Huge Splatoon 3 Bug Not Letting Players Fire Their Guns

The bug caused by unknown factors is affecting certain players only.

Splatoon 3 is the latest fan-favorite rendition in Nintendo’s Splatoon franchise released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. The alluring game is already regarded as the best installment due to its refinement and has been the talk of the town after coming out hardly a few days ago.

The game has been critically-acclaimed after being released, boasting a satisfying rating. However, the release was not smooth sailing and came with its own uninvited waves of issues. Splatoon 3 has been plagued by certain bugs that have made the experience stale for some players.

A bundle of connection issues causing disruption in matches, and save file corruptions, among many others, have invaded the new town of Alterna. Some bugs upon release are bearable and normal as long as Nintendo looks into them. However, a newly discovered bug is rendering guns useless for specific players.

The guns fail to spray ink, leading to the player being unable to shoot their opponents. The bug happens randomly and is caused by unknown factors. It is not clear whether all guns fall victim to it or only particular ones. The bug appears to lock the affected players in that glitchy phase for several matches no matter how they retaliate.

A Splatoon 3 content creator and esports player, Shíлэx✘, was affected by this dreaded bug. The player elaborated to Dot Esports after they reached out to them, “I reset my **** and it still didn’t [fix anything].” This mysterious flaw makes the game nearly unplayable for the affected players and happens randomly. 

Shíлэx✘ also tweeted out his experience with the horrendous glitch. Moreover, he is also requesting Nintendo look into these bugs and fix the game. Nintendo has yet not officially commented on the chaos caused by this bug.

Dot Esports also interviewed some other players who were a target of this unexplained hazard. The bug-ridden players affirmed that the issue was occurring during professional practice matches or amid ranked matches. The bug seems to be happening more frequently lately; however, that could just be more players beginning to report the hindrance.

More and more bugs are starting to be unveiled in the Splatoon 3 community. Nintendo has yet to patch the frequently mentioned ones officially. Despite the bugs, the game is performing well, and the community has applauded Nintendo for crafting a deserving installment for the franchise.

Like its predecessors, Splatoon 3 features competitive multiplayer alongside a hearty single-player storyline. There is no lack of fun, and the game offers all that is expected of it. There is a lot to indulge in this competitive and fun-to-play title. However, playing Splatoon 3 feels like visiting your favorite eatery on a daily basis.

Splatoon 3 innovates nothing and only focuses on polishing and perfecting the already established features of the Splatoon series. The lack of innovation and enemy variety appears to be the only negative element the game has received from reviewers and players alike. 

What are your thoughts regarding the dangerous bug plaguing some players? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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