To The Faint Star Honkai Star Rail Quest Guide

To The Faint Star Honkai Star Rail is a quest in which players help Rocky investigate why his crush has not replied to his Love confession.

In “To The Faint Star” Honkai Star Rail quest, the character Rocky is waiting for a reply from his crush Lesley. As you continue through the quest, you will eventually come across a decision point where you have to choose between the “Red Truth” and the “Blue Lie” options.

Key Takeaways
  • To The Faint Star Honkai Star Rail quest requires Trailblaze Level 13 or above and completing the “Long Wait for the Blade’s Edge” mission.
  • In the quest, the player helps Rocky investigate why his crush, Lesley, has not responded to his love confession.
  • The player must choose between the “Red Truth” and “Blue Lie” options, which affect Rocky’s love life and work at the Department of Galactic Geography at Herta Space Station.

  • Red Truth: Rocky will reveal his true emotions for Lesley, leave his job at Herta Space Station’s Department of Galactic Geography, and settle with Lesley, resulting in a happy ending for him.
  • Blue Lie: This choice will ruin Rocky’s romantic dreams, preventing him from reuniting with Leslie, but he will ultimately return to work at the Station.

  • The quest’s rewards and gameplay will remain unaffected, and the Honkai Star Rail’s narrative will continue as planned, regardless of the player’s choice.

How To Unlock To The Faint Star Honkai Star Rail Quest

Quest Honkai Star Rail To The Faint Star
Accepting the “To The Faint Star” Honkai Star Rail Quest – [Image by eXputer]
  • Reach Trailblaze Level 13 or above.
  • Complete the Trailblaze Mission called “Long Wait for the Blade’s Edge.”
  • Once you finish the mission, you will receive several messages, including one from a researcher named Rocky.
  • Respond to Rocky’s messages to unlock the “To the Faint Star” quest.

Quest Walkthrough

To The Faint Star Honkai Star Rail quest
Choices in “To The Faint Star” quest – [Image by eXputer]
  • Teleport to Herta’s Office aboard the Herta Space Station to quickly reach Rocky. Rocky should be in front of you as you exit.
  • Speak with Rocky about his romantic life. He will request that you look into why Lesley hasn’t replied to his love confession.
  • Go to the Storage Zone to start your investigation.
  • Look inside the room for messages addressed to Rocky on the Airwave Repeater terminal.
  • Fix the repeater before you can scan the logs. Head to the Disposal Site nearby.
  • Retrieve the first Ultra Nickel Part from the Treasure chest across the orange bridge.
  • Go down the ramp, battle any opponents you come across, then utilize the control device on this lower level to activate the blue bridges and deactivate the orange bridges.
  • Cross the blue bridge, fight the enemies patrolling within the central area, and utilize the control gadget in this location to activate the light bridge you’ll need later on.
  • With the light bridge activated, proceed to the donut-shaped platform where the chest with the last Ultra Nickel Part is located.
  • To return to the entrance, utilize the control device located behind the crates on the platform to activate the orange bridges.
  • Repair the Airwave Repeater in the repeater room and check for any messages during 2157 AE, Months 56-present.
  • Head to the Monitoring Room in the Base Zone to find out who tampered with the message when you find the message to Rocky damaged.
  • Select the Disposal Site footage once it becomes available, and it will show that Bernard had something to do with the recordings.
  • Confront Bernard in the Master Control Zone and receive two Signal Logs to give to Rocky: the Red Signal Log (Truth) and the Blue Signal Log (Lie).
  • Return to Rocky and choose which Signal Log to give him. Either choice will complete the mission.

Red Truth

Red Truth Red Signal Log
Red Signal Log for Red Truth – [Image by eXputer]
If you choose the “Red Truth” option, Rocky will confess his true feelings for Lesley, becoming incredibly happy and vowing his never-ending love for her.

However, he will leave his post at the Department of Galactic Geography at Herta Space Station. Despite this, he will reunite with Lesley, leading to a happy ending for him.

Blue Lie

Blue Lie Blue Signal Log
Blue Signal Log for Blue Lie – [Image by eXputer]
If you select the “Blue Lie” option, you will ruin Rocky’s romantic ambitions and prevent him from reuniting with Leslie. Many players believe that this is the most realistic option because it does not need Rocky to leave his job and allows him to return to work at the Station eventually.

Does These Choices Impact The Honkai Star Rail?

Regardless of which choice is made, To The Faint Star Honkai Star Rail quest’s rewards and gameplay will remain unaffected, and the Honkai Star Rail’s narrative will continue as planned.

This side quest is designed to increase immersion and participation in the Honkai Star Rail world rather than significantly altering the story.

Players have the option of adopting a romantic approach or taking a more practical path, but the choice will not significantly alter the Honkai Star Rail’s mechanics or affect the Honkai Star Rail’s conclusion.


“To The Faint Star” is a side quest in Honkai Star Rail that requires players to reach Trailblaze Level 13 or above and complete the “Long Wait for the Blade’s Edge” mission. The quest indeed gives you the hardest choice, but remember, “The hardest choices require the strongest wills”. However, that’s it on our guide on To The Fain Star Honkai Star Rail quest. 

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