Honkai Star Rail: Rarely Affectionate [Walkthrough]

Learn how to unlock and progress through the Rarely Affectionate questline in Honkai Star Rail with this comprehensive guide.

Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate is an engaging and challenging questline that players will encounter during their journey in the expansive universe of Honkai Star Rail. This questline revolves around unraveling the mysterious thefts, repairing a gear-stealing robot, and making critical decisions that impact the story’s outcome.

Key Takeaways
  • Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate focuses on companion quests involving Clara, Svarog, and Pascal.
  • Rewards for completing the questline include Visitor Verification for Clara and in-game items.
  • One must carefully consider the choices they make, as their decisions have lasting effects on the story and characters.
  • Be prepared for challenging battles against foes like the Automaton Direwolf and the Grizzly Robot.

Starting The Rarely Affectionate Quest

Embarking on the Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate questline requires following a series of steps. In this section, I’ll walk you through the process of receiving Clara’s message and meeting her at the Robot Settlement to kick off this exciting adventure. 

  1. Receiving Clara’s Message:
    • Check Inbox: Accept Clara’s message from the in-game inbox to begin the quest.
  2. Meeting Clara at the Robot Settlement:
    • Open the Starmap: Locate Clara’s destination on the Starmap and mark it for navigation.
    • Travel to Jarlio-VI: Utilize fast-travel to swiftly reach Jarlio-VI.
    • Locate the Robot Settlement: Explore Jarlio-VI to find the Robot Settlement.
    • Follow the Compass: Navigate towards the settlement using the in-game compass.
    • Meet Clara and Svarog: Interact with Clara and Svarog upon arrival at the settlement to receive quest details and objectives.
Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate Meeting Clara At The Robot Settlement
Meeting Clara At The Robot Settlement

Rarely Affectionate Part 1

In the first part of the Rarely Affectionate questline, you’ll go on an exciting adventure to locate and repair a mysterious gear-stealing robot

  1. Questioning The Witness: Speak to the witness at the Vagrant Camp to gather crucial information about the robot. Listen attentively and note any clues provided.
    Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate Questioning The Witness
    Questioning The Witness
  2. Following Quest Markers: Use quest markers on the in-game compass to easily locate the gear-stealing robot. Explore the surroundings for additional clues and secrets.
  3. Encountering The Robot:
    • Prepare For Battle: Equip characters with suitable weapons and gear before facing the robot.
    • Fight The Robot: Engage the robot in battle, utilizing character skills to inflict damage and disable its defenses.
    • Defeat And Repair: Weaken the robot and deliver the final blow to defeat it. Prepare to repair the robot afterward.
Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate Gear-Stealing Robot
Gear-Stealing Robot

Repairing The Gear-Stealing Robot

In this phase of the quest, the focus is on repairing the gear-stealing robot, which is an essential step toward completing the Rarely Affectionate storyline. 

  1. Retrieving The Robot Shell:
    • Locate The Robot Graveyard: Begin by finding the Robot Graveyard, where broken robots are discarded.
      Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate Robot Shell
      Robot Shell
    • Search For The Robot Shell: Thoroughly explore the graveyard to locate the specific robot shell needed for the repair. Pay close attention to unique features to identify the correct shell.
  2. Assisting Clara With The Repairs:
    • After finding the shell, return to Svarog’s Base and deliver it to Clara.
    • Assist Clara in repairing the gear-stealing robot by providing necessary tools and materials.
  3. Dealing With The Incompatible Shell:
    • If the shell turns out to be incompatible, search for an alternative solution.
    • Be open to experimentation and explore alternative options, such as finding a different shell or modifying the current one.
Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate Assisting Clara With The Repairs
Assisting Clara With The Repairs

Rarely Affectionate Part 2

In the second part of the Rarely Affectionate questline, meeting Clara, learning about Pascal, and facing the Automaton Direwolf are the key objectives before returning to Svarog’s Base. 

  1. Meeting Clara:
    • Locate Clara within Svarog’s Base to proceed with the quest.
    • Gather information from Clara about Pascal’s history and current situation.
  2. Defeating the Automaton Direwolf:
    • Prepare for battle against the formidable Automaton Direwolf.
    • Ensure characters are well-equipped with healing items.
    • Defeat the Direwolf to advance in the storyline.
      Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate New Robot Shell
      New Robot Shell
  3. Returning to Svarog’s Base:
    • Return to Svarog’s Base to repair Pascal with the new shell.
    • Collaborate with Clara to repair Pascal following on-screen prompts.
    • Pascal flees to Rivet Town, prompting pursuit.
  4. Discovering Pascal’s Diary and Decision-making:
    • In Rivet Town’s Tempering Workshop, locate Pascal’s diary for insight into their past.
    • Make a challenging decision regarding Pascal’s fate, weighing potential consequences and personal values.
      Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate Defeating The Automaton Direwolf
      Defeating The Automaton Direwolf

The Search For Pascal & Final Decisions

One of the most crucial stages involves searching for Pascal and making final decisions that shape the outcome of the story.

  1. Locating Pascal:
    • Gather Information: Talk to NPCs and explore the environment to gather clues about Pascal’s whereabouts.
    • Follow Clues: Piece together Pascal’s trail using the collected information to track its location. Being observant and thorough is key in this search.
  2. Confronting Pascal:
    • Anticipate potential combat and ensure your characters are well-equipped.
    • Engage with Pascal in dialogue or combat based on the situation. Be mindful that your decisions during this encounter can significantly impact the storyline.
  3. Investigating The Workshop:
    • Search for documents, diaries, and evidence that reveal Pascal’s intentions and backstory.
    • Engage with NPCs who may provide insights into Pascal’s actions and motivations. Taking notes can help in understanding Pascal’s character and the quest’s context.
      Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate Investigating The Workshop
      Investigating The Workshop
  4. Making Critical Choices:
    • Consequences Of Following Svarog’s Idea: Formatting Pascal wipes his emotional intelligence and memories, ensuring his survival but sacrificing his emotions and experiences.
    • Consequences Of Not Following Svarog’s Idea: Pascal retains his emotional intelligence and memories, but there’s a risk to his long-term survival. Weigh the risks and benefits carefully.
  5. Completing The Quest:
    • Report Back: Return to the quest giver and provide an update on the quest’s outcome.
    • Reflect On Decisions: Take a moment to reflect on the choices made and consider their long-term consequences.
Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate Making The Critical Choices
Making The Critical Choices

Rewards And Outcomes

Rewards and Outcomes can be classified into various categories, such as completing the Rarely Affectionate quests, obtaining Visitor Verification for Clara, and returning to Svarog’s Base with the new shell. Each of these milestones offers unique rewards and outcomes that enrich the gaming experience.

  1. Completing Rarely Affectionate Quests:
    • Benefits:
      • Experience Points: Level up characters and unlock new abilities.
      • In-Game Currency: Obtain various currencies for item purchases and upgrades.
        Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate Rewards And Outcomes
        Rewards And Outcomes
  2. Obtaining Visitor Verification for Clara:
    • Rewards:
      • Strengthened Relationships: Deepen bonds with Clara, influencing future interactions.
      • Access to Restricted Areas: Explore previously inaccessible locations for secrets and lore.
  3. Returning to Svarog’s Base:
    • Consequences and Rewards:
      • Character Evolution: Decisions made affect dialogue options and story arcs.
      • Unlock New Content: New side quests and storylines may be unlocked based on choices.

The Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate quests offer a rich and engaging storyline featuring intriguing characters, challenging battles, and rewarding outcomes.


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