Industry Insider Expects Perfect Dark Gameplay At This Year’s E3

We will see the reboot's first glimpse in this year's Xbox E3 event, according to Jeff Grubb

Perfect Dark’s reboot is one of the highly anticipated upcoming Xbox games. The game was a rumor for some while before finally becoming official at the 2020 Game Awards. The reboot has a lot of hype around it as it will come out more than a decade after the previous Perfect Dark game. With Daren Gallagher and The Initiative developing it, the expectations are very high. We still haven’t seen any gameplay of the reboot but that might be changing at this year’s E3 according to Jeff Grubb.

Jeff Grubb recently said that he expects to see Perfect Dark gameplay in this year’s Xbox E3. It may also release very soon according to him. The industry insider said while talking on the Xbox Era podcast about this year’s E3 showcase by Xbox and how it would talk about the upcoming games.

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The game will launch in 2023 or 2024 according to Grubb. The insider said all the game’s shown at this year’s E3 will have a 2023/24 release. This is a safe prediction for the Perfect Dark reboot considering how it has been in the works for a long time now. So, his release window estimation might not be far off the actual launch.

Grubb also gave us some other tidbits about the Xbox E3 showcase this year. There is still a lot of confusion concerning whether this year’s E3 will take place at all. But Grubb said that Xbox has a huge show planned no matter what happens. The insider also said that the showcase will give a lot of time to Starfield, Redfall and Forza Motorsport at this year’s E3.

Jeff Grubb also gave us info about the release dates of all the upcoming Xbox games. He said that most of them will be ready for the 2023 release window but some might move into the 2024 period. Perfect Dark falls into this category and it will launch in one of these two years. A lot of games have seen a delay so this is a fair assumption.

Saying all that, Grubb was certain about one thing that we will see some Perfect Dark in action for the first time this year. There is ambiguity over the release date as the game might not be ready till 2023. But, we will definitely see how it looks at this year’s E3.

If you don’t know much about the Perfect Dark reboot that’s alright. Darren Gallagher, who worked on the Tomb Raider revival, is working on the game. He will be joined by The Initiative for whom this is a debut project. Crystal Dynamics is also lending some help so the effort going into the action-adventure game is really high. Therefore, the players are obviously expecting a lot from the reboot and only the gameplay will manage these expectations. Hopefully, it shows us a promising picture so we can look forward to an amazing game.

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