Here Are Some Features I Hope Death Stranding 2 Has

There’s some stuff that the sequel could both improve upon or fix.

Story Highlights

  • Death Stranding 2 has the potential to be a groundbreaking sequel.
  • There are a few things that Death Stranding 2 could do better than the original.
  • The sequel should also incorporate some more trademark Kojima shenanigans.

Sequels, by nature, carry the responsibility of elevating a story to new heights. Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding 2 has the potential to build upon the innovative foundation laid by its predecessor. I’ve identified a few aspects of the original that could use some changes to make it an even more immersive and captivating experience.

The gaming world eagerly awaits the arrival of Death Stranding 2, hoping for an experience that surpasses its predecessor in every aspect. So, from co-op features to combat mechanics, enemy diversity, and transportation, let’s look at some of the improvements that can make Death Stranding 2 an even greater gaming masterpiece.

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Better Co-Op Features

In the first Death Stranding, the co-op aspect felt somewhat passive, with other players leaving signs and items behind but lacking deeper interactions. Death Stranding 2 could learn a thing or two from games like Elden Ring. The ability to choose companions, receive warnings, and engage in invasions could transform the co-op experience.

Imagine inviting a friend to join your world to take on a horde of wandering BTs or Mules. Maybe you could even team up to take down bosses who are giving you trouble. The point I’m trying to make here is, that having another player be able to join your world as a fellow porter would be a fun addition. It’s something I hope to see in Death Stranding 2. Friends who suffer together, stay together, after all.

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Diverse Enemy Types

The first Death Stranding introduced us to the BTs, Extinction Terrorists, and hostile MULEs. Still, the enemy variety felt somewhat limited. Death Stranding 2 should aim to diversify the threats Sam faces. So far the trailer hints at the introduction of BTs suspended in mid-air and armed robots controlled by the antagonist Higgs, presenting a promising shift in enemy dynamics.

Adding more boss fights to the mix would also be a good change. Boss fights in the original were a rare occasion. Plus, it didn’t help that most played out the same way using the same tactics. Hideo Kojima is a master of unique boss fights, as seen in the Metal Gear franchise, but it’s a shame he didn’t put any of that to use in Death Stranding. 

Death Stranding 2 Should Have More Unique Boss Fights
Death Stranding 2 Should Have More Unique Boss Fights

New Ways To Fight

More enemy types should mean more combat types. Combat in the original often revolved around resource management and assistance from other players. Death Stranding 2 has the opportunity to introduce a more versatile combat system. Maybe it could even include new melee weapons like swords and that sweet guitar-axe Higgs uses. The trailer also showcases an impressive array of firearms in Sam’s personal collection.

We see things ranging from silenced pistols to even a heavy machine gun. This, to me at least, suggests that there will be more non-human enemies that you can destroy without worrying about the world blowing up. We also saw a playable Fragile sneaking through vents and the ability to remove your backpack before fighting in the trailer. Being able to choose between stealth and all-out combat adds depth to the player’s agency.

Sam Stays Strapped In Death Stranding 2
Sam Stays Strapped In Death Stranding 2

Different Modes Of Transport

Death Stranding emphasized the importance of planning journeys, offering various vehicles for traversal. But still, the vehicle choices were limited to just a few variations of bikes, trucks, and a makeshift hoverboard. Despite the variety, it faced the same problems. Tires would get stuck on the rough terrain, and turning was a hassle, among other issues.

Death Stranding 2 should build upon this foundation by introducing new modes of transport. Boats for water crossings and short-range air transport for reaching challenging areas could enhance the exploration aspect. The redesigned cargo truck and electric trike in the trailer hint at potential improvements in vehicle variety and handling.

The Trike's Got A Big Redesign For Death Stranding 2
The Trike’s Got A Big Redesign For Death Stranding 2

A Dynamic Time And Weather System

Death Stranding 2 promises a more dynamic day/night cycle. The trailer teased a nighttime delivery on a well-lit highway, so it looks like night-vision goggles and flashlight battery management are also going to be part of the new experience. The inclusion of storms that can knock your cargo off, extreme heat that drains stamina faster, and harsh winds that require exo-suits to get through, adds complexity to the environment.

The recent trailer also teased Sam facing a flash flood and a rockslide, introducing the element of dynamic, unpredictable hazards to the mix as well. Having to plan out your routes while also taking in the type of weather you’ll experience is a good change in my opinion. It ensures that each delivery is a unique and unpredictable experience, while also keeping you on your toes at each turn.

Sam Running From A Flash Flood In Death Stranding 2
Sam Running From A Flash Flood In Death Stranding 2

How About A Music Player?

Walking across the vast landscapes of America in Death Stranding can be a solitary and quiet experience. While the game features a remarkable soundtrack, with Low Roar’s music adding emotional depth to specific segments, these moments are fleeting, leaving players in silence during the majority of their journey.

To alleviate the sense of loneliness and monotony that can accompany long walks, Death Stranding 2 should consider incorporating a music player as an integral part of the gaming experience. With the advanced technology depicted in Death Stranding, the introduction of an MP3 seems like a natural evolution. It allows players to personalize their journey, creating a kind of trail mix that matches their individual preferences.

You Should Be Able To Listen To Music On The Go
You Should Be Able To Listen To Music On The Go

More Kojima Being Kojima

As I’ve pointed out in several parts of this article, Death Stranding is missing a lot of the usual Kojima trademarks. While change isn’t necessarily a bad thing, some parts of the original game made me wonder why Kojima toned down his style. Maybe it’s because he wanted to have a darker and grittier experience than what he usually puts out?

This is more of a personal talking point, hence why I put it at the end. Still, I’d love to see some trademark Hideo Kojima silliness. I mean, we already got to see Higgs fighting a robot by shooting at it with an electric guitar-axe. It gives me hope that Kojima has gotten more comfortable with putting a bit of his signature goofiness in Death Stranding 2.

Just Kojima Being Kojima
Just Kojima Being Kojima

A Sequel Set For Greatness

Death Stranding 2 has the potential to address and surpass the limitations of its predecessor, presenting players with a more engaging, immersive, and dynamic world. From refined co-op features to diverse enemies, new combat mechanics, expanded transportation options, and a dynamic weather system, the sequel appears poised for greatness.

Hideo Kojima’s vision, coupled with lessons learned from the first installment, sets the stage for a gaming experience that not only continues the story but elevates it to new heights. As we eagerly anticipate the release of the sequel, the expectations are high, fueled by the promise of a title that pushes the boundaries of what a game can achieve.

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