The Name Bandai Namco is uttered by gamers of all genres today. Bandai Namco Entertainment is a multinational video game publishing company based in the futuristic skylines of Tokyo, Japan. They have created countless prominent franchises such as Tekken, Super Smash Bros, Little Nightmares, the mascot of Bandai Namco, Pacman, and many more.

Bandai Namco’s contributions to single-player role-playing games can’t be denied either. Souls-like titles like Dark Souls and Elden Ring shaped a whole genre around them. You will discover all the ventures related to Bandai Namco and their engaging titles here at eXputer.

  • Founded: 31 March 2006
  • Founder: Masaya Nakamura
  • President & CEO: Satoshi Oshita
  • Famous Products: Pac-Man, Tekken, Gundam, Soulcalibur, Tales, Ace Combat, Taiko no Tatsujin, The Idolmaster and Dark Souls