Why Kratos’ Leviathan Axe Is A Game-Changer And A Step Above The Blades Of Chaos

Kratos' fate was chained by the Gods of Olympus, the only difference now is that he binds his own fate, both in weaponry and his own story.

In any action game, the combat and interactions are almost always swayed by the weaponry we receive. In Red Dead Redemption 2, there is slow, but precise combat; in Call Of Duty, it is fast and dynamic; but in God Of War, it is chaotic yet strategic due to the different weaponry styles, namely due to the Leviathan Axe and The Blades Of Chaos—godly weapons wielded by Kratos.

Both weapons allow unique interpretations of combat. The Leviathan Axe is a damaging beast that focuses on taking on single enemies or enemies of a larger scale. It can also be thrown and recalled, which may be one of the most satisfying mechanics in any game.

The Blades Of Chaos are much different but of the exact nature. This weapon is a crowd controller and can keep multiple enemies at bay. Although it is not advisable against solo enemies, it has quicker moves and a burn effect that can do devastating damage.

But these are all combat-based, and looking strictly at combat, I always enjoyed the Blades Of Chaos more. But when it comes to a more lore and story basis, I believe that at the current part of the story and where the story of God Of War Ragnorok will lead, the Leviathan Axe holds more significance.

In the original trilogy, the Blades Of Chaos were weapons bestowed by the God Ares after Kratos pledged his life to him. This weapon would end up slicing countless demons, legendary beasts, and the gods themselves.

The significance this weapon has had on the story was phenomenal, creating a perfect harmony between the rage Kratos had and the literal chains that had been cast upon him.

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If you asked me what weapon truly explains what Kratos symbolizes, it would be the Blades Of Chaos, but now that Olympus is in ashes, and the old gods vanquished, now is the story for fate, not exactly a story for freedom.

This is where the 2018 God Of War comes in. Now Kratos isn’t a slave of his old past, rather he faces the repercussion of it. The Norse Gods know of his deeds and actively hunt him, only this time Kratos makes his own decisions and he now has something to care for, that thing being his beloved son, Atreus.

This is what the Leviathan Axe symbolizes, freedom from his past chains, and also why the weapon is more significant to him. Yes, the Chaos Blades had their time to shine, but the past is not to dwell on, and their story is but an ill-remembered past, now is the time Kratos fights, for a new, more favorable fate.

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After countless fights, reconnecting with his past, and revealing every secret he withheld, Kratos becomes conscious of his past regrets and future responsibilities, therefore erasing the burden of the blades.

Now the Leviathan Axe was given to Kratos by Faye, and therefore already has some weight residing by it. Kratos has also used this weapon for many years, although the exact amount of time is hard to pinpoint.

From gameplay trailers, it seems the Leviathan Axe will once again be given the initial starlight, while the Chaos Blades will follow suit in combat and the newly introduced verticality in the game.

Looking at the sheer amount of hype the sequel has, I hope to see Atreus wield the Leviathan Axe at one point. This will truly bind Kratos’ family as they all wielded the same weapon, just under different conditions.

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