Honkai Star Rail: Road To Revival Mission [Walkthrough]

Road To Revival is an adventure mission that players encounter at the Herta Space Station in Honkai Star Rail.

The Road To Revival is one of the first adventure missions in Honkai Star Rail that players encounter at the Herta Space Station. The whole side quest is split into three different parts, and completing this quest is recommended because the rewards are really worth it.

Key Takeaways
  • Arlan messages players during Traillblaze Missions at Herta Space Stations.
  • Respond to Arlan, talk to him in the Master Control Zone to start “Road To Revival” in Honkai Star Rail.
  • Assist three NPCs: Abraham, activate Space Anchor in Base Zone; Hinkel, repair a bridge in Storage Zone; Wen Shiqi, gather pictures in Master Control Zone.
  • Complete all quests to finish “Road To Revival” and earn rewards: Trailblaze EXP, Stellar Jade, Credits, Hertareum, and Adventure Logs.
Important: Make sure to respond to Arlan’s text message whenever you receive it while doing Trailblaze Missions at the Herta Space Stations.

Road To Revival Mission

road to revival honkai star rail
Location Of Arlan At Herta Space Station (Image Captured by Us)

After completing a set of trailblaze missions at the Herta Space Station, you will receive a text message from Arlan, and responding back to those messages will allow us to accept the Road To Revival mission. 

In order to start the mission, first go talk to Arlan, who is waiting in the Master Control Zone of the space station.

road to revival honkai star rail
Responding To Messages (Image Captured by eXputer)

After talking to Arlan, Abraham, and Asta will also send the player a message, and you’ll have to respond with a sign of helping them in order to continue the mission further.

  • The Road To Revival mission is basically split into three different parts, and each part is based on helping out a different NPC at the space station.
  • These three NPCs include Abraham, Hinkel, and Wen Shiqi in Honkai Star Rail.

Abraham’s Quest

road to revival honkai star rail
Abraham’s Location At The Herta Space Station (Image by eXputer)

Abraham is located in the Base Zone of the space station, and he is the first NPC that you’ll have to go and talk to in order to proceed with the quest.

  • Abraham tasks the player with activating a space anchor, which is located outside the safe zone.
  • Use the controller beside Abraham to unlock the door that allows us to leave the safe zone.
mission in the game
Activating The Space Anchor (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

There is only a single Antimatter enemy in the hallway outside the safe zone that is guarding the door to the room containing the space anchor.

  • Defeat the Antimatter enemy and enter the room to activate the space anchor.
  • Inside the room, another tough enemy awaits, but you can escape without fighting.
  • After activating the space anchor, return and talk to Abraham to initiate the second part of the Road To Revival Quest.

Hinkel’s Quest

road to revival honkai star rail
Hinkel’s Location At The Herta Space Station (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

The next NPC that needs your help is Hinkel, and she is located in the Storage Zone of the space station. Just at the location shown on the map and talk to her so that she can assign us our next task.

Hinkel wants us to fix a bridge in the storage zone and beat any enemies that might be present on the other side of the bridge.

road to revival honkai star rail
Fixing The Bridge And Defeating Enemies (Image credit: eXputer)

The bridge that needs fixing is located just outside Hinkel’s room, and it can be fixed by moving in a fixed pattern on the inside blocks.

  • Fixing the bridge involves solving the Unearthly Marvel puzzle additionally. 
  • Just move on to the invisible blocks, as shown in the image above, and the bridge should get fixed.
  • Next, defeat any enemies that you might find on the other side to complete Hinkel’s task.
  • After completing both of the tasks mentioned above, backtrack to Hinkel and speak with her to proceed toward the third and last part of the mission.

Wen Shiqi’s Quest

mission in the game
Wen Shiqi’s Location At The Herta Space Station (Image Captured by Us)

Just like Arlan, Wen Shiqi is also waiting for the player at the Master Control Zone area but at a different position which is shown on the space station map above.

  • Go speak with Wen Shiqi at his location so that you can begin the final part of the Road To Revival mission.
  • Wen Shiqi tasks the player with getting two pictures, one of the Astral Express and the other of a Broken Robot.
mission in the game
The Astral Express And The Robot (Image Captured by eXputer)

Both the Astral Express and the Broken Robot are located in the Supply Zone of Herta Space Station.

  • Take out your camera and snap a photo of each in order to complete Wen Shiqi’s task.
  • After taking the photos, go back to Wen Shiqi and talk to him so that you can complete the Road To Revival mission.

Road To Revival Mission Rewards

Players receive the following rewards for completing the Road To Revival Mission;

  • 300x Trailblaze EXP
  • 90x Stellar Jade
  • 6x Adventure Logs
  • 150x Hertareum
  • 12000x Credits

EXP and Adventure Logs are used to level up and increase your rank, whereas credits can be used as in-game currency. Stellar Jade is actually required to roll on various banners so that players can pull their favorite 5 Stars or 4 Stars characters. According to this subreddit post, players should actually save their Stellar Jade for special banners.

Honkai Star Rail is an all-new RPG developed by the same guys who worked on Genshin Impact. Undoubtedly, Star Rail has also quickly gained massive popularity, especially among mobile gamers, with its turn-based gameplay. Star Rail also allows you to create a whole team of the best characters, including healers, which also allows for the possibility of making some of the best builds additionally.

This concludes our guide on Honkai Star Rail’s Road To Revival mission. I have not only entailed the method of unlocking the mission but have also explained the entire process of completing the mission. All three individual NPC tasks have been explained in complete detail. I hope that the guide was helpful in completing the Road To Revival mission. Let me know what you think about Honkai Star Rail in the comments below!


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