Fable 4 Development Is Going Fine, Suggests Industry Insider

Accredited industry insider, Jez Corden confirms that Fable 4's development is going fine and the developers keep adding new features in the game.

Playground Games announced Fable 4 two years ago, in 2020. The game was announced with a short one-minute and twenty seconds trailer. The trailer looked awesome, and fans were hoping the upcoming Fable would do justice to the fantastic game and not repeat the mistakes of Fable 3.

However, news stopped coming out after some time, and no leaks or rumors were circulating. So fans started speculating that the game was getting canceled. But recently, one of the XNC Podcast hosts, Gaz, stated that the game’s developers were having some trouble with Forza tech. Hense the game keeps getting delayed.

But in the most recent episode of The Xbox Two Podcast, Jez Corden seems to have burst the bubble and said that Fable’s development is going fine. Jez Corden claims to have been at the gameplay showcasing of Fable 4, where he has got all his information.

Rand starts to ask Jez about the news circulating about the development of Fable 4, and that’s when he tells Rand that it’s going fine. He further adds by saying that the situation is quite the opposite. Fable 4 keeps getting delayed because the developers keep adding new features to the game, which was the opposite of what Gaz claimed during the XNC podcast.

That’s pretty much everything that we have going on about Fable 4 as of now. There are no expected release windows or what the added features could have to offer. Nonetheless, it is exciting to hear that Fable 4’s development is going fine, and it will have some new features.

However, we still need to keep in mind that overloading a game with a lot of features could lead to a disaster. So the news is a double-edged sword. It’s unlikely that Jez Corden is wrong about Fable 4, especially after claiming to have been at the gameplay showing off the game.

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