Honkai Star Rail: All 7 Elements & Their Characters

Take control over the Astral Express by learning about all the elements that Honkai Starrail has to offer!

Honkai Star Rail follows the same trajectory as its predecessors regarding the elemental system, such as in Genshin or Honkai Impact. Players might want to know which elements there might be in the game, how they might work, and what characters are associated with each element; therefore, an in-depth look into the Honkai Star Rail Elements is a sure help. 

Important: Players should know about the weak effect of each element and the type of damage it inflicts on a certain enemy if they are to master battles. 

Key Takeaways
  • Honkai Star Rail has 7 elements: Fire, Ice, Wind, Lightning, Physical, Quantum, and Imaginary.
  • Each character’s damage is based on their corresponding element.
  • Elements also have weaknesses against specific opponents.
  • Opponents have a toughness bar that can be depleted with a specific element.

All Elements 

HS All Elements
All Elements

Let’s quickly run down each one of these Elements that are found in Honkai Star Rail:

FireHimeko, Hook, and Asta-Deal Fire damage
-Cause the weakness bar to go down faster
Physical Clara, Natasha, and SushangInflict physical damage on enemies
Ice Gepard, Herta, Marth 7th,
Pela, and Yanqing
-Inflict Ice damage on enemies
-Inflicted with Freeze
LightningArlan, Bailu, Jing Yuan, Kafka,
Serval Tingyun
-Cause Lightning damage
-Casue Shock weakness effect
Wind Blade, Bronya, Dan Heng,
and Sampo
-Deal wind-based damage to enemies
-Weakened with the Shear effect
Quantum Fu Xuan, Qingque, Seele,
and Silver Wolf
-White bar depleted with time
-Cause Quantum damage
-Receive the Entanglement effect
Imaginary Luocha and Welt-Imprisonment to opponents
-Reduce speed


One of the first elements that players are able to encounter in the game is the Fire element.

HS Fire Gameplay
Fire Gameplay
  • Characters using the Fire element deal Fire damage, which results in a Damage over Time (DoT) effect, burning enemies for two turns after their weakness bar is depleted.
  • Using the Fire element against enemies with Fire weakness speeds up the depletion of their weakness bar.
HS Fire Weakness
Fire Weakness
  • After breaking an enemy, players can apply Burn, causing them to take Fire damage at the beginning of each turn for a certain number of turns.


 There are three characters, Himeko, Hook, and Asta, that have the fire element

HS Fire Characters
Fire Characters
  • Asta is the leading astronomy researcher responsible for major events at the Herta Space Station, affiliated with The Harmony Path.
  • Himeko, a Fire user from Honkai Impact 3rd (Hoyoverse), is associated with The Erudition and the Astral Express.
  • The Hook, another Fire user, is affiliated with The Moles and belongs to the Destruction path.


The next of the Elements that we would like to discuss is known as the Physical element, and it can be directly correlated to the Physical element that used to be in Genshin. 

HS Physical Gameplay
Physical Gameplay
  • Any character of the Physical element inflicts physical damage and causes opponents to bleed over time.
  • When opponents are weak to Physical damage, attacks slowly deplete their white bar until they reach the Break state.
  • In the Break state, they become vulnerable and take Bleed, resulting in physical damage over several turns.


There are a total of 3 charactersfor Physical element: Clara, Natasha, and Sushang. 

HS Physical Characters
Physical Characters
  • Clara, the first physical unit, belongs to The Destruction Path and is affiliated with the Prospectors.
  • Natasha, the second physical unit, belongs to The Abundance Path and is affiliated with the Wildfire.
  • Sushang is affiliated with the Xianzhou Alliance and Cloud Knights, belonging to The Hunt Path.


Moving on, the next element that players can interact with is Ice, which can be compared to the cryo element in Genshin.

HS Ice Weakness
Ice Weakness
  • Characters of the Ice element can inflict Ice damage on opponents in battle.
  • Opponents weak to Ice elements take increased damage from Ice characters.
  • When opponents are in the Break state, they become frozen (inflicted with Freeze) and take Ice damage at the beginning of each turn, unable to take action.


Now, as far as the Ice-based characters in Honkai Star Rail are concerned, they will range from Gepard, Herta, Marth 7th, Pela, and Yanqing. 

