You Can Now Upload Game Clips To The PS App From Your PS5

Screenshots and video clips can be uploaded to the PS App but only through a PS5.

The ability to record gameplay is a remarkable aspect of current-gen gaming. Seeing your best plays and moments is a very recent addition and one that we all love. Storing these clips is a task, though. Your consoles only have limited space available to keep all these things. Most people want to use this space for games and not videos. So, these clips are a storage problem. But, PlayStation has come up with a neat way to prevent this.

You can now transfer your clips to the PS App and download them to your phone. This enables you to view them on the PS App and store them on your phone. The option is only available for PS5 as of now. But, this is a massive addition to the console.

Okami Games on Twitter shared this news. In a Tweet, they showed a screenshot of this new feature. The pop-up told us about this brand-new addition to the app. So, this confirms that you can transfer videos to your phone.

You Can Now Upload Game Clips To The PS App From Your PS5
The screenshot confirms this new feature.

All you need to do is enable this feature from your phone and PS5. Every screenshot and clip you take will be automatically uploaded to your PS App. Here, you can view them and download them to the phone. But, this fantastic feature does have some restrictions.

You can only use this feature on your PS5. It isn’t available on the PS4 currently. The clips also have a few limits to them. You can only upload videos in 1080p or lower, and they can be up to 3 minutes long. No video above this will be uploaded.

You also can’t upload these clips and screenshots manually. If you turn on this feature, everything will upload to the PS App. You can’t handpick what to choose from your PS5. PS App will only hold them for 14 days, but you can save them to your phone. The clips might also take a few minutes to upload, but that’s a given with their size. So, this is a fantastic feature, but it does have a ceiling.

Overall, this is an excellent introduction to the PS App. Fans have been asking for something like this for a long time. The ability to transfer stuff to your phone will help players out a lot. It has its limitation, but it’s a significant update to the PS5.

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