While Steam Gets Better Game Sharing, Epic Remains Stagnant With A Broken Launcher

Steam Families — Another reason why Steam's unbeatable.

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  • Steam has presented a new and improved game-sharing feature called Steam Families. 
  • Stuff like convenient features, killer deals, and ideal digital ownership is why Steam is the king.
  • Other services on PC like Epic Games lack even the most basic features like a good launcher.

The arrival of the Internet has made a lot of things a lot more convenient for us, including gaming. You had to get in line and go through crowds to get the game you wanted in the past. Now, you can just download it on your device whenever you wish. While I’m still a pro-physical games person, there’s no denying that the digitization of media has made our lives a lot easier.

Speaking of digital games, there is one service that far surpasses any other. That is none other than Steam, the big boss on PC. In fact, the PC vs console debate dips in the favor of PC for many people precisely because of Steam and its unrivaled service. And it continues to get better, with the new Steam Families a good example of its undefeated streak.

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Steam Families — Game Sharing Has Never Been Better

In the current economic conditions, there’s nothing more valuable than video game sharing. The ability to divide games among family members and thus distribute the finances is a lot more feasible than buying individual copies. And Steam knows this all too well, which is why it had an elaborate game-sharing system to facilitate its consumers.

Now, that system has received a major overhaul, one that fixes a lot of problems and brings applaudable additions. First of all, Steam’s Family Sharing and Family View mechanics are now combined into one package called Steam Families, removing any management hassle.

Steam Families has made game sharing a lot more convenient
Steam Families has made game sharing a lot more convenient

The most important and probably one of the best things Steam has done for its consumers is the new feature that now allows multiple people to play games simultaneously. Although two people still can’t play the same game, but you won’t be kicked out of a session if a second family member boots a different game from your library. This fixes the issue of only one person being able to access a library at a particular time.

Steam Families creates a joint library, which up to 5 family members can access at any time. Two people can play two different games simultaneously, but to play the same game, multiple copies need to be present in this joint library. Plus, every account in a family will have its own saves and progress.

Above all, it has made parental control a lot more comfortable, and seamless with the sharing feature. You can manage purchases, screen time, and content restrictions of your kids without having to switch the service every time.

Parental controls have never been more hassle-free
Parental controls have never been more hassle-free

Steam Cares For Its Consumers

At this point, Steam has practically become synonymous with the PC platform. Although PC is like a free-for-all in a sense, with multiple stores presenting games, nothing can beat Steam on PC. Of course, it’s not just for show, either. Steam takes many steps to ensure a healthy relationship with its consumers.

The game sharing is a superb feature, true, but that’s not everything Steam has to offer. A list of Steam’s best features would go incomplete without mentioning the insane sales it conducts periodically. Steam’s major sales are practically a steal, especially if you’re a fan of indie games. At the price of a full AAA game, you can get like 30 different indies and classics, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Me every steam sale knowing full well I won’t play any of the games!
byu/Valar27 inSteam

Next up is the insane library of games available, and much better rules regarding digital game ownership. Steam features more PC games than you even think exist, all yours to keep and play even if taken off the store due to any circumstances. Digital ownership is generally a fleeting concept, but Steam is slightly better in this case as compared to other stores, like even Sony for example.

In addition to the vast library, you get superb controller support even on classics that weren’t even designed to support controllers. This is especially valuable if you’re a Dualshock user. Xbox controllers can be plugged and played even in pretty old games, but Dualshock requires a ton of extra steps. Steam, however, adds automatic support for PlayStation controllers hassle-free.

I have always preferred to play my PC games with a controller. It is so awesome that Steam not only supports all of these, but allow for for so much in-depth customization. Thanks to everyone at Valve that works to bring us such great features!
byu/fierce_deity_mask inSteam

Couple that with a smooth-running launcher, easy library management, and Steam marketplace features, and you get a service unrivaled by anything else available on your PC.

Where’s The Game Sharing, Epic Games?

All of these features are some of the reasons why Steam has stayed unbeatable on PC, and it most likely will in the future, too. The gap is just too much to bridge at this point. Especially when other services lack even the basic features. I’m looking at you Epic Games, and any other service on PC for that matter. Why has no one implemented game-sharing yet?

Being the second most recognizable store on PC, try putting Epic into perspective for a moment. It has a lot of flaws that people have continued to point out for a long time now, yet they go unfixed. The game sharing is a very obvious one. EA, Ubisoft, Epic, no one has provided the now necessary service of sharing games. In current times, it’s honestly a deal breaker.

epic games support about account ownership is trash right now. ive given all information they asked for, receipts from 3 mails but still. there is something that is strange. im very mad right now.
byu/nyffan infuckepic

Moving on, the Epic launcher is an absolute cancer. It’s more frustrating and stress-inducing to use than playing the game itself. If even Epic can’t hold a candle to Steam, other stuff doesn’t even stand a chance. Especially if they don’t even try to bring in features people are practically screaming for.

Forget new features, Epic can't even fix this buggy launcher
Forget new features, Epic can’t even fix this buggy launcher

It’s No Wonder People Only Care About Steam

After all that, there’s no surprise that Steam is the way to go for almost every PC gamer. With insane deals, game sharing, customizability, controller accessibility, and the transparent approach to digital libraries, Steam’s recognition and popularity are all deserved. People only care about Steam, because it cares about them.

Steam compared to other services .
byu/Old_Knight_ ingaming

I think you know full well just how PC Game Pass has made gaming easier for a lot of users, and it’s a lot cheaper than what you’re getting out of it. However, despite this crazy value, Steam remains unmatched on PC, simply because owning a game is a lot more warranted and future-proof than anything else.

Steam sales for a popular game are off the charts despite it being on Game Pass. Goes to show just how much it has pleased its consumers.

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