If Kai Cenat Can Beat Elden Ring, Maybe You’re The Problem

No better time to "git gud."

Story Highlights

  • Kai Cenat recently managed to complete an entire Elden Ring run live on Twitch.
  • The game had caused debates about game accessibility and the need for easy modes for Soulslike titles.
  • Kai’s success proves the need to adopt a more positive and persistent mindset when gaming.

From speed runs of the most challenging levels to defeating tough bosses using your pets, the gaming community thrives on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Enter Kai Cenat, a prominent content creator known for his lively personality and engaging streams, who recently conquered the 2022 GOTY, Elden Ring, live on Twitch. This accomplishment, while celebrated, raises an interesting point: If even Kai Cenat can beat Elden Ring, you might be the problem here.

The Elden Ring Challenge

Elden Ring, developed by FromSoftware, is renowned for its brutal difficulty and intricate gameplay. The game demands precision, patience, and perseverance, often leading players to experience the infamous “git gud” mantra. This dark fantasy RPG, with its expansive world and formidable foes, has been a significant talking point in the gaming community since its release.

Many gamers find Elden Ring’s difficulty to be a barrier to enjoyment. The game’s steep learning curve and unforgiving mechanics have led to countless debates about accessibility and the necessity of “easy modes” in such titles. However, Kai challenges the notion that only seasoned gamers or those with a penchant for punishment can succeed in this game.

Soulsikes Like Elden Ring Do Not Come With An Easy Mode
Soulsikes Like Elden Ring Do Not Come With An Easy Mode | Source: Steam

The Unexpected Hero

Kai Cenat is not your typical hardcore gamer, in fact, he’s not much of a gamer at all. Known for his comedic content and vibrant personality, Cenat’s primary appeal lies in his ability to entertain. His streams are filled with laughter, pranks, and a sense of community that transcends the usual gaming audience. That, plus the celebrity guests he has over every now and then. This makes his success in Elden Ring all the more significant.

Cenat’s journey through the Soulslike was marked by determination and resilience, attributes that resonate with the essence of the game itself. He faced the same frustrations, the same repetitive deaths, and the same learning curve that every player encounters. Yet, his perseverance paid off, proving that with enough effort and dedication, even the most daunting challenges can be overcome.

The Real Problem

Kai’s triumph over Elden Ring shines a spotlight on a critical issue within the gaming community: the player’s mindset. Many gamers approach challenging games with a preconceived notion of difficulty, often leading to frustration and premature abandonment. This mindset, rather than the game itself, can be the biggest obstacle to success. And I’m not just talking about rage-quitting here.

The belief that certain games are inherently too difficult creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. When players expect to fail, they often do. This defeatist attitude undermines the fundamental principle of gaming: improvement through practice. Elden Ring, like every Soulslike, rewards patience and persistence. The satisfaction of overcoming a tough boss or navigating a perilous area is unparalleled, but only if the player is willing to endure the struggle.

Embracing The Challenge

Kai Cenat’s journey through the Lands Between is a testament to the power of persistence. His success should serve as an inspiration to gamers who feel overwhelmed by the game’s difficulty. Instead of viewing the game’s challenges as insurmountable, players should embrace them as opportunities for growth and improvement. Here are just a few tips I can give to help shift your mindset.

Understand that failure is part of the learning process. Each death is a lesson, teaching you more about the game’s mechanics and enemy patterns. Sometimes, a change in strategy is all that’s needed. Experiment with different playstyles, weapons, and tactics to find what works best for you. Lastly, and most importantly, acknowledge your progress. No matter how minor it may seem, each step forward is a testament to your growing skill and understanding of the game. I mean, it’s either that or you let your pet goldfish do it for you.

A Shift In Perspective

Kai beating Elden Ring is more than just a personal achievement; it’s a challenge to every gamer who has ever felt defeated by a difficult game. If he can do it, so can you. The real issue lies not in the game’s difficulty but in the player’s mindset. By adopting a more positive and persistent approach, any player can conquer even the most challenging titles.

In the end, gaming is about enjoyment and personal growth. Elden Ring, with its unforgiving difficulty, offers a unique opportunity for both. So, the next time you feel the urge to quit, remember Kai Cenat’s journey and push forward. The satisfaction of victory is worth every moment of struggle. If Kai Cenat can beat Elden Ring, maybe the problem isn’t the game—maybe it’s time to change how you play.

It’s time to … git gud.

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