The Majestic Return Of Age Of Mythology Is A Cause For Celebration

Rejoice, my fellow RTS fans.

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  • The recent Xbox showcase provided a look into Age of Mythology: Retold, alongside a release date.
  • An Age of Empires spin-off with a mythological twist, Age of Mythology was a ton of fun.
  • With improved Myth units, God powers, and a massive visual overhaul, the gem is finally back.

The RTS genre has come a long way, and so has my journey with it. However, I’ll never forget the game that started it all for me and introduced me to this whole new world of strategic planning and management. That game is none other than Age of Empires, a masterpiece I’ll never forget.

Though I started my journey with Age of Empires, it wasn’t long before I stumbled across Age of Mythology, a spin-off with a mythological twist. I vividly remember playing it for the first time and watching in awe. Imagine my excitement when I learned that the brilliant adventure is finally making a return.

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Age Of Mythology, RTS Goodness Overload

Before you come after me, I’ll go ahead and say it myself that yes, there’s plenty of stuff superior to Age of Mythology, like Age of Empires 2 for example. However, I think you’ll also agree that it’s among the best of the genre, and deserves all the love it can get.

Coming from Age of Empires, certain changes in Age of Mythology were like a breath of fresh air for me. While the basic gameplay loop was more or less the same, the changed “Ages” and the addition of Myth units and God powers was certainly a pleasant surprise.

My review of Age of Mythology
byu/FilipeREP inAgeofMythology

As you may know, the game involves progressing your base through certain Ages by gathering resources, building extensions, and structures; basic RTS stuff like that. Moving through Ages unlocked new stuff to build and units to deploy. Micromanaging your own home turf alongside taking out the adversaries as skillfully as possible is Age of Mythology in a nutshell.

The difference, as I mentioned, came when the Myth units and God powers came into play. Myth units are powerful character types from the mythology you select in the beginning: Greek, Norse, or Egyptian. These units can wreak unstoppable havoc, and come with powerful abilities they can use autonomously when off-cooldown. 

The Myth units are better than ever now | Source: Xbox (YouTube)
The Myth units are better than ever now | Source: Xbox (YouTube)

In addition, you have access to God powers, an ace in the hole. It was a one-time-only burst of power that had the potential to turn the tide when the enemy least expected it. These extra layers on top of the already incredible system Age of Empires had established made the game beloved for me, and many other fans out there.

Age Of Mythology: Retold, Back With A Bang

When Microsoft announced back in 2022 that it’s bringing back Age of Mythology, I was beyond myself with excitement. Subsequent reveals and announcements only increased this anticipation of mine. Over time, we learned more, but one thing was clear, the devs wanted this to be an authentic recreation, and a complete overhaul from the ground up, built with as much finesse as possible.

Age of Mythology: Retold
byu/Cristian231191 inRealTimeStrategy

This not only included giving the game a complete graphical overhaul and insane visual fidelity but also modifying the gameplay to suit the more modern conventions and playstyles. While I sincerely appreciate this massive graphical upgrade, what I consider more exciting are the gameplay changes.

The visual overhaul is a testament to gaming's evolution | Source: Xbox (YouTube)
The visual overhaul is a testament to gaming’s evolution | Source: Xbox (YouTube)

The first difference is how Myth units work in Age of Mythology: Retold. In the original, the Myth units once deployed used their abilities automatically when the cooldown finished. Now, the devs want to give you absolute control over these units, bringing a lot more flexibility to your strategies. You can now actively control these units, their ability usage, targeting, timing, etc.

Speaking of flexibility and control, even God powers have received a massive upgrade. Instead of being a one-shot blast, they’ll now adopt a cooldown-style approach. You’ll now have the option to unleash this devastation multiple times, and more strategically throughout the battle. If you ask me, this is a brilliant upgrade. Instead of a one-time threat, now you’ll have to predict the timing of when the next thunderbolt will strike.

Enjoy your Reusable God Powers!
byu/BobGoran_ inAgeofMythology

Prepare For The Release

All in all, with changes both small and big, Age of Mythology’s triumphant return is upon us. I for one just can’t wait to experience this brilliant gem of my childhood once again. And it won’t be long now. The latest announcement in the superb Xbox showcase provided a release date for this RTS masterpiece. Age of Mythology: Retold will reach our grasp on September 4th, 2024

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