Nintendo Switch Now At The Top Concerning First-Party Software Shipments

The Switch is still setting records despite being only halfway done in its lifecycle.

Nintendo Switch is one of the most prominent handheld consoles out there. This portable console was released back in 2017, and the handheld has been going strong thenceforth. The Switch has sold over 90 million units in just four years of manufacturing. It has earned itself the top spot amidst handhelds, with an average of 22 million consoles sold per year. This device has become a go-to console when it comes to portability and quality.

Various quirks set the Switch apart from other consoles. The Switch was ingenious as it was the globe’s first hybrid console that could be utilized on a TV and as a handheld at the same time. It is one of the reasons why Switch swept the console market. Despite the console wars amidst giants, the Nintendo Switch prefers to stay on the side and casually hit milestones.

Switch Stands Atop In Terms Of First-Party Software Shipments

It’s no surprise that Switch is out for more. It has soaked in mainstream success thanks to its peculiarities. Recently, A Twitter user, DarkDetective, reported another landmark that Switch claimed. Nintendo Switch is now standing atop the hill of first-party software shipments. It has now even dethroned the mighty Wii

The data shows all Nintendo consoles that stood the test of time. The Switch has sold approx 375.650.000 units. It continues to reach milestones that were once considered improbable for handhelds. Most of those consoles are a source of nostalgia and are still enjoyable today. However, Switch has proven to surpass them all in many regards, including sales in first-party software shipments. A day may come when Switch will become as nostalgic as previous generation consoles. 

Switch Out To Set More Milestones

Despite the traditional consoles, the Switch has established itself as the most steadfast handheld console that can be in the palm of your hands. Most Switch sales were recorded in 2020, proving that not just the hype at the start resulted in so many sales rather its distinct qualities. However, this handheld is just in the middle of its lifecycle.

Nintendo’s president Shuntaro Furukawa articulated that the Switch is just in the middle of its life cycle. It is “ready to break a pattern of our past consoles” in a call after the earnings report a few weeks ago. This means that the Switch is now five years old. The company states that the Switch is only in the middle of its life span, implying that it could be another five years before Nintendo releases a new console.

The community has mixed the response to this. A part of the community showed concern that Switch won’t keep up with the latest hardware demands required for gaming. On the other hand, many are glad that they can get to enjoy the games on the console they love. The switch has gained various upgrades since its launch, including different models like the Switch Lite or the OLED Switch. What are your thoughts regarding this milestone? Let us know in the comments below!

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