Death Stranding 2 and Sony’s New First-Person Shooter Reportedly Launching In 2024

The yet unnamed shooter is probably in works by Ex-Halo, Destiny and Call of Duty devs at Firewalk Studios

Sony has raised the bar to new heights with their latest console. The advanced tech and better video gaming experience on PlayStation 5 make it a fairly trendy console among gamers right now.

With the exceptional success of God of War Ragnarok on PlayStation 5 this year, Sony doesn’t seem to leave the track ever as to the latest finding Sony has their store ready for 2024. 

The ArtStation profile of the senior artist of PlayStation Studios Visual Arts characters Frank Aliberti revealed some important information. It shows that Sony is planning on releasing Death Stranding 2 and yet an unnamed first-person shooter in 2024.

Major Takeaways

  • ArtStation profile of one of Sony’s employees, reveals that Sony has listed Death Stranding 2 and an upcoming first-person shooter for PlayStation to release in 2024.
  • The yet unnamed FPS is probably being developed by Firewalk Studios, following a multiplayer game deal between Sony and Firewalk back in 2021.
  • Death Stranding 2 has been already showcased at The Game Awards this year.

Have a look at the screenshot from Frank Aliberti’s ArtStation profile below.

Aliberti's ArtStation profile
Aliberti’s ArtStation profile

Upon some digging, it can be safely assumed that the upcoming first-person shooter at PlayStation Studios is a project by Firewalk Studios. Sony signed a new multiplayer game deal with Firewalk Studios back in April of 2021. 

Firewalk Studios was established in 2018 and is led by Tony Hsu (Activision‘s former Destiny boss), Ryan Ellis (former Bungie creative director), and Elena Siegman (formerly of Bungie, Irrational Games, and Harmonix). Firewalk’s developers have worked on franchises like Destiny, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Mass Effect, and Halo.

Back in 2021, Hsu announced on the PlayStation blog that the game was already playable. By that, the 2024 release of the game hints towards a bunch of thrill. According to Hsu:

We’re already hard at work on development and have been having a ton of fun playing our game as a team.”

Hsu also joked about how the game aims at creating a jolly multiplayer experience for gamers.

There’s a moment that happens almost every day in our multiplayer playtests–where someone jolts out of their seat, laughs, and says to no one in particular, ‘Did you just see that happen?’ These amazing and unpredictable moments in gaming are the sparks that occur when playing with others; future memories ready to be replayed and retold.”

In any case, we anticipate an action-packed experience whenever the game reaches the sales desk.

Meanwhile, Hideo Kojima, the founder of Kojima Productions, made the formal announcement of the company’s upcoming game, Death Stranding 2, on December 8 at The Game Awards 2022. Léa Seydoux, Norman Reedus, and Troy Baker will return for the sequel, and Elle Fanning and Shioli Kutsuna will join the cast of actors.

Kojima also revealed that the story of Death Stranding 2 is written under the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic. When asked how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the story of the sequel, Kojima said,

I had the story written before the pandemic, but after experiencing the pandemic, I rewrote the whole thing from scratch. I also didn’t want to predict any more future, so I rewrote it.”

There’s more we know about the upcoming Death Stranding 2. The game is being created employing Unreal Engine 5’s MetaHuman technology. Reading through the credits section of the trailer, it can be seen that the game is powered by Unreal Engine 5’s MetaHuman technology.

Section from Death Stranding 2 trailer
Section from Death Stranding 2 trailer

The original Death Stranding is a 2019 action game developed by Kojima Productions and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4. The game is set in the United States following a cataclysmic event that caused destructive creatures to begin roaming the Earth. 

Have you played Death Stranding? Do you plan on playing the sequel? What are your thoughts about the upcoming FPS by Firewalk? Tell us in the comments below.

Update: Death Stranding 2 has been removed from Aliberti’s ArtStation profile.

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