Halo Infinite Multiplayer Was Allegedly Originally An Overwatch Clone

343 Industries only switched the project to the current Halo Infinite after realizing it wasn't working, alleges an industry insider.

Halo Infinite hasn’t lived up to the expectations of the players. The most recent entry in the Halo franchise has left players disappointed due to many reasons. Lack of content post-release has been one of the main problems of the game and players are very unhappy. Even though the game itself isn’t bad, the Xbox exclusive just doesn’t have enough to keep players on board. Most of the industry is in confusion over this state of Infinite’s multiplayer as there is no explanation for it. Now, an industry insider gives us some reasoning for the game mode being this messy.

According to Chris Gun, the Host of Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast, Halo Infinite multiplayer was originally going to be a clone of Overwatch. However, the development team switched to the current style after things didn’t seem to work out. Consequently, the game is in a mess where it can’t put out much cooperative content because it didn’t work on it.

343 Industries spent most of the time making this Overwatch clone, Chris Gun says, that the developers spent only two years on this current version of Halo Infinite multiplayer. Most of the budget was also spent on the clone’s development and that didn’t work out at all. So, the replacement did not have enough time or resources to be good enough.

All of this is definitely a word of the mouth and something you should take with a grain of salt. However, it lines up very well with the current state of the game and other whispers that we’ve been hearing recently. Halo Infinite had a very large budget and that is the norm for a first-party Xbox exclusive. It seems expensive and well made in the campaign mode but multiplayer doesn’t mirror that.

Chris Gun supposedly also has sources at 343 Industries, so most people seem to think that this version of the story aligns with what’s happening in Halo Infinite right now. However, again, this is just speculation right now. Nevertheless, it won’t be that surprising if this does come out to be true.

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