Competitive Players Are More Valuable To Fortnite Than Casuals

If competitive players don't like an item, Fortnite will nerf it.

Story Highlights

  • Competitive players significantly impact Fortnite’s game balance and mechanics.
  • Epic Games nerfs or removes items to maintain competitive balance, at the expense of casual gameplay.
  • Competitive players are preferred more when it comes down to changes in the meta. 

Developed by Epic Games, Fortnite has been a pop culture sensation since its release. The game has captured millions of players worldwide. Among these players, most competitive ones hold more influence over changes made to the game than those who play casually. This sets in motion the broader strategic priorities of Fortnite’s creators and the community’s unique characteristics.

The Influence Of Competitive Players

Competitive players, taking part in high-stakes and highly competitive games with great fanfare, now really have a massive say in what the future of Fortnite will look like. They often give their opinions on various platforms. Whatever a competitive player says about game balance and mechanics is taken very seriously and, most of the time acted upon. 

All cars have been disabled in comp. Guess it’s time for hog rider meta
byu/Stickysun9 inFortniteCompetitive

For instance, after problems with exploiting that competitive player had been found, Epic Games made several changes in order not to allow these bugs to impact the fairness of competition like in a case with a critical bug that allowed players to become stuck permanently and not get out, which could impact tournament results unfairly, vehicles were disabled for the time being.

Thus, it is seen that significant importance has been assigned to balancing a competitive situation.

Game Changes And Competitive Balance

Competitive players have led to so much change in the gameplay mechanics of Fortnite. Items and features that casuals favor are often nerfed or even eliminated if they mess with the balance of competitive play. For instance, the Nitro Gauntlets were recently nerfed, reducing their structure damage by 50%. 

YouTube video

This trend has it that such adjustments are always released only to ensure no single item or strategy dominates the competitive meta, thus bringing diversity and skillful gameplay. Epic Games goes even further by regularly updating the matchmaking algorithms to balance competitive environments within the game.

Changes in the way Arena matches are made will make the experience better due to pairing players with more exact skill levels. Generally, this means an increased wait time before a match begins, but it is intended to create more balanced and competitive matches.

How This Affects Casual Gamers

While the changes are beneficial to making the game more competitive, they sometimes take the fun out of the game for a casual player. Fun items and mechanics, which are supposed to add that extra layer of whimsicality, are removed or reworked in the process, effectively making the casual experience less enjoyable.

This nerfs or removes many of the supposedly “fun” items from competitive playlists to keep the balance. The decisions are often left to disappoint casual players who may fancy the item for some fun and strategic flexibility.

fortnite tweet competitive players
Fortnite Players Disliking The Nerf (Source: Fortnite Comp Report on Twitter)

This shows a fundamental tension within the Fortnite community: balancing between the various player needs. Competitive players derive their influence from how high-profile their gameplay is and what stakes are attached to it.

Like the popularly known streamers and tournament holders become the center of attraction, resulting in some of the largest audiences, this directly correlates with more engagement and, essentially, more revenue for Epic Games. Hence, developers will lean on them for input to ensure the game has balance and fairness at the highest tiers of gameplay.

YouTube video

Developers’ View

Epic Games realizes that it is impossible to satisfy both competitive and casual players. In their responses, they explain that, in any way, they strive to give players enough context for these game changes so that the players can be helped to make sense of why the changes are made. Such a level of transparency will contribute to greater trust from the community because changing, in most cases, damages a part of the community eventually.

fortnite casual vs competitive players
Debate About The Fortnite Civil War (Source: Scyan on Twitter)

In the same vein, initiatives such as the Competitive Support Discord server, which provided professional and dedicated support to competitive players during tournaments, have also been launched by Epic Games. Such supports speak to the value accorded to the competitive community and further solidifies them in the influential position that they wield within the game ecosystem.

Final Thoughts On This Situation

No doubt, competitive players drive the influence in Fortnite. They allow feedback that most of the critical changes go into keeping a balanced and fair playing field for those very players. The course in taking such actions is determined by ensuring the high-integrity levels of the game, which at times can make the casual players enjoy less while playing it.

Seems like casuals are also not enjoying this new season.
byu/tvxle inFortniteCompetitive

Epic Games continues to walk the tightrope between the needs of consumers and competitive dictates, even further sharpening this balance for them in their version of Fortnite. This dynamic between competitive and casual is not only what feeds into how Fortnite develops but may very well be a critical focal point in the development.

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