Splatoon 3 Has Already Sold 1.93 Million Physical Copies In Japan

Including the downloadable versions, the numbers exceeded 3.45 million in just 3 days.

Splatoon 3 is the latest installment in the Splatoon franchise, released hardly a week ago. However, it is making rounds worldwide due to being critically acclaimed by critics and players alike. The game features the same fan-favorite elements, provided they are highly polished and up-to-par with the modern times.

Japan’s physical sales charts for the week ending September 11th are finally out, revealing attractive numerals worth analyzing. In the software chart sales, Splatoon 3 has managed to divert all the attention of the community due to the fantastic physical sales it garnered.

Major Takeaway: 

  • Splatoon 3 is at the top spot, selling a total of 1,934,680 million physical copies.
  • Nintendo Switch has sold over 26 million cumulative units.

The game has taken the top spot in the charts with a very high number. Splatoon 3 sold a monumental amount of 1,934,680 million physical copies in Japan just a few days after its release. The retail sales are likely to cross 2 million soon due to the high demand for the game.

The significant difference in numbers from other competitors is astounding. Splatoon 3 has sold like hotcakes all over the world; in Japan alone, the title sold over 3.45 million cumulative copies in Japan within three days. The numerals are expected to rise by hundreds of millions globally as the game grows with features and updates.

Splatoon 3 has improved upon its already-established features to become the best installment in the franchise. Both the competitive multiplayer and the single-player storyline are worthwhile to experience. Despite having some bugs upon launch, like guns not firing for some players, Splatoon 3 has become a global sensation and boasts excellent ratings. 

The second spot in the sales chart is taken by Mario Kart 8 Deluxe; the title sold 12,605 this week. The title has sold over 4,827,754 copies since its successful release. The latest installment in the Mario kart racing franchise connects all the memorable pieces from other installments while making enough extra additions to make it worth your time.

The third spot is occupied by the mesmerizing Minecraft that appears to dominate every weekly physical sales chart. Despite its age, the game only seems to grow in audience and sales. The title sold 9,331 physical copies, and the cumulative Japan sales stand at 2,786,049. The rest of the podiums are taken by other regular titles.

In the hardware department, Nintendo Switch has accumulated over 26 million cumulative sales. All the different renditions of Switch dominate the first three spots. The Switch OLED has sold over 148,377 copies. The standard edition stands at 27,859, while the Switch Lite has garnered 6,640 sales.

What are your thoughts about Splatoon 3 selling such a high amount? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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