Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II Pre-Orders #3 Top Seller On Steam

Modern Warfare 2 has climbed its way to the third spot of most sold (pre-purchased) titles.

The reboot, Modern Warfare 2, appears to be traveling back in time by reverting to some of the ways the franchise adopted for a few years. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is officially available on Steam after a bundle of installments that had parted ways to shake hands with 

A couple of last installments failed to appeal to the audience due to staleness, and fans have been looking for the high-octane-inducing action that Call of Duty provided in the olden days. Modern Warfare 2 is shaping up to redeem the conviction that fans have lost. The title looks spectacular, and high-end graphics also add to the whirring of the audience.

The reveal and artwork trailer have already contrived to create a lot of buzz in the community. Fans have reacted positively and are excited to get their hands on Modern Warfare 2. With Team 141 making a return, it is no surprise that fanciers are enthusiastic about playing the game. Characters like captain price also make a return and are highly treasured by the community.

Viewing the Global Weekly Steam’s Seller list, the optimistic attitude of the audience can be witnessed. The pre-purchase option is available on Steam, and it has supposedly sold like cheap quality lemonade of the town. Modern Warfare 2 has stolen the third spot among last week’s ten most sold games. 

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II has stolen the third spot within a week
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II has stolen the third spot within a week.

In the statistics above, we can see Modern Warfare 2 sitting in the third spot. The climb to glory is nothing short of remarkable; it has dethroned the goliath Elden Ring from its place. It appears that the pre-purchase campaign has been highly flourishing. The booming sales at the initial stages signify the thriving path this installment ought to follow.

We can also see the Modern Warfare 2 hauling the tenth spot. It is likely due to the title featuring the vault edition as a separate purchase. Each purchase appears as a distinct entity in the charts. Both of them appearing on the top ten list is a marvel that is seldom achieved by games. 

Modern Warfare 2 climbing the second or first place won’t come as a surprise to the community. The installment has already begun to break milestones. What are your thoughts about the stellar sales? Do Let us know in the comments below.

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