Nintendo is a famous Japanese consumer electronics company that has a history of making video games and consoles since 1973. In the early 90s, Nintendo dominated the video game market with its Game Boy and Super Nintendo Entertainment System. A couple of years later, Sony launched its PlayStation brand, and Microsoft ventured into the Xbox division. Both tech giants redefined the video game experience. However, Nintendo pushed its resources on portability and made iterations of its classic video game lineup such as Mario, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Mega-Man, and more. The company thrived and swiftly leveraged its resources towards portability. Nintendo released Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch in the last decade, and both of the hand-held consoles received very well from the brand’s audience. At eXputer, we cover Nintendo and its video games-related news, reviews, guides, tier lists, and more to keep our audience engaged with the latest and emerging content on the web.