Mubarra Muslim

Mubarra is a highly trusted News Reporter at eXputer. Her childhood joyride began with Need for Speed, racing through pixels on her uncle's PC. Now, she blends her love for games and writing as a gaming news reporter, skillfully navigating the tracks of industry updates. During her free time, she finds solace in the harmonies of music. Experience: 1+ Year || Education: Bachelor in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, English for Journalism.
Most Played Games
  • 800+ hours in Minecraft.
  • 400+ hours in GTA series.
  • 400+ hours in NFS series.
  • 100+ hours in Tekken.
Gaming History
Was introduced to gaming in early 2000s. Her first game was Need for Speed and she's been hooked on racing ever since. She also found her love for open world titles when she played the GTA series.
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