Unpacking The Last of Us 2’s Flaws, How They Defined Perfection After 4 Years

Controversial story elements divided opinions on the title's release, but their impact isn't uniformly negative.

Story Highlights.

  • Was The Last of Us 2’s story bad for diehard fans, or was it misunderstood?
  • The Last of Us 2 is as much of a spiritual journey as a survival action.
  • The game breaks the boundaries of a stereotypical revenge game, indigestible to some fans and critics.

The Last of Us series is my favorite video game series, apart from the Zelda series. I played the first part on PlayStation 3, the remastered version on PlayStation 4, and so on, covering all titles in all their forms.

The Last of Us Part 2 is an outstandingly successful game providing players with fantastic stealth sections and hardcore action-based clashes. The title peaked at its gameplay, even for new players not invested in the series. On the other hand, the story was well received by some and unfavorable by others. Let’s talk about it.

Joel’s Death Creating Bias Against Abby

Abby seeing a corpse of a wounded and gutted infected
The Game’s Fidelity Does Not Hold Back On Its Gore Elements | Image Capture By eXputer

When the game was first released, fans raged like a storm on the internet. The reason was Joel Miller’s death. Of course, people would get frustrated over the fact that the protagonist of the first game was killed by a character introduced in the first sixty minutes of the game.

YouTube video

However, the sentiments relinquished Abby’s upcoming journey and development and directed hatred toward the character without understanding the logic and rationale behind it.

Understanding Abby And Her Journey To Redemption

Abby looking at the stadium
Abby Looking At The Post Apocalyptic Stadium | Image Capture By eXputer

Imagine yourselves in the footsteps of Abby for once. You are 14 and looking forward to meeting your father after he is done with work, only to find him dead, killed in cold blood. You would be in a fit of fury and shock as to who did it and why he did it. The reasons for her killing Joel can be justified if you see them through her lens.

The Last of Us Part II is a misunderstood masterpiece
byu/DemonicDylan inthelastofus

Another quote on quote “flaw” some fans pointed out was why we play as Abby, and only Ellie should be playable. In hindsight, they are blind to the journey and development of her character that she goes through over three days. I learned about others’ perspectives, formed bonds with people, and experienced feelings of loss, grief, and a trip to redemption.

The Game Is A Spiritual Expedition, Running Perpendicularly

Ellie and Dina on their way to Seattle
Ellie and Dina Exploring The Depths Of Seattle | Image Capture By eXputer

In The Last of Us 2, we spend three days with our characters, Ellie and Abby. Playing as Ellie, she first hunts down Abby. Emboldened by the flame of revenge, she kills anyone standing in her way cold-heartedly, whether it be a human or any variation of the Infected. Along Ellie’s path, Abby goes through her adventure, filled with chaotic events and significant twists.

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The two characters progress these three days and see how they mold and develop. Their growth is evident from their initial introductions, where their personalities and motivations are established, to the pivotal moments that challenge their beliefs and values.

Breaking The Revenge Cycle

Ellie on the beach before her last confrontation with Abby
Ellie On The Beach Before Her Last Confrontation with Abby | Image Capture By eXputer

One of the most criticized parts of The Last of Us 2 was when Ellie returned to take vengeance on Abby, with a final duel between them on the seashore; it felt anticlimactic as the fans claimed that Abby should have been killed. If this is your stance after ending the game, perhaps you missed the point that Neil Druckmann was trying to make.

Abby is a great character and the story is brilliantly crafted. Change my mind.
byu/parandroid_ inlastofuspart2

The Last of Us 2 is about breaking the cycle and chains of revenge, giving a chance to choose a better path, and giving hope to people who strive for harmony.

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