Honkai Star Rail Ascension Planner [Explained]

Learn everything there is about the Ascension planner in Honkai Star Rail, its uses, and how it manages your characters' levels.

The Honkai Star Rail Ascension Planner is a tool that can help a player quickly upgrade their characters’ abilities. Since Honkai Star Rail is a fast-paced game that requires players to boost their characters’ levels and stats to survive against powerful enemies, players need a lot of resources. This is where the Ascension Planner can immensely help the player plan and track the resources required to progress.

Key Takeaways
  • Ascension Planner is a tool that lets players plan and track to improve their progress to enhance their characters‘ levels and stats.
  • This feature lets you see the resources you have and the resources you require to upgrade your character’s level.
  • You can find these resources through world exploration, quests, story progress, and in-game store purchasing.
  • The planner is also used for upgrading the character’s weapons and equipment
  • Each character has a level from 1 to 80; this planner helps advance the characters to the next level
  • To access this feature, you can directly go to this website and access the planner or use any other source. You can click on Inventory to view materials. Moreover, you can choose the Add Characters, items, and weapons in the main menu.
  • If you find the Honkai Star Rail Ascension Planner not working, refresh the page or find another tool on the web.

What Is The Ascension Planner In Honkai Star Rail

Image shows Ascension Planner
Image shows Ascension Planner (Picture Credits: eXputer)

It’s a tool that lets players design, track and maximize their character’s level and stats. As the name suggests, this tool helps you to plan and execute that plan to optimize your gameplay by managing your resources efficiently with the help of this planner tool. 

Additionally, this tool helps you choose the materials you need to improve your character’s level, weapons, and equipment. This allows the players to see the resources needed to reach their target level.

The Ascensional Planner also gives you updates on what materials and resources players have at present and the ones they still need to progress. This information is essential for players when they seek to specify their exact goals and gauge their progress over time.  

The Character Levels

Image shows a particular character's level
Image shows a particular character’s level (Image Credits: eXputer)

Each Character in Honkai Star Rail has a level starting from 1 and going up to 80, which is the maximum level. As the character levels up, the stats and strength of the character increase. To ascend your character to the next level, the player needs to have certain level milestones. Characters have a base max Level of 20. 

You should also know that even if you have all the resources, you can only go past a certain level if your account has an appropriate Trailblaze level. Therefore, you must note your Trailblaze Level before pushing your character to upgrade.

How To Find The Resources And Material 

Character Exploration For Resources
Character Exploration For Resources (Picture Credits: eXputer)

You can find these resources and materials for upgrading your character’s abilities through world exploration, challenges, quests, and story progress. While some resources are obtained through completing missions and events, a few can be purchased from the in-game store and through daily missions that offer rewards for your character.

Once your character has improved the stats, this will help them drastically increase their strength, recovery, and overall quality, while providing them with some unique skills for their special attacks.

How To Access The Ascension Planner

  1. You can access this planner through this the Star Rail Station Ascension Planner.
  2. Now choose the “Inventory” icon on the main menu. You can view and input all the materials that you have available. which will take you to your checklist of characters, weapons, and other equipment items needed to enhance your character’s abilities.
  3. You can choose “Add Characters” from the 20-plus characters. Each character will show the attributes, weapons, or equipment items that you want to upgrade. 
  4. Once selected, a list of the materials and resources needed to ascend your selected item to the next level will be displayed on the screen.
  5. The planner will showcase resources you already have for each upgrade level.
  6. If you find the Honkai Star Rail Ascension Planner not showing, refresh the page or find another tool on the web.
  7. Ascension Planner Explained
    The Ascension Planner (Picture Credits: Star Rail Station)

Ways To Upgrade Your Characters In Honkai Star Rail

Character Upgrade
Image shows character upgrade on Ascension Planner (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Using the Honkai Star Rail Ascension Planner to enhance your character stats will result in their improved combat capabilities quickly, letting you over through a brutal enemy easily and efficiently. Here are some of the ways to grow stronger in Honkai: Star Rail  

Unlocking The Traces

Traces help characters to upgrade their skills. Traces are an upgrade tree for enhancing the skill level. Each character has his tree. There are various nodes in this tree that players need to unlock. Traces grant characters with stat bonuses, extra passive abilities, and skill enhancements.

Using Eidolons

Eidolons are called successive upgrades to Characters. They enhance the character’s abilities as every character contains a total of 6 Eidolons. The 3rd and 5th Eidolons provide a 3-level increase in skills. Eidolons offer characters with new passive bonuses. You can use Eidolons through Warps (the system). They can also be gained via gameplay through in-game missions and events.

Equipping Light Cones

Light Cones help boost a character’s Base HP, Base ATK, and Base DEF. They are equipable items that give a passive ability to characters whose tracks correspond to that of the Light Cone. They are obtained through quests, reward milestones, and Warps.

Equipping Relics

This game has a relic system that offers buffs to the characters that help them survive longer in this action-packed game. They are one of the ways to boost the stats of the player’s characters in Honkai Star Rail.

They are divided into 2-piece and 4-piece sets.  There are a total of six relics that players can equip their character with. They increase a character’s stats ranging from HP to ATK to Speed. Here’s the guide on equipping the best Light Cones and the best Relics to enhance your characters’ stats.

With this, I conclude my Honkai Star Rail Ascension Planner guide. This is a perfect tool to enhance your character’s abilities. The planner helps you fully optimize your gameplay in Honkai Star Rail by helping you manage your resources efficiently and track your character’s progress. 

This will help you make progress and achieve your goals easily. In short, If you’re a Honkai Star Rail player and want your character to reach the advanced level quickly, it’s worth using the Ascension Planner .

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