Alan Wake 2: Watery Lighthouse Rhyme Solution [Solved]

Learn about the solution of the Lighthouse Nursery Rhyme and the location of Lighthouse Charm.

Nursery Rhymes are riddles you come across in Alan Wake 2. To solve these Rhymes, you must place specific dolls on some drawings to unlock unique in-game rewards. The Lighthouse Nursery Rhyme is located near the Watery Lighthouse overlooking the Stormy Sea.

Key Takeaways
  • In Alan Wake 2, to solve the Lighthouse Rhyme, you must head to The Watery Lighthouse.
  • Here, you will find a Rhyme riddle, some drawings, and three dolls.
  • The reward for solving the Lighthouse Rhyme is The Lighthouse Charm.
  • The Lighthouse Charm increases the maximum health regained in the Safe houses of Alan Wake 2.

Alongside reading my guide, don’t forget to watch eXputer’s video on solving the Lighthouse Nursery Rhyme in Alan Wake 2:

What Is Watery Lighthouse Rhyme

The Lighthouse Nursery Rhyme is a riddle you will find on an edge near the Watery Lighthouse. To solve this puzzle, you must place two dolls, located at the entrance of the Lighthouse, on specific drawings around the riddle based on the hints given to you. 

Watery Lighthouse Location

Watery Lighthouse Location [Image By Me]
The Watery Lighthouse is located at the southeastern edge of the Watery Map.

  1. To reach the Watery Lighthouse, head west of the Watery Town.
  2. After crossing the bridge, you will find a small road on your left with a Lighthouse board.
  3. Heading up this road will take you to the Watery Lighthouse.
The Lighthouse Board [Image By Me]
There will be three Taken waiting for you at the Base of the Lighthouse. You must defeat them to reach the Alan Wake 2 Lighthouse Rhyme.

alan wake 2 lighthouse rhyme
The Taken [Image by Me]

The Lighthouse Nursery Rhyme

alan wake 2 lighthouse rhyme
The Lighthouse Rhyme [Image By Me]
Once you have defeated the Taken, go around the Lighthouse to the edge overlooking the Stormy Sea. You will see a riddle surrounded by drawings of Ocean Waves, a Bird, a Heart, a Boat, and an Eye.

Finding the Dolls

All Three Dolls [Screenshot By Me]
After looking at the Rhyme, head toward the entrance of the Lighthouse, and you will find three dolls.

  • Mother Doll
  • Trickster Doll
  • Wise Elder Doll

Rhyme Solution

alan wake 2 lighthouse rhyme
The Lighthouse Rhyme Solution [Image By Me]
Collect these dolls and head over to the rhyme location. To solve this Rhyme, players must place specific dolls on specific drawings

  1. Put the Trickster Doll on the Ocean Waves drawing
  2. Put the Wise Elder Doll on the Eye drawing.

Solving this Rhyme will spawn a Taken Fisherman near the Lighthouse. You can easily defeat him using a few flash charges and a crossbow.

Lighthouse Nursery Rhyme Reward

Lighthouse Charm Location [Capture By Me]
The reward for solving this Rhyme and defeating the Taken Fisherman is a Charm waiting for you on the edge of Watery. Once you have solved the Rhyme, you will see ghostly footsteps guiding you somewhere.

  1. Follow these footsteps and start heading back towards the town.
  2. While following the road, turn right and head to this isolated water edge.

Here, you will come across a few half-submerged rocks on the edge of Watery and The Lighthouse Charm resting on one of these rocks.

The Lighthouse Charm [Image By Me]
Collecting the Lighthouse Charm will increase the maximum health restored in safe houses. 

That’s about it regarding the Alan Wake 2 Lighthouse Rhyme. While at it, you might want to look at the Best difficulty settings by Atik Younus for the best first-time experience. Additionally, consider going through the Voice Actors that feature in Alan Wake 2 to know about the cast that stars in this game.


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