HS Ice Characters
Ice Characters
  • Gepard: A male Ice unit, affiliated with the Preservation Path and the Silvermane Guards.
  • Herta: Owner of the Herta Space Station, a four-star character from The Erudition Path.
  • March 7th: A female four-star unit, affiliated with the Preservation and the Astral Express.
  • Pela: A female four-star unit, first playable in Version 0.60 beta, affiliated with the Nihility Path and the Union.
  • Yanqing: A five-star Ice-based unit, affiliated with the Hunt Path and the Xianzhou Lofu.


Next up, the next element concerned in Honkai Star Rail has to be the infamously beloved Lightning element. Both in Genshin and Star Rail, it seems like Lightning is well-loved, with both games providing the highest number of characters from this element. 

  • Lightning-Based Units deal Lightning damage to their opponents in battle.
  • If opponents are weak to Lightning, they suffer the Shock Weakness effect. This effect makes them take Lightning damage at the start of each turn for a set number of turns.


Let’s see which characters players might be able to play whenever they decide to use the Lightning element, as the characters include Arlan, Bailu, Jing Yuan (my future main frfr), Kafka, Serval Tingyun. 

HS Lightning Character
Lightning Character
  • Arlan: A four-star Lightning character from the Destruction Path, affiliated with the Herta Space Station.
  • Bailu: A smaller five-star Lightning-based female unit from the Abundance Path, affiliated with Xianzhou Luofu.
  • Jing Yuan: A five-star Lightning unit, a male character from the Erudition path, and affiliated with Xianzhou Alliance, Cloud Knights, and the Six Charioteers.
  • Kafka: Another five-star female character from the Nihility path, affiliated with the Stellaron Hunters
  • Serval: A four-star female character from the Erudition path, affiliated with the Union.
  • Tingyun: A four-star character from the Harmony Path, affiliated with Xianzhou Luofu.


As far as the next element is concerned, we have the Wind element, which is comparable to the anemo element in Genshin.

HS Wind Gameplay
Wind Gameplay
  • Wind-based attacks are effective against opponents.
  • Opponents weak to wind attacks have their toughness bar depleted and suffer the Shear effect.
  • For two turns, enemies take wind damage at the beginning of each turn for a certain number of turns.


When it comes to the characters that are Elements Wind-Based, they include of Blade, Bronya, Dan Heng, and Sampo. 

HS Wind Characters
Wind Characters
  • The Blade: A male five-star wind-based unit, belonging to the Destruction path and associated with the Stellaron Hunters.
  • Bronya (from Honkai Impact 3rd): A female five-star character, part of the Harmony path, and affiliated with the Silvermane Guards.
  • Dan Heng: A four-star male character from the Hunt Path, associated with the Astral Express.
  • Sampo: A four-star male unit in the Nihility path, affiliated with the Wildfire.


Moving on, the next element is Quantum, and whenever players can use it, they can inflict damage on opponents.

 HS Quantum Gameplay
Quantum Gameplay
  • Opponents weak to Quantum take damage and have their white bar depleted when attacked by a Quantum element unit.
  • Breaking the weakness bar inflicts the Entanglement effect, causing action delays and bonus Quantum damage on the next turn.


There are a total of 4 characters belonging to the Quantum element, including Fu Xuan, Qingque, Seele, and Silver Wolf. 

HS Quantum Characters
Quantum Characters
  • Fu Xuan: A quantum-based unit from the Preservation path, affiliated with the Xianzhou Luofu.
  • Qingque: A four-star female character from the Erudition path, affiliated with the Xianzhou Luofu.
  • Seele: A five-star unit from the Hunt Path, affiliated with the Wildfire.
  • Silver Wolf: A five-star unit from the Nihility Path, affiliated with the Stellaron Hunters.


The final element is Imaginary in Honkai Star Rail Elements, and with it, players can cause Imprisonment to enemies. 

HS Imaginary Weakness
Imaginary Weakness
  • Whenever players make opponents break, and their toughness barf has been broken, they cause Imprisonment to opponents, through which their action gets delayed, and their Speed ends up being reduced. 


There are currently only two characters that are available that have the Imaginary element, and they are Luocha and Welt. 

HS Imaginary Characters
Imaginary Characters
  • Luocha is a five-star male unit that belongs to the Abundance and is affiliated with the Intergalactic Merchant Guild. 
  • Welt is a five-star male unit that belongs to the Nihility Path and is with the Astral Express. 

And there we have it! All that players need to know about the Honkai Star Rail Elements, and with that, we will wrap up our guide!

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