Honkai Star Rail Praise of High Morals [How To Get & Use]

Learn about the Honkai Star Rail Praise of High Morals system that rewards your character's good deeds, encouraging positive actions.

Honkai Star Rail Praise of High Morals is a unique system of awarding good deeds of the character. If you perform bad actions in Honkai Star, they will be reflected upon, and similarly, the good ones will be rewarded as well.

Key Takeaways
  • Praise of high morals In Honkai Star Rail is a type of currency that can be used to obtain rewards or beneficial items.
  • The Praise of high morals currency can be obtained when the character does something morally good, like a good deed. This can be done by helping others.
  • One such example is by selecting the right dialogue when the character talks to other people.
  • These praises can then be used at specific locations like the Fountain in Jarilo-VI, whereby giving one praise of high morals, a reward is exchanged in return.

How To Get Praise Of High Morals In Honkai Star Rail 

Honkai Star Rail Praise of High Morals can be obtained in the form of golden stars by doing good actions which benefit others or when the action is considered moral.

The Right Way To Achieve Praise Of High Morals 

The Praise of High Morals can be obtained by simply talking to strangers. If other people might like the way of speaking style in Honkai Star Rail, they will be pleased, which will grant the praise. Do note that if you talk to someone else, the other person will have a cross or star on their head. This star will be in golden color, and when you do get the praise of high morals.

Honkai Star Rail gives the options while you interact with others. These options are purely based on your own choices, and if you make the correct choice every time, then you will receive Praise of High moral; it is simple as that. The downfall side of this is if someone messes up and chooses the wrong dialogue, then it will be noted by Honkai Star Rail.

Important: If you have chosen the wrong dialogue while interacting with another character, the opportunity of receiving praise of high morals is lost forever.

You won’t get it if you choose the right dialogue next time. The chance of getting praise is only available one time, so you must be careful about choosing the right dialogue.

Examples Of Obtaining Praise Of High Moral 

There are some places that will grant you certain activities containing the chance to get the praise of high morale. These can be any kind of activities involving intrusive or thought-provoking decisions.

Goethe Hotel 

This location is perfect to start the task of gaining praise as it provides two opportunities to gain some golden stars. One of the quests in Honkai Star Rail, named Everwinter Night quest, requires the character to visit Goethe Hotel.

Honkai Star Rail Praise of High Morals
Hotel Room 

Right before you go to bed, Honkai Star Rail provides a chance to interact with a wardrobe. The dialogue will pop out on the screen, and several options will be presented. Some of these choices will contain praise for the elegant wardrobe. If you choose the right one, you will receive the praise of high morals.

You can even get another praise of high moral at this location. This can happen when you return to the hotel after some while. You will be required to fill out a form that demands a review of Gertie. If you put some decent and kind words in your review, you will certainly be awarded Praise of high morals.

The Underworld 

There are several small tasks that can present you with the required Honkai Star Rail Praise of High Morals. When you reach the destination, you can find a robot that requires attention. The robot seems to be broken, and it requires repair. It can be repaired only by buying a language module from Over World. Once you do so, you will enter into a dialogue, and when it ends, you will receive the praise of high morals.

Fixing Trash Can 

You can fix a broken trash can located near Turner’s Food Stall in Boulder Town. You will be presented with some options, and among all of them, one will be to fix the can. If you opt for that particular option, you can definitely get the praise of high morals. You can even deny fixing the can, but you must remember that these small tasks provide opportunities, and choosing the right option will be beneficial.

Herta Space Station 

This location is a must-visit as it offers two praises of high morals. You can use fast travel to reach the Herta Space Station. Once you do, try to bring Light Cone back to its original place. You must talk to an old man after completing this task. Several options will pop up again in front of you, and you must choose “None of them” from all the available ones. This will get you praise.

Fixing The Curio 

Curio is a machine that you will spot at Storage Zone located in Herta Space Station. It is shattered, and you must get it fixed. Some of the dialogues will be presented, and you must choose the one that says, “Tap it continuously.” When you fix it, you will receive a text from Asta that will grant you the praise of high morals.

