Alan Wake 2 Getting A Disc Edition Is A Massive Win For Physical Media Enjoyers

The mindblowing DLC is great, but I'm glad physical media's worth is being recognized.

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  • Alan Wake 2 struggled despite being a masterpiece; no physical and Steam releases were to blame.
  • While the latter isn’t possible, the game finally decided to release a physical edition and a superb DLC.
  • Alan Wake 2 announcing a disc release is a major step towards acknowledging physical media’s worth.

With technology making the impossible possible, video games have also become a lot easier to acquire. The invention of digital games has made the purchasing process pretty straightforward. However, this doesn’t mean the physical media is completely obsolete and worthless now.

The advantages that physical games carry, digital can never provide. The same is true for the opposite as well, but that’s beside the point. What I wish to say is that both have irreplaceable pros, and thus completely neglecting one in favor of the other is never right

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Alan Wake 2 Paid The Price

The Physical vs Digital debate is an age-old clash, and there’s a passionate and dedicated following for both. So much so that if a game decides to choose one over the other, it risks incurring the wrath of the neglected faction. And that is precisely what happened to Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2, Remedy's crown jewel | Source: IMDB
Alan Wake 2, Remedy’s crown jewel | Source: IMDB

I think I’ve said this countless times before, but Alan Wake 2 is a genuine masterpiece. With its dual protagonists, a cryptic and mind-boggling story narration, mesmerizing art direction, and creative gameplay elements, it won’t be an exaggeration to call it one of the best games of 2023, and possibly all time.

Alan Wake 2 – A Masterpiece
byu/SwimmingRadish2937 inPS5

Yet even a masterpiece like this couldn’t escape the curse of “weak financial performance.” Alan Wake 2 didn’t do as well in terms of sales as it should’ve. It’s puzzling, right? A bad game underperforming is understandable, but why did a crown jewel suffer? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of logic behind it. One of the biggest reasons for this was how the game decided to skip a physical release, thus losing a ton of potential customers.

Finally, A Physical Release Of Alan Wake 2

Back when the low sales problem was revealed, I sat down to analyze the situation and concluded that the lack of Steam and physical releases were the major factors for this issue. The Steam situation can’t be helped, as the game is published and funded by Epic Games, and thus will remain an Epic exclusive. However, a physical release was still possible.

Is anybody else turned off about no physical edition?
byu/PashAK47 inAlanWake

It seems my requests finally reached the ears of Sam Lake, as the creative director has decided to finally put it into action. The recent Summer Game Fest had a guest appearance of none other than Sam Lake himself, who arrived on the big stage with a couple of mindblowing reveals. 

Sam Lake's appearance livened up the event | Source: The Game Awards (YouTube)
Sam Lake’s appearance livened up the event | Source: The Game Awards (YouTube)

The first was how Alan Wake 2 was at last getting a physical release to appeal to a wider audience, and the second was the shocking DLC reveal, which was to be released within 24 hours.

Pairing It With The DLC Was The Perfect Choice

By omitting a physical release, Alan Wake 2 lost a huge chunk of potential customers. With all those people back in the equation, I’m sure it won’t be long before this masterpiece reaches the heights it so rightfully deserves. Plus, it has a considerable driving force behind its sales figures now: the Night Springs DLC.

From the showcase, we know that Remedy is bringing in three whole new playable characters, two of which are the Control protagonist Jesse, and the Quantum Break hero Jack. It’s about time Quantum Break gets some love, the game is seriously underrated.

Finally, Quantum Break gets some love | Source: PlayStation (YouTube)
Finally, Quantum Break gets some love | Source: PlayStation (YouTube)

I haven’t played the DLC yet, but rest assured I’ll be gushing over it pretty soon. Regardless, the fact remains that with the allure of the DLC, physical users will be even more likely to get the game now. A simple disc release would’ve sold too, but with a splendid DLC now adding to the game’s charm, I’m hopeful the setback it suffered will be alleviated.

Update on AW2 sales and DLC
byu/FAARONHEIT_115 inAlanWake

Great job, Remedy. Honoring the wishes of physical fans, and a splendid DLC for every Alan Wake 2 lover, it was a great move.

A Triumph For Physical Fans

More than anything, this gesture is a great triumph for all the people who still consider the physical medium superior, and for solid reasons. In a time when the industry is slowly moving towards dissolving the legendary medium in favor of “everything digital,” this decision is a much-needed sigh of relief.

A huge reason to continue buying physical games
byu/Hwbam33 ingamecollecting

As I mentioned earlier, physical games still carry a ton of benefits. From definite ownership to resale capabilities, the boons are endless. I myself am an avid supporter of the physical medium, and will never forsake the right of ownership to digital games no matter what.

And I’m not alone. When a game as majestic as Alan Wake 2 suffered in terms of sales, you can understand the gravity of the situation, and the sentiment of all the physical fans. Deciding to release a disc version of Alan Wake 2 was the highest degree of consideration.

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