Nintendo Switch

The Japanese consumer electronics company Nintendo launched Nintendo Switch in early 2017. The hand-held/docked video game console allowed users to switch between gaming-on-the-go or experience games from a screen at home. Nintendo did the unthinkable and did something entirely new that neither Microsoft nor Sony has done before. Furthermore, the popularity of Nintendo Switch increased multifold in the US and in Japan because of the unique couch-coop feature the console offered. All you had to do is share a joy-con with your friend, and you are all set to enjoy multiplayer games for hours. Nintendo Switch eliminated the need to buy an extra controller because it comes with a pair of joy-cons out of the box. This hand-held tech also outperformed Sony PlayStation’s PS Vita in terms of sales. Four years down the road, the console has a vast exclusive video games library that you need to immerse and experience.

  • Designer: Yoshiaki Koizumi
  • Release Date: March 3, 2017
  • Original Price: $300
  • Generation: 8th Generation
  • Successor: TBA
  • Predecessor: Wii-U