A Ubisoft+ Tile Has Appeared On The Xbox Rewards App

Many users around the globe have reported seeing a ghost of Ubisoft+ on the App.

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  • As recent sightings have teased, the Ubisoft+ service could soon be arriving on Xbox. Many users have reported spotting it on the Xbox Rewards App.
  • A new punchcard appeared on the app; the icon stated, “Discover Ubisoft+,” alongside the description, “Get unlimited access to fan-favorite franchises and more.”
  • Many notable figures in the industry, such as Tom Warren, have discussed the new rumor. Jez Corden earlier suggested that Ubisoft+ will soon arrive on Xbox.
  • It is unclear how Ubisoft+ will be integrated into Xbox; we could see it included in the Game Pass or as a standalone service allowing gamers to play its catalog.


The official Ubisoft website suggests that the Ubisoft+ service is already available on Xbox, as per the site’s games section. It is worth noting that the link is broken for a lot of users, but some gamers from the United States have been able to access it. According to the site, the service starts at “$14.99/month” and features 49 entries for now.

The official Ubisoft store site shows the Ubisoft+ service for the Xbox consoles.
The official Ubisoft store site shows the Ubisoft+ service for the Xbox consoles.

Ubisoft+ appears to be heading toward the Xbox app, as recent sightings have suggested. Many gamers have reported spotting the subscription service on the Xbox Rewards app, with users discussing the prospect on several game forum sites and Twitter. It appeared briefly on Xbox, which has sprouted new rumors in the gaming sphere suggesting its possible integration on the Xbox Rewards app.

While the sighting was enough to make everyone’s eyes widen, clicking on the Ubisoft punchcard led the fans to a dead-end since it was just a broken link. The icon stated, “Discover Ubisoft+,” with the description adding further, “Get unlimited access to fan-favorite franchises and more.” 

Tom Warren and many other notable figures in the gaming industry were quick to point out the new anomaly. It seems more probable than ever that Microsoft and Ubisoft are trying to join forces to bring the Ubisoft+ service to the Xbox App. It is also unclear whether it will be a part of Game Pass or its own service, but the former is unlikely because Microsoft may have to bump up the Game Pass price to adapt to the new selection of games.

The new fable also aligns perfectly with Jez Corden’s tweet a few days ago, which clarified that Ubisoft+ would soon be docking on the Xbox app. The old rumor seems to have aged well due to the new sightings, but it is still not officially proven. Neither Microsoft nor Ubisoft has come out to comment on the new leak officially, and it may just prove to be a nothing burger like some rumors once again. We suggest taking it with a grain of salt.

Some fans were quick to stretch the rumor, mostly out of jest, and have begun theorizing about Microsoft’s possible buyout of Ubisoft. The buyout of Ubisoft has no proof backing it up besides the new sighting for now. Moreover, it is still in the process of acquiring Activision Blizzard.

If the rumors prove to be accurate, we may soon be able to play Ubisoft+ games on Xbox in the near future. The service may turn out to be even greater than expected if integrated into Game Pass; Xbox users could soon have a gigantic library of games available. It is also unclear whether the Ubisoft+ service will be available for Xbox PC, but time will clear that impediment. We can expect an official announcement to arrive soon.

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