Xbox Has Made Several New Hires Internationally

The company has hired a Developer Partner Manager in Japan with other hires in Korea, Africa and China.

Xbox is one of the most popular consoles on the planet. Even people who have nothing to do with gaming know about it. But even with such a huge fanbase, Xbox has had trouble outperforming the PlayStation in international markets. Many industry experts say that Microsoft doesn’t focus much on global consumers and this leads to underwhelming sales in those markets. But, Microsoft has recently made some significant hires in the areas of PlayStation dominance.

Microsoft has recently made hires in Japan, South Korea, Africa, and China to help Xbox developers reach worldwide consumers. In Japan, Seiji Tanaka has joined Microsoft as a Developer Partner Manager. Tanaka recently confirmed this new hire on his LinkedIn. The new manager said that he will help the developers of Microsoft in Japan reach the consumers. The post also said that Tanaka will be a “resource for Xbox in Japan and work with them to overcome any challenges they face in selling games to the global market.

Xbox has also made a new hire in Korea. Kevin Taehwa Kim has joined them as a Global Expansion Incubator Manager in South Korea. Kim also informed about this job on his LinkedIn page. The post said that he will “help creative developers around the world to expand and grow.

Microsoft is also starting a brand new team in China. Rod Chang is the Senior Director Asia Gaming at Microsoft and he is handling this task. Chang announced this new info on LinkedIn. The post said that this new team will “help creators in China reach an even wider Global Audience.

Xbox is not hiring in Asia only but has also made some new changes in Africa. Temi Afolabi is going to be the Global Expansion Incubator GXI Manager for Africa. This was also posted on Temi’s LinkedIn page. Temi said that he will “work with the best African developers to get great content out for the international audience of Xbox“. Therefore, Microsoft is working to reach every market and not just one.

One of the long-standing criticisms of Xbox has been its performance in markets outside Europe and USA. Microsoft’s lack of focus on these markets is the main cause of that. As a result, Sony has dominated the global video game scene for years now. Most of the countries in Asia and Africa prefer the PlayStation consoles to Xbox. Countries like Japan, China, and South Korea are a huge part of the annual gaming revenue. So, getting a foothold in such places can be crucial for Xbox.

Over the years we haven’t seen much work from Microsoft to reach the wider markets. But, now it looks like that is going to change. These hires are a step in the right direction for Xbox and we hope they continue their work to reach players all around the globe.

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