Alan Wake 2: All Rhymes Locations And Solutions

Discover the solution of all rhymes in Alan Wake 2 in order to unlock powerful charms that give Saga Anderson useful buffs.

The Alan Wake 2 Rhymes are just one of many puzzles available that give you access to charms as a form of reward. These charms are then used to get different buffs, such as more health, a chance of revival, and much more. However, solving these rhymes can be quite tricky.

Key Takeaways
  • Nursery Rhymes are a form of riddle that is only available for Saga Anderson, and they reward her with powerful Charms. 
  • The Nursery Rhymes in Alan Wake 2 requires you to attain dolls found near each rhyme and then place them on the right drawings.
  • After placing the dolls in the right spot, a reward in the form of a Charm will spawn nearby.
  • Each charm provides different buffs to Saga Anderson. 
  • Make sure to collect each doll after completing the Rhymes, as they’re needed for the different rhymes in each region of Alan Wake 2.
  • After completing every single rhyme, the Final Rhyme will open up in Cauldron Lake, at the Witchfinder Station, for a secret ending to the case. 

To solve the Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhymes in Alan Wake 2, be sure to check out eXputer’s video guide:

All Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhymes In Alan Wake 2

alan wake 2 nursery rhymes in cauldron lake
All Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhymes in Alan Wake 2 [image by me]

Serial No.

Rhyme Location

Dolls Location


Reward Location

Reward Description


Near the Bridge


Place Crow doll on the sun (‘one for light’) to solve it.


Hammer charm (stagger enemies)


Witchfinder’s Station / Ranger’s Cabin

Upstairs by baby’s playpen (Hero and Wolf dolls)

Place the Hero doll on the boat (left home) and the Wolf doll on the tree (the woods).

Upstairs in playpen

Coffee mug charm (save from death once)


Private Cabin

Near the fallen tree

Place Crow, Hero, and Wolf dolls symbolizing Crow in her nest, Hero’s heart, and Wolf in the home.

Under the tree

Kalavala Knights charm (brighter and longer-lasting hand flares)


Inside the Northwest Rental Cabin

On the floor

Place Hero on the necklace/ring, Crow on the open eye, and Monster on the hatching bird.

Cabin opposite

Coffee Mug charm (save from death once)


Witchfinder’s Cabin (Final Rhyme)

Throughout the house

Place Father on the Eye, Hero on the Sun, Mother on the Heart, Child on the Hatching Bird, and Trickster on Waves symbols.

Completion of all rhymes unlocks a special ending.

It is worth noting that the Final Rhyme should only be attempted after you’ve completed all other rhymes in Alan Wake 2.

All Brightfalls Nursery Rhymes

alan wake 2 all brightfall rhymes location
Alan Wake 2 brightfall rhymes location [captured by me]

Serial No.

Rhyme Location

Dolls Location


Reward Location

Reward Description


Bunker Woods

House and Tree

Place Mother Doll on House and Child Doll on Tree symbols to complete the rhyme. 

Follow the trail for the Anchor charm. Charm will be in the fork in the road

Anchor charm (stagger enemies)


Bright Falls Ranger Cabin

Home and Candy

Place Child Doll on Home and Monster Doll on Candy symbols to solve the rhyme. 

Upstairs in the cabin. Follow the footprints for a Coffee Mug Charm.

Coffee Mug charm (save from death once)



Waves, Necklace/Ring, Boat

Place the Monster Doll on Waves, the Child Doll on the Necklace/Ring, and the Mother Doll on Boat symbols to complete the rhyme.

East from the rhyme location

Valhalla Nursing Home charm (unknown effect)


Billie’s Boat Yard

Sea and Boat

Place Mother Doll on Sea and Monster Doll on Boat symbols to solve the rhyme. 

Next to the white boat. Face multiple Taken enemies for a reward.

Unknown reward (possibly ammo or resources)

All Watery Nursery Rhymes

Alan Wake 2 all rhymes – Watery locations [photo by me]

Serial No.

Rhyme Location

Dolls Location


Reward Location

Reward Description


Shooting Range

Right of the rhyme

Place Moose Doll on the Tree symbol to represent the “Gentle Beast with a beautiful crown.” 

Path to the Moose Statue

Coffee Mug Charm (stagger enemies)


Radio Tower

Left at the tower, by tables

Place Deer Doll on the house symbol to signify that “one little Deer never came home”. 

Near the dead deer

Deer Charm (harder to stagger)


Watery Lighthouse

Steps inside the lighthouse, find new dolls

Place Wise Elder Doll on the eye symbol and Trickster Doll on the waves symbol. 

Near the wrecked boat

Lighthouse Charm (unknown effect)


Latte Lagoon

Northeast corner of Coffee World at the end of a dock

Place Trickster Doll on the necklace/ring symbol, Moose Doll on the waves symbol, and Deer Doll on the boat symbol. 

Paddle boat near the rhyme

Mr. Drippy Charm (unknown effect)


Ranger Cabin

Behind the cabin, found after receding water

Place the Maiden Doll on the tree symbol and the Bear Doll on the heart symbol. 

On the bed inside the cabin

FBC Charm (increased damage to unaware enemies)


Trailer Park

Southernmost point of the Lighthouse Trailer Park

Place the Wise Elder Doll on the waves symbol, and the Bear Doll on the candy symbol. 

Near a paddle boat on the pier

Coffee World Token Charm (unknown effect)


Watery FBC Cabin

Bedroom inside the FBC cabin

Place the Maiden Doll on the house symbol and the Trickster Doll on the necklace/ring symbol.

Inside the mailbox outside the cabin

Coffee Mug Charm (save from death once)


Locked Trailer

Final trailer in the trailer park

Place Wise Elder Doll on the eye symbol and Deer Doll on the heart symbol. Encounter a cultist and wolves. 

Inside the locked trailer

Deerfest Charm (unknown effect)

My Tips For Alan Wake 2 Rhymes

The Alan Wake 2 rhymes are one of the easiest to complete once you know their locations and their solutions. They mainly require you just to collect dolls, which are usually within the area. After that, you only need to know where to place each doll. After that, you will unlock a charm as a reward that is in the vicinity. Once I knew all of these things, I was able to get past most of the rhymes with ease.

With that, you know all about the Alan Wake 2 Rhymes. They’re one of the major collectibles, and they provide you with charms that can give you useful buffs. If you want better buffs, check out the best upgrades. And if you’re looking for more powerful weapons, learn about the Crossbow and the general store shotgun code in Alan Wake 2 to acquire better weapons.

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