A Splatoon Fan Crashed A Nintendo Shareholder Meeting To Complain About Customization

The fan was upset about customization options in Splatoon 3, and spent $3,500 to complain at a shareholder meeting.

Story Highlights

  • A fan of the Splatoon franchise spent $3,500 in Nintendo stock to complain about cosmetics at a shareholder meeting.
  • The individual was upset about customization options for male characters in Splatoon 3.
  • The rant went on for quite some time, unnerving Nintendo president Furukawa.

A disgruntled fan of the Splatoon franchise reportedly spend $3,500 in Nintendo shares to complain about customization options in Splatoon 3 at a shareholder meeting They reportedly made a commotion, frightening the president of Nintendo. This is according to multiple Japanese Twitter users, including @Nstyles, who attended the meeting and witnessed the commotion. 

The individual later revealed themselves on Twitter, going by the username @haruikatako. The individual thought that Nintendo was not giving enough attention to the Splatoon franchise, and took it upon himself to share his disappointment with the management of Nintendo. What was he disappointed about? Customization options, primarily.

Specifically, they were complaining about the customization options of male characters in Splatoon 3, compared to the customization options available to female characters. This individual was reportedly very disruptive and had a rant that lasted quite a while and was informed that others wanted to speak as well. 

At the Nintendo shareholders’ meeting, I complained about the current cold treatment of Splatoon boys (commanders, high-color city emotes, etc.)! Halfway through, I was told, ‘There are other people I want to ask…,’ so the second half took a lot longer than planned, but I managed to tell them.”

During the meeting, Nintendo President Shintaro Furukawa told the individual that his question was too long. When the rant ended, Furukawa told the individual “Thank you for your interest in playing our game. We appreciate your valuable opinion”.

This isn’t the first time a Nintendo shareholder meeting has been crashed or interrupted by fans. Last year, an individual spent $40,000 in Nintendo stock just to ask about a new F-Zero game. These disruptions by fans with questions or complaints about games have been going on for years. It can be quite embarrassing for all parties involved, so we recommend not crashing a shareholder meeting for something like this. 

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