PlayStation Showcase Might Not Happen Later This Year

According to an industry insider Sony will not have a showcase anytime soon.

The gaming industry is massive and a lot is going on at any given time. New games from different publishers are In the works and new hardware is always around the corner. So, fans are always looking forward to seeing what companies have up their sleeve.

For major players like Sony and Microsoft, that is especially true as their products are of the highest quality. Both of them have different ways of revealing these new projects to the public. The PlayStation Showcase is one of those ways for Sony

Alongside the State of Play, this Showcase is one of the major events for the company. Players have been waiting for it all year round to get a look at their favorite projects. But, it looks like a PlayStation Showcase might not be on the cards this year for Sony.

Major Takeaways: 

  • PlayStation Showcase is unlikely this year according to Jeff Grubb.
  • A State of Play might take place later.
  • Sony will also show up at The Game Awards.

A PlayStation Showcase is unlikely to happen at any time this year, according to a new report. Industry insider Jeff Grubb broke this news while talking on his Game Mess podcast. So, it seems like a Showcase is not possible this year. 

Jeff Grubb informed us about this while answering a question regarding PlayStation Showcase. He simply said no to the event taking place later this year. It will not be happening anytime soon according to the industry insider. 

Sony has a lot of stuff in the works including many anticipated AAA projects. Spider-Man 2, Wolverine, and the Last of Us Factions are just some of the big-name titles releasing soon. But, we barely have any information about all of these projects at this moment. 

As a result, fans did conclude a PlayStation Showcase might be happening soon. The last one did take place in September of last year and revealed a lot of major stuff. So, this prediction wasn’t far off from the players.

Jeff Grubb is a very reputable journalist however so it seems like a PlayStation Showcase isn’t happening. Do keep in mind that it seemed like his personal opinion and not a guarantee. So, take this with a pinch of salt. 

Even if this is true, all isn’t doom and gloom as Grubb gave us some exciting news. He said that another State of Play might be happening later this year instead of the PlayStation Showcase. And, Sony might also appear at The Game Awards too to reveal some stuff. 

With the games Sony has in the works, making appearances at two events makes total sense. That will also make up for the lack of PlayStation Showcase this year. Hopefully, it’s sooner rather than later so we can get a look at our favorite games. 

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