Honkai Star Rail Best DPS Characters [Top 4]

Our Honkai Star Rail Best DPS guide will showcase Sushang, Jing Yuan, Himeko, and Seele, alongside their skills, pros, cons, and team comps!

Honkai Star Rail has one of the best DPS characters, including supports, tankers, and healers, with a roster of 21 characters. Characters like Himeko, Seele, Sushang, and Jing Yuan are some of the Honkai Star Rail Best DPS characters that players can invest in; therefore, a deeper insight into their stats, pros, cons, skills, and Eidolons might be required!

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Important: Jing Yuan is yet to be released. Therefore, based on the latest data provided, his skills, pros, cons and team compositions have been taken into account.
Key Takeaways
  • Amongst the roster of 20+ characters, 4 shine through as the best Honkai Star Rail DPS units, with them being HimekoSeele, Sushang, and Jing Yuan. 

Himeko is a five-star Fire DPS who belongs to the Erudition path and can deal multi-target damage. 

  • Her traces include Sawblade Tuning, Molten Detonation, Heavenly Flare, Victory Rush, and Incomplete Combustion. 
  • She can work extremely well with characters like Hook, Bronya, Tingyun, Pela, Asta, Natasha, and Fire MC. 

Seele is a five-star Quantum character that belongs to The Hunt and can deal single-target damage to opponents. 

  • As for her traces, they include Thwack, Sheathed Blade, Butterfly Flurry, Resurgence, and Phantom Illusion. 
  • As for her team comps, she can work with Tignyun, Bronya, Asta, Welt, Natasha, and Bailu. 

Sushang is a 4 star character under the physical category that also happens to belong to the Hunt Path. 

  • For her traces, they are Cloudfencer Art Starshine, Dancing Blade, Cloudfencer Art Mountainfall, Shape Of Taixu Dawn Herald, and Cloudfencer Art Warcry. 
  • Her team comps will include Pela, Bronya, Tingyun, Natasha, and Asta. 

Lastly, Jing Yuan is a yet-to-be-released five-star Lightning character, and he is part of the Erudition path. 

  • While forming his teams, players can use Pela, Bronya, Tingyun, Asta, Natasha, and Bailu. 


Himeko (Image Credits Exputer)
Stats Value 
ATK 756

Kicking things off, let’s start off with Himeko, who is genuinely one of the Honkai Star Rail Best DPS characters in the game. She is a five-star Fire girl who is a daring scientist that came across the Astral Express when she was a kid and managed to repair it. Himeko began her journey slowly after that and managed to go on the Trailblaze path. 

As she belongs to the Erudition path, she has insanely good multi-target damage, and she can deal excellent AoE damage to enemies. 

Pros Cons 
Insane fire damage output She needs specific team compositions 
Versatile talents. She has energy cost issues
Excellent AoE damage output.  
She can break the enemy’s weakness.  


Himeko Traces
Himeko Traces (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s take a look at some of the Traces that Himeko has, which include of Sawblade Tuning, Molten Detonation, Heavenly Flare, Victory Rush, and Incomplete Combustion: 

  • Sawblade Tuning (Basic Attack): She can deal fire damage equivalent to 50% of Himeko’s Attack on one opponent. 
  • Molten Detonation (Skill): She can deal fire damage which is equivalent to 100% of Himeko’s base attack to one enemy, and fire damage, which is equal to 40% of Himeko’s attack to any adjacent opponents. 
  • Heavenly Flare (Ultimate): Himeko will be able to launch Fire damage equal to 132% of Himeko’s base attack to all opponents, and she regenerates 10 energy for each opponent that she defeats. 
  • Victory Rush (Talent): If an opponent’s weakness is broken, she gains a stack of charge with a max of 3 stacks, and if she is fully charged, she can deal fire damage that is equal to 68% of her base attack. 
  • Incomplete Combustion (Technique): After using her technique, a satellite beam is able to create a Burning Zone that lasts 15 seconds. 

Team Comps 

Moving on, here are a few team compositions that you can try out with Bronya that will further enhance her DPS abilities. 

Team Comp     
1Himeko Bronya Pela Bailu 
2Himeko Tingyun Bronya Bailu 
3Himeko Hook Pela Natasha 
4Himeko Serval Asta Natasha 
5Himeko Hook Asta Fire MC 


Seele (Image Credits Exputer)
Stats Value 
ATK 640

Next up, Seele is one of the Quantum Honkai Star Rail Best Characters. She is a 5 star character under Quantum cateogy, making her belong to the Wildfire that was born and bred in the Underworld of Belobog. She has gotten the nickname “Babochka.” Alongside that, she is extremely blunt and frank, not worrying about what others think about her. 

She belongs to The Hunt Path, which allows her to deal insane amounts of single-target damage to opponents, and she is extremely good against elite enemies. 

Pros Cons 
Excellent Quantum damage. Can’t do crowd control. 
Whenever she murders an opponent, she regains energy. She needs specific team comps to work well. 
She also gains Speed in combat.  
Her technique allows her to become invisible to enemies.  


