My Wishes Have Been Heard, Dragon Quest 1 And 2 Remakes Are Finally Here

It's a start. Just waiting for the rest now.

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  • After excessive demand, Dragon Quest 1 and 2 are finally joining 3 in the HD-2D remake category.
  • This was a brilliant move by Square Enix; all that’s left now is to revive the rest of the legendary series.

Not too long ago, after seeing the Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D remake on the Xbox showcase, I expressed my utmost desire to see the other two games of the trilogy receive the same treatment. Now, it seems my petition has finally reached Square Enix.

Making a grand entrance on the Nintendo Direct, Dragon Quest 3 was also secretly followed by the overwhelming announcement that Dragon Quest 1 and 2 will be receiving HD-2D remakes as well. I cannot express just how much this reveal made my day.

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The Dragon Quest Erdrick Trilogy Is Now Complete

As I was seeing the Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D remake trailer during the Nintendo Direct, the same thought crossed my mind once again. “What if it was the complete trilogy?” What I didn’t know back then was how in the next few seconds, I was about to receive a surprise I could never have seen coming.

I could not be more excited | Source: Nintendo (YouTube)
I could not be more excited | Source: Nintendo (YouTube)

As I’ve expressed earlier, Dragon Quest 3 on its own is incomplete. It’s the first game in the series chronologically, yes, but I still prefer the release order for these entries. How could I play them in the order I wanted if only the third entry was returning? It was certainly a dilemma. No longer.

I know I’ve said this multiple times, but I’m a die-hard fan of the Dragon Quest series. One of the pioneer JRPG series, its importance cannot be understated. Especially now, when it’s the living legacy of the late Akira Toriyama. Featuring beloved characters and mechanics that laid the foundation of what’s considered JRPG conventions now, it’s a legendary tale.

Still going strong on my journey to play them all! 1 through 5 are done and we are now onto Dragon Quest VI !
byu/Past-Coat1438 indragonquest

And when this legend received a remake just as legendary, I was beyond myself with excitement. The new Octopath Traveller style was a highly brilliant structure for the classic DQ games. Seeing that I’m getting not one but three such games, I couldn’t have asked for any better.

A Dragon Quest remake done right | Source: Nintendo (YouTube)
A Dragon Quest remake done right | Source: Nintendo (YouTube)

Do Me One More Favor Now, Square Enix

But wait, I can ask for something better. Can you guess what it is? That’s right. The same treatment for the entire Dragon Quest series.

As you know very well, Square Enix has already revived the entire Final Fantasy series in the form of pixel remasters for the earlier entries. These pixel remasters are so brilliantly done that they’re considered the definitive way to play these classics now. My question is, can’t the same be done for Dragon Quest? You know the legendary series deserves as much.

Can Square Enix do the same for Dragon Quest 🙂 I want to play DQ more on PS4/5…
byu/LucciLucilfer indragonquest

This is especially true if you consider how modern gamers have no way of reliving this magnificent journey and a series that withstood the test of time. The Erdrick Trilogy is available now, yes, but what about all the subsequent entries? Games like DQ 8 and 9 are unrivaled gems that need to be experienced by the entire world. 

If an HD-2D remake is not possible for every entry, just pixel remasters like the Final Fantasy series will suffice. All I want is for Dragon Quest to brighten my life once again. Please, make it happen, Square Enix.

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