Alan Wake 2: How To Find The Streamside Stash Key & Container

Discover the location of the Streamside Stash and its key in Alan Wake 2 in order to get powerful rewards and resources.

The Alan Wake 2 Streamside Stash is a Cult Stash that is found in Cauldron Lake and requires a key to be accessed. The key is within the area and must be found by following a series of arrows that light up when you use your flashlight on them. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Streamside Stash is accessible after the Return 2: The Heart chapter in Alan Wake 2.
  • It is located in Cauldron Lake, beyond the Witch’s Hut and near a cultist campsite.
  • Look for a yellow arrow on a tree to find the stash.
  • Use your flashlight to reveal yellow arrows guiding you to the stash key.
  • The key is located south of the stash, on a rock.
  • Rewards include Hand Flare, Shotgun Ammo, and a Trauma Pad

For some hands-on experience, you can check out eXputer’s 47-second video on unlocking the Streamside Stash in the game:

YouTube video

Streamside Stash In Alan Wake 2

There are many cult stashes in Alan Wake 2. They all tend to offer different rewards, such as inventory upgrades, ammo, and other resources. The Streamside Stash is one of those stashes that become fully available after the Return 2: The Heart chapter.

Streamside Stash Location

alan wake 2 streamside stash location
Streamside Stash Location [image by me]
The Streamside Stash can be found in Cauldron Lake after Return 2: The Heart. It is found just beyond the Witch’s Hut and is near a campsite set up by the cultists. 

alan wake 2 streamside stash location
Streamside Stash crate [photo by me]
There are many crates lying around in the area. To know if you’re at the right one, look for a yellow arrow on a tree. You should find the stash below it, as shown in the image above.

Finding The Streamside Stash Key

Following the arrows [screenshot by me]
To open up the Streamside Stash, you will require a tree. The only hint that you’re given is a light bulb drawn on a piece of paper, pasted on top of the crate. The bulb is hinting towards the usage of the flashlight in order to reveal a bunch of yellow arrows, as shown in the image above.

alan wake 2 streamside stash location
Keep following the arrows [image by me]
The first arrow will guide you towards the right side, where you’ll spot another arrow on a tree. Following its direction, you’ll find yourself at a painted rock, behind which there will also be a painted tree, as shown in the image above. 

Rock with the Streamside Stash Key [image by me]
If you keep following the direction of the arrows, you’ll eventually come across a rock with a downward-pointing arrow. Get closer to it to find the key on top of another rock. 

alan wake 2 streamside stash location
The exact Map for the key Location [captured by me]
If you’re having a hard time following the different arrows, you can directly go towards the key as well. If you have a look at the marked location (in red) on the map above, it is directly south of the Streamside Stash. Walk directly towards the location to pick up the key. Then, head back to claim your reward.


Rewards for the Streamside Stash [taken by me]
Once you open up the Streamside Stash using the key, you will see a note saying, “THE CULT IS WATCHING RIGHT NOW.” You will also be able to pick up:

  • Hand Flare
  • Shotgun Ammo
  • Trauma Pad

Once you collect the rewards, beware that two enemies might spawn behind you on the path toward the Witch’s Hut. The Witch’s Hut is a Break Room; if you want to learn more about them, read my guide on how to manual save in Alan Wake 2.

My Experience 

In my playthrough, I returned to this area later down the line after reaching Return 3. The arrows were harder to spot because it was daytime, so they were less reflective. But it hardly took a few seconds to spot the key and get the stash. 

With that, you know all about the Streamside Stash and how you can unlock it using the key found within the same area. The rewards are quite nice, especially the Shotgun ammo. If you still haven’t acquired the shotgun yet, check out the general store shotgun code in Alan Wake 2.

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