With Custom Battles, Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Has Surpassed My Wildest Dreams

The ultimate Dragon Ball game is upon us.

Story Highlights

  • Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero will see the return of “What If” stories; alternate versions of events.
  • In addition, the game gives you an insane level of freedom by letting you design your own content.
  • Player-created scenarios can be shared with the world; you can experience everyone’s creativity.

Being an extreme Dragon Ball enthusiast, I still remember the day I got my hands on Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3. It was one of the first Dragon Ball games for the bright-eyed me of the past, and I vividly recall sitting there in immense shock and awe, watching the Sonic Sways, Rush Counters, Vanishes, and Block Counters.

It was like I was controlling the anime with my hands, the bliss of this feeling was insane. Thus, you can imagine my excitement when my childhood favorite returned, looking like a visual masterpiece. Every trailer Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero received, told me how meager my expectations were compared to its majesty. And now, the crown jewel has outdone itself.

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“What If” Saga Returns In Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero

So what exactly is so legendary that it deserves such high praise? Before I tell you that, I have to tell you about the What If Saga.

Dragon Ball games have a long-standing tradition of incorporating imaginary scenarios, alternate possibilities that could’ve been. These are found in many titles, and of course, Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is no exception. Alongside the comprehensive Story mode that covers everything from Z, GT, the original, and even the movies, there’s one other story chapter, the What If Saga.

What if saga?
byu/TheSeventh7Samurai inSparkingZero

Featuring battles like Devilman joining the fray against Metal Freeza, the impossibly hard Goku vs. Arale, and Eighter making an appearance, these stories were some of the most fun I had. Since this original stuff is not available anywhere else, it carries a unique charm. And now, this What If Saga is making a return in Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero.

The fascinating imaginary stories | Source: eXputer
The fascinating imaginary stories | Source: eXputer

From the trailer, we got little glimpses of what to expect. You seemingly have the option to confront Raditz alone in the beginning, which will have some consequences. The Saiyan Saga Vegeta is in for a beatdown when Goku turns Super Saiyan. Instead of Gohan, we have a Trunks/Vegeta Father-Son team up against Cell. I can’t tell you how exciting this looks.

What kind of What If fights do you want to see in Sparking!ZERO?
byu/AlternativeDense1665 intenkaichi4

“Wait, is that all? BT3 had What If too, it’s nothing special.” Oh, man, you’re not ready for what’s coming next. I know I wasn’t.

You Can Create Your Own Stories And Cutscenes!?

As if the addition of the What If Saga wasn’t enough, Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero said “I’ll do you one better. Go and let your creativity run wild,” and introduced the overwhelming Custom Battle mode.

In addition to the pre-existing scenarios, the game gives you the full freedom to create your own What If scenarios. That’s right, it’s not a joke. You can do anything you want. Bring together characters that can never possibly meet, set up battles and scenarios with those characters, and create a complete What If story of your own creation. Do you want to see Cell get his face kicked in with MUI Goku? You can now.

Trust me, this is just the beginning. The game’s customization potential is so thorough that even lets you create your own cutscenes, complete with character placements and dialogues. Want to make your What If scenario feel as authentic as possible? Set up a full backstory complete with life-like cutscenes and character interactions before the imaginary battle. It makes you feel like the entire Dragon Ball world exists in the palm of your hand.

Things just became even crazier | Source: Bandai Namco (YouTube)
Things just became even crazier | Source: Bandai Namco (YouTube)

All this feels downright unreal, right? I was in the same boat. I mean, pre-existing scenarios aside, creating your own What If stories with even the cutscenes and complete backgrounds, how insane is that? I tried pinching myself, and I can assure you, it’s really happening.

byu/DemiFiendRSA from discussion

Share Your Imagination With The World

I’m sure you’re still processing this mind-boggling info, but let me overwhelm you a little more. In addition to being able to create your comprehensive What If stories and battles, you can make these creations public and let the world know of your boundless imagination.


That’s right. When you get tired of making your stories, you can hop on the network and see what everyone around the world is doing. You can even play this stuff created by your fellows, and possibly take inspiration to further your own creative thinking. 

Let the world know your creativity | Source: Bandai Namco (YouTube)
Let the world know your creativity | Source: Bandai Namco (YouTube)

The real thrill is the ability to play every custom scenario that has been made public. If you’re someone who enjoys an endless supply of content, but putting in the effort to fine-tune everything is not your cup of tea, you can just go ahead and play every scenario fans have poured their heart into. It’s a win-win for everyone.

I for one am extremely excited about this feature. I had started thinking up possibilities the moment I saw this mindblowing news. And I’m sure your creative thinking and attention to detail eclipses mine. I can’t wait to see your creations in action.

Custom Battle Ideas
byu/Klutzy_Tomorrow_7864 inSparkingZero

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Is Transcending Every Standard

I think we’re way past the point of calling Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero the ultimate Dragon Ball game. When this game was first revealed, alongside my immense excitement, a thought occurred that surpassing Budokai Tenkaichi 3 would not be easy.

Do you guys think Sparking Zero go down as the Greatest Dragon Ball and Anime game of all time?
byu/Dreadboi111 inSparkingZero

But now with everything we know so far, it looks like Sparking Zero left BT3 in the dust a long time ago. All the hands-on previews and interesting details are making it all the more definite that Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero packs so much quality that it feels too good to be true. But rest assured, it is indeed true.

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