The Boys In Blue DLC Might Just Save Payday 3

The gang is back for your loot.

Story Highlights

  • Clover is returning with her signature loadout
  • A brand new heist has you robbing the cops.
  • Free and paid content breathes new life into the co-op crime spree.

Payday 3 had a very rough launch. The core gameplay loop – robbing banks, blasting cops – was there, but something felt…off. The missions were somewhat generic, the difficulty was quite unbalanced, and the whole game just didn’t have that special something that made Payday 2 a sensation. Enter the Boys in Blue DLC, a breath of fresh air that injects some much-needed chaos and fun back into the game.

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Clover’s Back In Action With A New Heist

Let’s be honest, Payday 3 needed a familiar face. Clover, the sassy safecracker from Payday 2, introduces herself as a free DLC character accompanied by her iconic Banshee mask and her signature overpowered military rifle – Queen’s Revenge. Her arrival isn’t just nostalgia, though. Clover’s unique voice lines along with her humor and Irish accent are quite fun and engaging.

Payday 3 Clover
The infamous Irish safecracker, Clover, makes a return in Payday 3 | Source: Steam

The Boys in Blue heist itself is brilliant. For a change, instead of blowing banks, the crew aims to rob a locked-up NYPD evidence locker to take back Vlad’s stolen loot (of course, it’s Vlad’s stuff).

Additionally, this heist provides a nice change of pace. You can charge through, guns-blazing, or you can be more subtle, avoiding alarms, crawling through vents, and picking locks. There is also an optional objective to steal some police files, which makes the mission even more exciting.

Boys in Blue Heist
Rob the corrupt cops this time in the Boys in Blue heist | Source: Dexerto

The Goods From The Update

The Boys in Blue update isn’t just about a single heist. With the free update, lots of cool stuff is provided, such as the Bliss Brer LMG – a weapon that lets you mow down cops. Also, the ability to rename loadouts is a welcome improvement. This might seem small, but trust me, keeping track of my custom builds becomes a nightmare without clear labels.

The paid DLC weapon pack consists of new weapons such as ATK-7 SMG and the Adeling RG5 assault rifle for those who want to have a variety of weapons. Many players will be familiar with these weapons from Payday 2, offering a touch of nostalgia alongside the new firepower. Add in new masks, costumes, and gloves, and you have a pretty solid package for most Payday players. However, if you find yourself low on cash – don’t worry, the free content in the update is more than enough to bring back the Payday vibes.

Weapon Pack
Mow down the whole precinct with new weapons in the latest update for Payday 3 | Source: Starbreeze Entertainment

A Step in the Right Direction

The update isn’t some magical fix-all that solves all the problems standing in Payday 3’s way. The enemy variety and the design of the missions could be better however the game is still quite enjoyable. Occasionally some of the heists in the base game turned into shooting galleries, and the Boys in Blue DLC doesn’t fix this problem altogether.

However, it’s a significant step in the right direction. It brings new characters, provides an inventive robbery with potential replayability, and includes some bonuses, paid and free, for players to enjoy. If you weren’t too excited about Payday 3, give the Boys in Blue update a shot. You might just find yourself having a blast robbing the cops alongside your crew.

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The Future of Payday 3

The DLC proves that Starbreeze Studios has a clear direction. More interesting heists with unique objectives, and a larger variety of enemies to make the challenge diverse and fun – those features would be perfect for Payday 3 to become even more successful.

Thus, the Boys in Blue heist shows that Payday 3 can succeed if it introduces new locations and goals. Provide us with heists that force us to come up with strategic thinking, tactics based on the environment, and problem-solving creativity on the move.

First look at boys in blue 🔵🔥
byu/ForeverKnifes inpaydaytheheist

Whether Payday 3 can replicate the success of Payday 2 depends on where they go from here. Will they continue down the path of new heists, varied enemy types, and a rewarding progression system? Or will they fall back into repetitive missions and a useless grind? Only time will tell. Maybe with more future expansions, Payday 3 can still become the co-op crime spree we all hope for. So, suit up, mask up, and get ready to rejoin your crew.

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