Honkai Star Rail Praise of High Morals
Fixing the machine

Music Box 

This requires you to hand over a music box that is a little bit damaged to a little girl. The girl will be located behind a garbage bin in an alley. This alley is located if you travel to the western side of Rivet Town.

Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone 

You must destroy all the material that looks like wooden barrels. While destroying, you will be interrupted by some Guards who will battle you. When you defeat them, you must choose the dialogue “I broke the vessels to preserve peace.” This will give you the praise of high morals.

Some Other Minor Tasks 

Honkai Star Rail Praise of High Morals
Obtaining Honkai star rail praise of high morals

Some of the tasks that will give you the praise of high morals in Honkai Star Rail are mentioned below:

  • Opening a delivery parcel that was placed beyond the advertisement board in Central Starskiff Haven.
  • Fans of the fight club movie might like this one. If you give a picture of Dan Heng to any of the fans of Cold Dragon Young, you will get praise.
  • Watering a plant at a reception area is considered a kindness act, and this will be counted towards earning praise.
  • Another one lies near a postbox. All you need to do is give a gentle push to the two envelopes inside the mailbox.
Honkai Star Rail Praise of High Morals
Watering the plants is a moral task in itself

How To Use The Praise Of High Morals 

Honkai Star Rail Praise of High Morals is like a currency, and it is quite valuable at times. You can even trade these praises at some places with any other item. These praises can be used even to complete some of the events which might seem to be hidden.

When you use the Praise of High Morals for the very first time, you will unlock an achievement in Honkai Star Rail, which is named as Karmic Wheel. You will also be awarded 5 Stellar Jades for unlocking this achievement.  

The Fountain in Jarilo-VI 

This fountain can be found near the administrative district located in Jarilo-VI. Once you interact with the fountain, you will receive 4 options to choose from. You must select the option that says to fish out of the fountain.

Honkai star rail praise of high morals
Visiting the fountain to spend one of the praises

Once you select, one praise of high morals will be spent, and in return, you will receive a valuable item. Do remember that this item is randomly given, so it may vary every time you use the fountain.

Trash Bin In Boulder Town 

This trash bin is found in Boulder Town, and to our own ease, it is the same trash can that you fixed and received praise for it. When you interact with the trash bin, it will give plenty of options. Choose the one that says, “Temper it.” Then, select the option of doing it.

Honkai Star Rail Praise of High Morals
Trash bin 

This will cost you one praise of high morals but do remember that this won’t give you any kind of reward. It is just part of the fun and won’t affect our character.

Obtaining The Golden Watch 

The golden watch is an attraction to many players, including you. It can be found in the administrative district, which requires you to teleport to the train station using a space anchor. When you reach the area, you must look for a suitcase which ultimately contains the golden watch.

When you interact with the suitcase, you must always choose the first option of all the dialogues. This will award you with the gold watch after answering some questions. You can also opt to get the golden watch without using the praise of high morals as well, but it is quite easy if you are already in possession of the praise.

Usage Of Scroll 

You must travel to the Starskiff area to interact with the scroll which is placed on the table. This requires the same treatment as the previous one: Just choose the first option of every dialogue. At one point, a citizen of Xianzhou will approach you. When the character is done talking, you will be awarded some credits.

Vase In Exalting Sanctum 

You can use one of the praise of high morals on the second day when interacting with the Vase in Exalting Sanctum. On the second day, there will be a point where you will be required to give one praise of high morals. This will occur right when you will interact with the vase.


Honkai Star Rail Praise of High Morals is like a currency that can be used later on to get various items or rewards. It can be gained by doing good deeds or acts which are beneficial to society. There are various places where you can get praise by completing a simple task.

Moreover, using praise can be helpful in some places, as certain awards are offered in return. It is recommended to obtain praise when the character is already on the way to completing the mission.


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