Before Miyazaki Retires, We Need To Get A Sekiro Sequel

FromSoftware's GOTY-winning title is in dire need of a sequel.

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  • With more developers taking over directorial roles at FromSoft, Miyazaki might end up retiring.
  • Before he does, I think we need to see him make a sequel to Sekiro.
  • Despite winning Game of the Year, it didn’t even receive a DLC.

FromSoftware is a studio that rarely misses. So it’s no surprise that gamers absolutely adore its 2019 action title, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Its amazing combat, breathtaking scenery, and challenging difficulty allowed the game to win Game of the Year. But despite the widespread acclaim it gets, FromSoftware never really gave the title a second thought, leaving it in the dust.

As a part of a recent series of interviews Miyazaki conducted to promote Shadow of the Erdtree, he revealed that even if he were to step down from a directorial role at the studio, there are other executives who have now been trained for the task. But, I’d still love to see him put on his director gloves one more time, and give fans a proper sequel to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Here’s why.

The Sequel Could Serve As Miyazaki’s Swan Song

I think the hype around Miyazaki’s final game as a director on FromSoftware will be quite huge. Many fans of the studio would love to see just what he has in store for them in his final outing. While it’s all but confirmed the studio has some interesting things in the works after Elden Ring, there’s no confirmation if Miyazaki himself is working as a director on any of those projects.

Miyazaki is the mind behind Dark Souls 1, Sekiro and Dark Souls 3.
Miyazaki is the mind behind Dark Souls 1, Sekiro, and Dark Souls 3.

Armored Core 6, for example, was directed by Masaru Yamamura. So if Miyazaki were to retire, Sekiro 2 could end up being the perfect way for him to deliver to us one final piece of sheer brilliance before he hangs up his gloves. Fans already adore the first title, and I’m sure with his creative genius, a sequel could add in all those elements fans love and a lot more.

It’d be a truly amazing way for Miyazaki to round off his legacy, and truly establish himself as one of the greatest directors we’ve seen in gaming. Plus, it’d give long-term fans of the Sekiro franchise the treat they’ve been waiting for, ever since they completed their first playthrough of the grueling title, all the way back in 2019. To me, it sounds like a win-win situation.

There Is Potential In The Narrative For A Continuation

We’ve seen from the Dark Souls series that FromSoftware doesn’t always rely on the exact narrative of its previous titles when making a sequel. So it’s possible that a sequel for Sekiro could have players playing as a whole new Wolf in a completely different time and era. But even if we were to stick with the characters from the first game, there’s still a lot of potential in the narrative.

Some of the endings players can unlock in Sekiro.
Some of the endings players can unlock in Sekiro.

This is especially true for players who have completed the game’s “true ending,” which is the Return or Dragon’s Homecoming. In this ending, the Wolf and Kuro go on another journey, with the Divine Child assisting the Wolf in returning the Divine Dragon to where it came from. The idea of this journey sounds interesting by itself, and I’m sure FromSoftware has probably thought long and hard about the kinds of threats that might await the two.

There is also a lot more worldbuilding that can be done for Sekiro, with questions like who the previous Divine Heir was, as well as the past of the Ashina family being delved into a lot of detail. So even if FromSoftware was to use the existing backdrop of the series for a sequel, I think they have enough leeway to carve out a new game from it.

The Gameplay Possibilities Are Also Endless

Story aside, I think it’d be fun to bring back Sekiro’s intense gameplay, but with new twists and improvements. From Elden Ring, it really feels like to me the studio tried to opt for a more approachable design, which any player could pick up and see decent results in, regardless of their current skill level. Sekiro is known as one of the hardest FromSoftware games, primarily because it doesn’t offer as many options as the Souls titles or Elden Ring.

What I’d like to see in a sekiro sequel.
byu/timmytissue inSekiro

It’s possible that FromSoftware might alleviate this issue in the sequel. Or, the studio might go in the complete opposite direction, by adding in even more tough encounters and refining the existing combat system even further. Either way, I think fans would love to see what the studio would cook up for its audience. There are lots of Soulslike titles in the market nowadays, with options like Lies of P mimicking the likes of Bloodborne.

But, I still feel nothing really hits the spot quite like Sekiro did. So FromSoft will have to be the studio that comes back and shows everyone how it’s done.

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