Alan Wake 2: Investigate The Previously Flooded Area Guide

Here's how you can complete the optional objective Investigate The Previously Flooded Area and solve all the Nursery Ryhmes.

After defeating Nightengale in Alan Wake 2, the water flooding the surrounding of Cauldron Lake disappears. A whole section of Cauldron Lake is inaccessible because of the flooding. But now that the water is gone, you can go to that section. In Alan Wake 2, “Investigate the previously flooded area” is an optional objective. However, you can find some handy items if you do complete it. 

Before You Start: You must complete Chapter 2 in Alan Wake 2 to access this area.

Key Takeaways
  • Investigating the previously flooded area is an optional objective at the start of Chapter 3 in Alan Wake 2.
  • You need to solve three Nursery Rhymes by placing dolls on drawings at three different locations in the area. 
  • Campsite Rhyme has a crow doll which can be placed on the Sun to solve it.
  • Witchfinder’s Station Rhyme requires you to put the hero doll on the boat and the wolf doll on the tree.
  • The Private Cabin Rhyme requires all three dolls to be placed on its heart, house, and chick drawings. 
  • Solving the third puzzle will spawn a wolf you kill to complete the objective in Alan Wake 2.

How To Investigate The Previously Flooded Area

rhyme locations
All three nursery rhyme locations. [Image Credits: eXputer]
You need to investigate the three Nursery Rhymes that can be found in three different locations.

The objective’s primary purpose is to find clues about the Cult of the Tree. So, you have to explore the whole area to find the evidence. The Nursery Rhymes are somehow connected to them, so you must solve all of them to complete the objective. There are a total of three Rhymes which you must solve.

  • Campsite Nursery Rhyme
  • Witchfinder’s Station Nursery Rhyme
  • Private Cabin Nursery Rhyme

Important: Rhyme 1 and Rhyme 2 can be solved independently. However, to solve the third one, you must complete the first two.

Nursery Rhyme 1

rhyme 1
Solution of Nursery Rhyme 1. [Image by me]
Rhyme 1 can be found in a campsite right below the Witchfinder’s Station. All rhymes will have five drawings surrounding the page on which the rhymes are written. You need to place dolls on one of the drawings depending on what the rhyme says. The dolls can be found near the rhyme.

  1. Find the Crow doll placed on top of the table in the campsite. 
  2. Place the doll on top of the Sun drawing on the ground. 
  3. Once you do, a crow will fly down and leave a charm on the table.

Nursery Rhyme 2

rhyme 2 alan wake 2 investigate previously flooded area
Hero and Wolf doll location. [Image by me]
It can be found outside Witchfinder’s Station, with similar drawings surrounding it. Inside the station, you will also find clues for other Nursery Rhymes, including the one mentioned above and the one found here.

  1. There are no dolls outside, so make your way inside the station.
  2. Go to the top floor, where you will find a room with baby toys.
  3. Here, you will find two dolls, The Hero Doll and the Wolf Doll.
  4. Return to the drawings and place the Hero on the boat and the wolf on the tree.
  5. After that, footprints of a wolf will appear on the ground, leading you back to the top floor.
  6. You will find another charm where the footprints end.

Nursery Rhyme 3

rhyme 3 alan wake 2 investigate previously flooded area
Solving Nursery Rhyme 3 for completing Investigate The Previously Flooded Area in Alan Wake 2. [Image by Me]
It can be found at the Private Cabin that can be found just Southeast of the Witchfinder’s station. It is also a safe room, so save the game here.

  1. There are no dolls to be found here because the dolls of the previous two puzzles are required for this Rhyme.
  2. Place the hero doll on the heart, the wolf on the house, and the crow on the chick.
  3. Once you do, you will start hearing howls of a wolf, and a point of interest will appear on your map. 
  4. Go to the point of interest and follow the trails to the pond nearby. 
  5. Here, you will see a wolf on top of a birdhouse. 
  6. Kill the wolf and check the birdhouse to find the charm.

My Thoughts

Finding the final charm will complete the Alan Wake 2 “investigate the previously flooded area” objective. However, the rhymes are not the only thing in the area. You can find Cult Stashes as well as Cassey Lunchboxes, so be sure to take your time and thoroughly explore it all before you go back to your car. 

Important: Do not leave the dolls behind at the last puzzle and leave. All these dolls are used for other rhymes found in Alan Wake 2. So if you leave and the area is not accessible, then you cannot solve the other rhymes.

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