Mario Strikers Data Mine Reveals 10 Additional Character Slots

Mario Strikers might get 10 additional characters through the recently announced free expansion.

Being the face of a company bears a lot of expectations, and Mario is no exception to that rule. We have been getting amazing games in the franchise since 1985 and the games sell like hotcakes. However, with such an old series, you need creativity to keep things fresh.

Delving into new things and making games based on new ideas is the best feature of Mario. The upcoming Mario Strikers depicts this creativity by delving into the world of football. It’s a 5v5 soccer-like sports game that seems very exciting and is releasing on the Nintendo Switch. Recently, a new leak from a data mine suggests that we will get a lot more characters in the game.

Recent data mine of the Mario Strikers game suggests that the game has 20 character slots available (thanks, @Wipeoutjack7). Something like this is big news because the game only has 10 characters on release. Hence, we will probably get the rest of these 10 characters in the form of expansions or other packages.

In the screenshot pertaining to this data mine, we can clearly see the data entry of these 20-character slots. It’s a pretty solid discovery but all of this is just speculation as of now. Data mines are pretty reliable most of the time and we can hope that this is one of those times for Mario Strikers.

The data miner wasn’t able to find out which characters are going to come into the game after the release. Files were in a wacky state, according to the data miner, so he could not take a closer look. However, players are already guessing who these characters could be.

Names like Daisy, Pauline, and Bowser Jr. have come up in discussion. Seeing these characters in Mario Strikers will certainly be a treat for the players. Some players, however, think it’s a bit greedy of Nintendo to keep 10 characters at bay from the players.

Mario Strikers is a game aimed at children and some think that Nintendo is fleecing the demographic. It most probably could have put the additional 10 characters on release and saved players the expense. However, that wouldn’t be very realistic for the company, financially.

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