Team Fortress 2 Players Plan Peaceful Protest To Save The Game

The iconic game inflicted with a bundle of blunders is finally raising banners of protest within the community.

Team Fortress 2 has established itself as a prominent multiplayer FPS title since the last decennium. The title is every low-end gamer’s dream with great gameplay and simple graphics merged to create a game recalled by every gamer once in a while. Not to hail, that game is just a piece of nostalgia shelved away. Team Fortress is still widely popular, still accumulating up to 100,000 players concurrently.

Team Fortress 2 has stood the course of time to be considered as an FPS that can’t be competed against. The allure of Team Fortress 2 has resulted in a bundle of popular memes and animations circulating the internet. It’s no surprise that such an antique yet rigorous title has a commendable community behind it.

Team Fortress 2 has been supported by a great community that has helped Team Fortress 2 reach for the moon. Unfortunately, every popular title draws forth malicious minds to plague it. Team Fortress 2 has been inflicted by a heap of issues that have stacked up now. The game has a massive bot problem that now dangers the life of Team Fortress 2.

Valve has tried to push forward anti-bot patches in the past but the problem persists like a leech that feeds on the game’s astonishing success. Sadly, there are a plethora of more issues that plague Team Fortress 2. There is an item trading exploit ravaging around the lands of Team Fortress 2 which involves hazardous tools.

The exploit has led to the ultimate decision of trading being halted until the issue is resolved. The Team Fortress 2 community has picked up pitches and forks, being led by community creators, to start a peaceful protest. The protest intends to bring Valve’s attention to the whole issue.

Over thirty-five content creators are assembling the community to harbor a peaceful protest to bring the engaging title “back in good health.” The protest will additionally boost the community’s awareness of the entire matter.

The protest is emphasized to be “peaceful” so that actual attention can be drawn to the issue instead of just causing more chaos within the community. The unison will commence on May 26 on diverse social media platforms through the #SaveTF2 hashtag, from approximately 10 A.M. PDT / 3 P.M. EDT / 6 P.M. BST ahead.

The fanciers can anticipate witnessing the hashtag on various platforms, like Twitter, Tiktok, and YouTube. One of the organizers of the protest further elaborated on the intent on Reddit, “This will be a very peaceful protest just reminding everyone that we love this game – please don’t send hate towards Valve.” He further stated, “We will be representing the TF2 community, so let’s do it right!”

Let’s all get together and SAVE TF2! (Read comments) from tf2

This protest may cause Valve to take much-needed action against the exploits and malicious tools affecting the game. Moreover, the protest has already garnered the attention of Medic’s voice actor, one of the popular characters from the game.

Robin Atkin Downes has exhorted players to persist in their “peaceful, passionate manner” while the help arrives.  He has reportedly already contacted two industry insiders connected to Valve to bring the heap of problems out of the darkness. Team Fortress 2 community is known to be hectic at times, so the protest may compel Valve to take the much-needed measures to enhance the game if it doesn’t ripen into absolute chaos.

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