Seele Traces
Seele Traces (Image Credits Exputer)

As far as her traces are concerned, I tested out all of her five traces which include Sheathed Blade, Thwack, Butterfly Flurry, Resurgence, and Phantom Illusion. 

  • Thwack (Basic Attack): She can deal Quantum damage which will equal 50% of her base attack to one opponent. 
  • Sheathed Blade (Skill): It will end up enhancing her overall speed by 25% for a total of 2 turns, and she will deal Quantum damage that will be equal to 110% of her base attack to one enemy. 
  • Butterfly Flurry (Ultimate): Seele enters the buffed mode, and she can launch out quantum damage equivalent to 255% of her base attack to one opponent. 
  • Resurgence (Talent): Seele enters the buffed state again after defeating an opponent using her basic attack, skill, or even her ultimate, and she gains an extra turn. 
  • Phantom Illusion (Technique): After she uses her technique, Seele will become invisible for 20 seconds and can’t be detected by opponents. 

Team Comps 

When it comes to her overall team comps, I tested her with teams that included characters like Welt, Natasha, Bronya, and even Tingyun, and the following teams can work pretty well, which automatically makes her one of the Honkai Star Rail Best DPS Characters

Team Comp     
1Seele Asta Welt Natasha 
2Seele Bronya Natasha Tingyun 
3Seele Tingyun Bronya Bailu 


Sushang (Image Credits Exputer)
Stats Value 
ATK 564

Next up, the next character that is 100% one of the Honkai Star Rail Best Characters is Sushang. She was born on the Xianzhou Yaoqing and was sent to the Cloud Knights of the Luofu to get further military training. She aims for a future she’s always wanted and will do whatever it takes to strive for it. 

She is a physical four-star character who belongs to the Hunt path, which automatically means she is an excellent single-target damage dealer. When I used her in Overworld, I found she works best against elite enemies. 

Pros Cons 
Immense single-target damage to enemies. It can’t carry out AoE damage. 
Works exceptionally well with support units. She requires certain team comps to shine. 
She can take advantage of weakness breaks to bump her damage output.  
Pretty decent DPS.  


Sushang Traces
Sushang Traces (Image Credits Exputer)

When it comes to Honkai Star Rail Best DPS’s Traces, they include Couldfencer Art Starshine, Dancing Blade, Cloudfencer Art Mountainfall, Shape Of Taixu Dawn Herald, and Cloudfencer Art Warcry. 

  • Cloudfencer Art Starshine (Basic Attack): Sushang can dish out physical damage equivalent to 50% of her base attack to one enemy. 
  • Dancing Blade (Talent): Whenever any opponent has their Weakness Broken on the field, Sushang will have her overall speed be increased by 15% for a total of 2 turns. 
  • Cloudfencer Art Mountainfall (Skill): She can deal physical damage that will equate to 105% of her base attack to one enemy, and there is also a 33% chance to trigger sword stance on the final attack, which ends up dealing bonus physical damage that equates to 50% of her base attack. 
  • Shape Of Taixu Dawn Herald (Ultimate): Sushang can deal Physical damage equivalent to 192% of her base attack to one opponent, and she can advance her action forward by 100%. 
  • Cloudfencer Art Warcry (Technique): Sushang instantly attacks the opponent, and upon entering combat mode, she deals Physical damage equal to 80% of her base attack to all opponents. 

Team Comps 

Regarding Sushang’s Team Comps In Honkai Star Rail, three teams might work well with her, as listed below. 

Team Comp     
1Sushang Bronya Tingyun Natasha 
2Pela Sushang Natasha Asta 
3Sushang Pela TingyunNatasha 

Jing Yuan 

HSR Jing Yuan
Jing Yuan
Stats Value 
ATK 698

First, can I just say how excited I am for his release? Okay, anyways, Jing Yuan is one of the most Anticipated Honkai Star Rail Best DPS yet to be released. He is a five-star Lightning character who are the main General of Xianzhou Alliance Cloud Knight and one of the Six Charioteers of Xianzhou Luofu. 

Since he belongs to the Erudition Path, he can dish out extra-ordinarily good multi-target damage and is the main damage dealer against hoards of opponents. 

Pros Cons 
Extremely strong AoE damage outputCan’t deal single-target damage. 
Can work insanely well against enemies weak to Lightning. Needs specific team comps. 
Deals pretty good multi-target damage.  
Excellent DPS potential/ 

Team Comps 

Regarding his team compositions, he can work well with Bronya, Bailu, Tingyun, Asta, Pela, and a few other characters. 

Team Comp     
1Jing Yuan Tingyun Bronya Bailu 
2Jing Yuan Pela Asta Natasha 
3Jing Yuan Bronya Pela Natasha 
4Jing Yuan Bronya Pela Bailu


And there we have it! That’s all that players need to know about Honkai Star Rail Best DPS characters, and with that, let’s wrap up this guide! While you’re here, why not check out our Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium Level guide which goes into detail about how to raise the level! Apart from this, the Guide Paradox Honkai Star Rail guide showcases every choice that can be encountered while completing it!

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