Honkai Star Rail Adventurous Moles [All 4 Locations]

Find out all the locations for the Adventurous Moles quest and How to solve the mission in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail Adventurous Moles will be the third quest available out of all the missions. Basically, a street gang made up of kids is given this task. The leader of the so-called gang named “Adventurous Moles” is Hook. But you will obtain this quest by his second in command, Julian.

Key Takeaways
  • The Adventurous quest is a side mission that requires finding missing pages of a book.
  • You can only proceed to this quest by completing Hook’s Treasure and Return Quest beforehand. 
  • The locations of all four chests are Great Mine, Backwater Pass, Rivet Town, and Silvermane Guard restricted zone.
  • The rewards for completing this mission are the following:
    1. 100x Trailblaze EXP
    2. 6000x Credit
    3. 100x Shield
    4. 30x Stellar Jade
    5. 6x Sparse Aether.

How To Unlock Honkai Star Rail Adventurous Quest 

Before You Start: You cannot start the quest unless you complete two missions mentioned below prior to starting the Adventurous Mole one. You must also achieve level 24 of Trailblaze to be eligible for this quest.

  • Hook’s Treasure Quest
  • The Return Quest

Both these missions are vital if you need to progress toward the Adventurous Moles’ quest in Honkai Star Rail. As soon as you complete the first quest of the Honkai Star Rail, you will be eligible to complete the Hooks Quest. There are some items that you should obtain from this quest to start the beginning of Adventurous Moles.

  • The second mission can be completed by just continuing the Belobog storyline.
  • This will lead toward the Return Quest, where players are required to beat Cocolia to complete the task.
  • As soon as you have completed both quests, travel to Boulder Town near Natasha’s Clinic Space Anchor.
  • If you continue the way toward the southeast through the area named Jarilo-VI, you will find a group of two children.
  • One of them will be Alina, and Julian will accompany her. The location of Julian is always the same.

All you need to do is to talk to them and hand over the items from the previous quests mentioned to start the Adventurous Mole mission.

Following is a summary of the Locations in the Adventurous Moles Quest:

Location PageClue
Great Mine The Missing Miner's LampLamp Puzzle
Back Water Pass The Unexpected Parchment Chair Puzzle
Rivet Town Puzzle The Crates Are The KeysCrate Puzzle
Silvermane Guard Restricted ZoneTreasure Hunt on the Battlefield Gun Puzzle

1. Great Mine  

Once you reach the great mine’s location, you will be tasked with collecting a single page, “The missing Miner Lamp.” This page will contain a story about a lost Miner.

  1. Placed right on one of the several barrels lying around the area.
  2. Collecting this page, use the book to see the correct order of the lamp.
  3. Three lamps will be placed beside the fence, and the fourth one will be on the box.
  4. Place the Miners Lamp in the position mentioned in the book. This lamp is quite easy to place as only one space is available.
  5. Just place the fourth lamp and place it on the hook.
Honkai Star Rail: The Adventurous Mole
Location of Boulder Town/ Great Mine

After completing such a simple task, a treasure chest and clues will be found for three more locations. Go to Julian for a talk and then progress toward the next location of Adventurous Quest.

2. Back Water Pass 

Just go to the location that is indicated on the map. Here, you need to locate a page that is usually left on a bench but is missing.

  1. Collect the page from the bench.
  2. Exit the place and head towards the café
  3. Just move the chair, which is upside down, and place it flat on the ground to obtain the rewards.

The rewards for this mission will be obtained similarly by turning the chair upside down. Once it is done, the next treasure will be revealed.

Honkai Star Rail: The Adventurous Mole
location of Backwater Pass

3. Rivet Town Puzzle 

Rivet Town is where you’ll find the next missing page. Once you arrive at the marked location on the map, you will be able to find two boxes nicely placed on the table.

  1. Place the boxes in the right position by putting 2x boxes on the central shelf and 1x box on the bottom shelf.
  2. This requires you to place the top shelf box and transfer it near the bottom shelf box. This lowest one is located close to the steps.
  3. You need to move just one box to sort out this whole puzzle. 
  4. After completing this small puzzle, carry on to loot the third treasure box and move on to the last one.
Honkai Star Rail: The Adventurous Mole
Location of Rivet Town

4. Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone

Now, you must travel to the western side of the map near the Silvermane Guard restricted area. This is the last location of the quest. You can find the missing page, “Treasure Hunt on the Battlefield,” lying beside Space Anchor, which is posted up against the wall. You must sort the area to get rewards for it.

  1. Sort out the gun racks by placing only 3x guns in every rack
  2. Once you are near the rack, pick one gun and place it in another rack if a single rack has more than three guns.
  3. Do remember that each rack should have three guns exactly.
  4. The number of guns cannot be less than three or more than three.
  • There are a total of three gun racks, and their places are close to each other.
    1. The first gun rack is pretty much closer to where you obtained the missing page.
    2. The second gun rack is just behind Gepard.
    3. If you proceed straight from where Gepard is, you will get to the third one.
Honkai Star Rail: The Adventurous Mole
Location of Silvermane Guard restricted Zone.

Ending The Quest

After sorting out the guns, collect your reward and head back to Julian. After talking to Julian, she will send you to the administrative district of Belobog. You must make a copy of these missing pages in the form of a book. Nika, the owner of the book, is able to do this.

Finally, by doing this, the book will be restored and will be usable in the future. The quest will end, after which you will assemble the missing pages to form a book so it can be restored forever. 


Right after you hand the lost pages to the publishers who will make the copy, the mission will end.

This quest will bear you with some rewards such as:

  • 100x Trailblaze EXP
  • 6000x Credit
  • 100x Shield
  • 30x Stellar Jade
  • 6x Sparse Aether

There are a total of 4 locations where you can obtain the lost pages. The mission requires searching for these pages and bringing them back to Julian, a second in command of a gang called Adventurous Moles. Moreover, this quest is optional. The rewards are much more beneficial, and they can come in handy at some of the missions later in the game.

These locations might require solving some puzzles or sorting out the stuff in a simpler manner during the Adventurous Moles Quest in Honkai Star Rail. The quest will end when you return all these pages to Julian, and as a result, she will send you one last time to restore the missing pages in the form of a book. 


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