Nintendo Switch Has Finally Exceeded Total PS4 Sales In France

The handheld has recently surpassed PS4's lifetime sales in France.

Nintendo Switch is one of the best selling consoles of all time. The handheld by Nintendo took the world by storm in 2017 and was an imminent success. It shipped nearly 3 million units in its first week and competed well with other consoles of its generation. With sales comparable to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the portable console has broken many records. Recently the Switch reached another milestone in France.

Nintendo Switch has outsold the Sony PS4 in France according to Le Figaro. The handheld has recently beaten the PS4 for total sales in the region. This information comes from Le Figaro who interviewed director of Nintendo France, Philippe Lavoué. The director said that the installed base of Nintendo Switch in France is more than PS4‘s. This is a “Historic Performance” according to him as the PS4 is very popular in France.

The installed base of the Switch in France is now 6.1 million copies. It will exceed the scores of the Wii by spring, and we are aiming for a total of 7 million sales by the end of 2022. This would be a historic performance.

Nintendo Switch has sold 6.1 million copies in France according to Lavoué. This is more than the PS4‘s 6 million units by a mere 100,000 copies. This means that the Switch has officially sold more than the PS4 in France. This is some achievement for the home console as the PS4 is one of its competitors this generation.

The classic Switch sold the most with 4.9 million copies. The Lite is second with 0.93 million units sold and the OLED Switch is third with 0.22 million copies sold. The console sold 1.3 million units in 2021 according to Lavoué. This makes it the console’s second best year after 2020. Such huge numbers 4 years into its lifespan shows that it has held up very well.

The games have also sold really well with family oriented games like Mario and Pokémon being high in demand. Nintendo sold 5.7 million games for the Switch in France. The numbers are similar to ones in 2020 which shows consistency in sales.

But this won’t be Nintendo‘s last milestone in France. according to Lavoué the console will eclipse the Wii by spring. The Wii is currently at 7 million units sold and the Switch will soon surpass it. So, this will be another achievement for the handheld.

This is a fantastic result for the portable console. Beating one of the console giants in any metric is a huge thing. But, outselling it in a country like France is an even bigger deal. The Switch has truly exceeded expectations in every way possible. This is just another feather in it’s cap. The console has truly become a staple of pop culture.

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