Honkai Star Rail Hook Quest [How To Complete]

Learn about the Honkai Star Rail Hook Quest line & how to complete the quest step-by-step & get all rewards along with JunJun Bear.

Honkai Star Rail Hook Quest is an enthralling adventure where players reunite with the beloved character, Hook, as they overcome various challenges together. Successfully completing Hook’s Gift, the final installment of the quest chain, grants players enticing rewards, including 350 Trailblaze EXP, 60 Stellar Jades, the Teddy Bear Jun Jun, 6 Adventure Logs, 200 Shields, and one Underground, and 20,000 Credits, which enhance their abilities and resources.

Key Takeaways
  • “Hook’s Gift” is the final mission in the Hook quest line, rewarding players with various in-game items.
  • “Slices of Life Before the Furnace” is the third mission in the Hook Quest line, focusing on selling Jun Jun, Hook’s teddy bear, at an auction.
  • To access Hook’s Gift, complete two preceding quests: “Old Brigadier’s Treasure” and “Little Hook’s Treasure.
  • Tasks in Hook’s Gift include obtaining Jun Jun, attending an auction, and recovering the stolen Geomarrow Probe.
  • Hook’s Treasure quest starts at Trailblaze Level 21, involving Hook and Julian searching for their treasures.
  • Unlock new missions by reaching Trailblaze Level 24, completing Hook’s Treasure and the Silent Galaxy quest.

What Is The Slices of Life Before the Furnace Quest?

Slices of Life Before Furnace

The “Slices of Life Before the Furnace” quest follows the adventures of the players as they reunite with a beloved character named Hook, who they first encountered during the Old Foreman’s Treasure quest. As the story unfolds, players will embark on a new journey alongside Hook, working together to overcome various challenges that will ultimately strengthen their bond and contribute to the overall narrative.

By delving into this engaging mission, players will not only experience the captivating world of Honkai Star Rail but also deepen their connection with Hook, a character who plays an integral role in the game’s storyline.

Hook’s Gift Quest

Hook quest completion reward

Players are introduced to the Hook’s Gift quest, a thrilling mission that serves as the final installment in the Hook Quest line. This engaging adventure promises a range of enticing rewards for players who successfully complete it, including the following:

  1. 350 Trailblaze EXP
  2. 60 Stellar Jades
  3. The Teddy Bear Jun Jun
  4. 6 Adventure Logs
  5. 200 Shields
  6. One Underground and 20,000 Credits

These incentives not only make the quest attractive to players but also help them advance by enhancing their abilities and resources.

Quest Requirements

Before embarking on the Hook’s Gift quest, players must first complete two preceding missions in the Hook Quest list:

  1. Old Brigadier’s Treasure
  2. Little Hook’s Treasure

These quests lay the groundwork for the Hook’s Gift mission, providing crucial context and character development that enrich the gaming experience.

Upon completing these initial quests, players will receive a message from Hook on their in-game phone, which triggers the start of the Hook’s Gift quest. By ensuring that they have met the necessary prerequisites, players can fully immerse themselves in the story and challenges that await them.

Completing Hook’s Gift

attending auction

In order to successfully complete the Hook’s Gift quest in Honkai Star Rail, players will need to navigate a series of tasks in both the Auction and Boulder Town locations. The journey begins with gathering information about the Auction from the Auction Staff, which sets the stage for the events to unfold. After learning about the Auction, players are required to visit Hook and engage in a discussion about the information they have acquired.

Obtaining Teddy Bear

Junjun and Underground

The next step involves obtaining a Teddy bear named Jun Jun from Natasha’s Clinic, a crucial item that will play a significant role in the mission. With the Teddy bear in hand, players will attend the Auction at Jarilo VI-Robot Settlement, where they will interact with various buyers, including Reticent Vagrant, Gemologist, and Weird Man. These conversations will provide valuable insights into the auction process and potential outcomes.

Geomarrow Probe

Geomarrow Probe [Images Credits: GameGuides]
As the Auction progresses, players will discover that the valuable Geomarrow Probe has been stolen, prompting an investigation into the theft. This leads to a confrontation with the Suspicious Miner, who has taken the item for his own purposes.

  • After a tense battle, players will retrieve the Geomarrow Probe and return it to the Auction staff, purchasing the item for 750 Shields in the process.

Natasha’s Clinic

Natasha Clinic

With the Geomarrow Probe secured, players must then visit Natasha’s Clinic once more to have the item wrapped as a gift. The final task involves returning to Hook and presenting the Geomarrow Probe to Fersman, culminating in the completion of the mission and the receipt of the well-deserved rewards.

Geomarrow probe presented to Fresman

Hook’s Treasure Quest

The Hook’s Treasure quest in Honkai Star Rail is a captivating side mission that provides players with an opportunity to explore the rich narrative while enjoying exciting challenges. To begin the quest, players must first reach Trailblaze Level 21, at which point they will receive a request for help from Hook. This sets the stage for a thrilling adventure as players assist Hook and her friend Julian in their pursuit of hidden treasures.

  • As players embark on their journey to find Julian’s treasure map, they will need to travel to Rivet Town, a location teeming with danger and intrigue.
  • Along the way, they will encounter and battle Fragmentum monsters, testing their skills and strategy as they delve deeper into the mission.
  • Ultimately, players will uncover a Bottle of Marbles and a Rusted Key, valuable items that will propel the quest forward.
JunJun Description

The search for Hook’s treasure is equally engaging, as players must navigate the winding alleyways of Rivet Town to discover the hidden prize. Along the way, they will stumble upon an old drill rig, a relic of the past that holds significance for Hook. The quest takes a heartwarming turn as players visit an orphanage, where they help Hook locate her cherished teddy bear, Junjun. This touching moment underscores the importance of friendship and the power of determination, themes that resonate throughout the narrative.

By successfully completing the Hook’s Treasure quest, players not only enjoy a thrilling adventure filled with challenges and surprises but also gain a deeper understanding of the characters and the world of Honkai Star Rail.

Quest Unlock Requirements

teddy bear cap

To embark on this thrilling mission, players must first reach Trailblaze Level 24 or above, showcasing their commitment to honing their skills and exploring Honkai Star Rail world. In addition, players need to complete the engaging Hook’s Treasure quest, which provides essential background information and character development that enhances the overall experience of Hook’s Gift.

Lastly, players are required to complete the Silent Galaxy quest, which further expands upon the Honkai Star Rail’s intricate narrative and sets the stage for the challenges that await in Hook’s Gift.

The Hook Quest in the Honkai Star Rail list is significant as it enriches the narrative, fosters character development, and offers thrilling challenges. If you’re new to the game, then you must read the Honkai Star Rail BEST Builds, best relics, and Equilibrium level guides to get an edge while playing with friends. 


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