical as her main element.
Stats Max Level 
HP 1164
ATK 476
DEF 507
Energy Cost 90

12. March 7th 

She was rescued by the crew of astral express from Eternal Ice.

honkai star rail characters
March 7th – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
She is said to be a very smart girl who joined the Astral Express on their journey across the stars and was named after the date she was rescued. Her path is Preservation, with Ice as her main element.

Stats Max Level 
HP 1058
ATK 511
DEF 573
Energy Cost 120

13. Hook

One of the youngest Honkai Star Rail characters, the Hook, is from Underworld, where she considers herself the leader of the Moles adventure squad and has a pretty optimal build.

honkai star rail characters stats
Hook – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
She loves being addressed as the Pitch Dark Hook The Great. Her part is The Destruction, with Fire as her main element.

Stats Max Level 
HP 1340
ATK 617
DEF 352
Energy Cost 120

14. Himeko 

She is the founder of Astral Express and a very well-renowned scientist.

honkai star rail characters
Himeko – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
Nature-wise, she is known to be very adventurous and wants to learn more about everything around her. When she created the Astral Express, she was just a child and came across the train on her planet.

  • As soon as she fixed the train, she came to know about planets and worlds other than her own, and she said for the journey across the stars.
  • Along the way, she made many friends, and they joined her in her exploration journey.
  • Her path is Erudition, with Fire as her main element.
Stats Max Level 
HP 1047
ATK 756
DEF 436
Energy Cost 120

15. Herta 

The true master of the Herta Space Station, Herta actually appears as a puppet which is not her true form.

honkai star rail characters how to obtain
Herta – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
She has the highest IQ in The Blue, and she loves to switch between different projects as she gets bored easily.

  • This is the reason why when you first start out, you will not realize that she is actually the master of her test space station.
  • Her path is Erudition, with Ice as her main element.
Stats Max Level 
HP 952
ATK 582
DEF 396
Energy Cost 110

16. Gepard

The captain of Belobog’s Silvermane guards is Gepard.

honkai star rail characters role
Gepard – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
His main role is to maintain peace in the city and strengthen the defense against any hostile forces.

  • With the current city situation, his role has been extremely hectic. He is said to be the complete opposite of his sister.
  • Even after all the challenging circumstances, he has been able to successfully maintain peace in the city of Belobog. 
  • Preservation is his path, with Ice as his main element.
Stats Max Level 
HP 1397
ATK 543
DEF 654
Energy Cost 100

17. Dan Heng 

The guard of astral express, the introverted young man, has a very calm demeanor and loves to observe everything around him.

honkai star rail characters stats
Dan Heng – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
One of his duties is to record anything he witnesses during his exploration and encounters in the archives of the astral express.

  • He appears very cold, but no one really knows the reason behind his behavior.
  • It is also said that he took the role of the guard of Astral Express to keep himself busy and avoid his past.
  • His path is The Hunt with Wind as his element.
Stats Max Level 
HP 882
ATK 546
DEF 396
Energy Cost 100

18. Clara 

A young orphan, Clara is said to be a very shy girl with a very reserved personality.

Clara – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
She always wanted to have a family of her own. Once, she accidentally activated a robot called Svarog, which then raised Clara as a child. After that, the prospectors she once served ended up under the leadership of Swallow.

  • She is also called Bloody Rabbit and is a master of discovering new relics, both rare and legendary.
  • You will see her in dangerous places to get these relics, which is why every prospector fears her.
  • Her path is Destruction, with Physical as her main element.
Stats Max Level 
HP 1319
ATK 737
DEF 425
Energy Cost 110

19. Bronya

The heir to the supreme guardian of Belobog as well as the leading commander of Silver Mane guards, Bronya has trained herself to become the leader all her life.

Bronya – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
She got a good education and soon became a graceful young lady with amazing leadership skills.

  • She loves her work a lot, but after seeing the conditions of the Underworld, she starts to doubt if she can really lead her people.
  • Her path is harmony with the Wind as her main element.
Stats Max Level 
HP 1241
ATK 582
DEF 533
Energy Cost 120

20. Bailu 

Bailu is a young Vidyadhara, also called the healer lady, as she is capable of healing anyone and everyone.

Bailu – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
Her skills in the field of medicine are remarkable, and she is considered one of the best in her community.

  • She is also known to heal people while blindfolding herself or keeping her eyes shut, as she cannot see the pain of other people.
  • Furthermore, her treatments are known to be quite unorthodox.
  • Her path is Abundance, with lightning as her element.
Stats Max Level 
HP 1319
ATK 562
DEF 485
Energy Cost 100

21. Asta 

Asta is one of the lead researchers in the Herta space station with great knowledge and holds over the field of astronomy.

Asta – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
She is known to be very confident and can handle her tasks and objectives with calmness and ease.

  • Furthermore, she is known to be quite energetic and is responsible for leading other researchers in the space station as well.
  • She is also known to lead the Intelligentsia Guild. Her path is harmony with Fire as her main element.
Stats Max Level 
HP 1023
ATK 511
DEF 463
Energy Cost 120

22. Arlan 

He is the head of the Herta space station security department, and he has a small dog called Peppy.

Arlan – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
You will not see Arlan participating in the research. However, he is determined to protect and serve them in any way possible. His path is Destruction, with lightning as his main element.

Stats Max Level 
HP 1199
ATK 599
DEF 330
Energy Cost 110

With this, I conclude my guide on all characters in Honkai Star Rail, including their stats, role, and path. While you are at it, don’t forget to check a detailed guide on daily missions in Honkai Star Rail as well as Stagnant Shadows.

You can also check out the treasure map locations guide and voice actors in Honkai Star Rail. Don’t forget to see the guide on the road to revival mission and how to complete it. 


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