With Kingdom Hearts On Steam, It’s Time For A Brain Short-Circuit Once Again

Relive this beautiful but deathly convoluted saga to prepare for Kingdom Hearts 4

Story Highlights

  • The Square Enix-Disney crossover, Kingdom Hearts, finally breaks Epic exclusivity to land on Steam.
  • With a beautifully convoluted plot, a fascinating cast, and engaging gameplay, it’s a true masterpiece.
  • With the 4th entry incoming and the entire series available promptly, it’s the perfect time to dive in.

Do you have confidence in your deduction skills and understanding of complex plotlines? I dare you to try the Kingdom Hearts franchise. You’ll be second-guessing your prowess in no time, just like me.

Square Enix’s bizarre crossover with Disney properties, I still fail to understand what exactly was going on in Nomura’s mind that this unbelievable story came into existence. However, no matter how mindboggling it may be, it’s extremely beloved and close to my heart all the same.

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Kingdom Hearts Is On PC, For Real This Time

Like most of Square Enix’s games, the Kingdom Hearts franchise started as a console exclusive. However, true to the company’s trend of timed exclusivity, the series has made its way to the PC platform. But wait a minute. Why did I say “For real this time?”

The "Masterpiece" lands on Steam | Source: Steam
The “Masterpiece” lands on Steam | Source: Steam

Why it’s because the series was already on PC for quite some time, but unfortunately on (Shudder) Epic Games. In my book, that practically equals non-existence. When you talk about PC, you obviously mean Steam. Epic’s deteriorating condition and failure to address major problems is to blame. If a game is not available on Steam and is Epic-only, people don’t even want to get involved.

Epic Store is the worst platform i have ever seen in my life
byu/cuntymonty infuckepic

This is evident by how Alan Wake 2, a masterpiece, underperformed financially. Plus, Kingdom Hearts has been on PC for quite some time, but its Steam release instantly gathered an insane amount of followers. Epic could never.

Everyone who loves Kingdom Hearts on Pc next month
byu/Fujikawa1988 inKingdomHearts

Proudly known as Kingdom Hearts: Integrum Masterpiece (self-praise to the maximum), it’s a comprehensive collection that includes almost every crazy entry from an even crazier franchise. Including Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 Remix, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, and Kingdom Hearts 3 + Re Mind, the collection can be bought at a discount right now, or individually as per preference.

A Masterpiece In Screwing With Your Brain

If you held a gun to my head and asked me to describe the Kingdom Hearts story in perfect chronology, I certainly wouldn’t be able to pull it off even to save my life. I’ve followed this series for a long time, and I needed a lot of explanations and theory crafting just to keep up with each entry. However, my honest reaction after completing it all was “It’s a masterpiece! (I don’t know what’s going on).”

What was meant to be a cute and enjoyable crossover between Final Fantasy and beloved Disney mascots turned out to be so hardcore that it blew me away. I mean, Sora’s understandable, but who knew Donald Duck and Goofy had so many intense emotions in them?

[KH1] When someone says that Kingdom Hearts is a kids game
byu/Mschock115 inKingdomHearts

With characters and plotlines appearing out of nowhere, concepts like “hearts” and the “heartless” (perfectly subtle), dark beings coming together to create one hell of an emotional ride, and a timeline so convoluted you need an encyclopedia to keep up, Kingdom Hearts is so beautifully intricate and messed up that you can’t help but fall in love.

That’s all I’m saying about the story, I want you to suffer as much as I did to piece together the rest (in an extremely enjoyable way, of course). Let’s move on to the gameplay. Not only does the series feature beloved characters from an extremely wide set of IPs, but the ability to have them fight alongside you is just sublime.

Kingdom Hearts gameplay is equally majestic | Source: Steam
Kingdom Hearts gameplay is equally majestic | Source: Steam

Featuring third-person action gameplay with a little twist, the Kingdom Hearts series is full of creative-level design, iconic locations, and a combat system that incorporates significant depth and strategic modification despite looking pretty straightforward. Don’t take the funny-looking Keyblade lightly (you’ll soon know why). Influencing AI companions and mixing in magic attacks and summons makes up for an entertaining gameplay loop.

Oh, and I’m going to stop you right there before you ask me about the play order. It took me countless hours to make head or tail of it, and I’m still not confident in my abilities. Enjoy a convoluted yet unfathomably majestic ride.

Kingdom Hearts Play Order
byu/not_a_duccc inKingdomHearts

Prepare Yourself For Kingdom Hearts 4

Before you get into the series, let me tell you a little about why it’s the perfect time to do so. 

Kingdom Hearts 3 is the series’ latest entry and a most beautiful adventure. Ever since the wait began back in 2005, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the series would go on for 14 years receiving an absurd amount of entries convoluting the hell out of the timeline before Kingdom Hearts 3. It’s not a bad thing, but the wait for it was excruciating until it was finally released in 2019.

The wait was well worth it | Source: u/WicaAcnologia (Reddit)
The wait was well worth it | Source: u/WicaAcnologia (Reddit)

But you don’t have to suffer so much. Not only are you getting everything the series has to offer, but even Kingdom Hearts 4 is now announced, and I’m pretty sure between its release and you catching up to this messed-up plot, the former will happen first.

DanielRPK: Kingdom Hearts 4 releasing in 2025
byu/xsigil93 inGamingLeaksAndRumours

Thus, this is your perfect opportunity. The 4th entry is incoming, and the series is finally available in its entirety on Steam. Time to get blown away by this beautiful masterpiece.

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