GOW Ragnarok Chaos Blades: Best Upgrades [Expert’s Take]

Learn about the best attachments, skills, and runic attacks for your Blades Of Chaos in God of War Ragnarok with my expert picks.

God of War Ragnarok brings back both the Blades Of Chaos and the Leviathan Axe as Kratos‘ main weapons in the game. However, the main topic of my guide is to discuss the best upgrades for Blades Of Chaos in God Of War Ragnarok. That includes all of the best attachments, skills, and runic attacks for these blades in the game.

Key Takeaways

To customize and upgrade the Chaos Blades, use attachments, runic attacks, and skills. There are a total of 12 attachments, 10 runic attacks and 26 skills in GOW Ragnarok. Here are some top skills:

Chaos Blades Skills:

  1. Rising Chaos
  2. Vaporize Frost
  3. Plume Of Chaos
  4. Immolation
  5. Hyperion Grapple I
  6. Flame Whiplash II
  7. Chaotic Rampage I
  8. Blazing Explosion I

Attachments for Chaos Blades:

  1. Pommels Of Burning Unity – Obtained from Vanaheim’s wishing well.
  2. Hardened War Handles – Inside a legendary chest in Alfheim.
  3. Radiant Warden Handles – Crafted at Huldra Brother’s shop.

Light Runic Attacks:

  1. Cyclone Of Chaos – From Raider’s Stronghold in Midgard.
  2. Hades Retribution – Found in a legendary chest in the Temple Of Light.

Heavy Runic Attacks:

  1. Meteoric Slam – In a legendary chest at the Raven Tree.
  2. Atlas Eruption – From a legendary chest at the Forge in Svartalfheim.

Upgrade Chaos Blades with Chaos Flames by visiting Brok or Sindri.

The Best Blades Of Chaos Gear In GOW Ragnarok

The Blades of Chaos can be customized with attachments that include handles or pommels. Then there are the light and heavy runic attacks that damage enemies. And finally, I have the skills for this weapon. Here are the best skills, handles, and runic attacks for the Blades Of Chaos in the game.

All information on the Blades of Chaos Gear: 

Skill NameEffectsBest For
Rising ChaosAdds a charged R2 move that launches enemies into the air, leaving them vulnerable for follow-up attacks.The Best Blades Skill For Juggling Enemies
Vaporize FrostAllows freezing enemies with the Leviathan Axe and then dealing massive damage with the Blades of Chaos.The Best Blades Skill On Frozen Foes
Plume Of ChaosAdds a powerful finisher to the light attack combo, dealing significant damage to enemies and bosses.The Best Blades Skill For AoE Burn Dmg
ImmolationIncreases the Blades' damage and burn status effects when chaining attacks without getting hit.The Best Blades Skill For Consecutive Attacking
Hyperion Grapple IEnables impaling an enemy and launching toward them, closing the gap between Kratos and the enemy.The Best Blades Skill For Closing Distance
Flame Whiplash IIAllows charging the blades between combos by pressing the triangle, enabling more frequent fire attacks.The Best Blades Skill For Burning Foes
Chaotic Rampage IUnleashes a flurry of attacks followed by a heavy attack, easily finishing off basic enemies.The Best Blades Skill For ST Dmg
Blazing Explosion IPierces enemies and causes them to explode, damaging nearby enemies in the explosion.The Best Blades Ranged Skill


There is a plethora of skills that you can acquire for the Blades Of Chaos in God Of War Ragnarok. Skills range from both melee and ranged combat additionally. These skills add variety to your movements and allow you to unlock special combos.

It should be noted that not all the skills will be available to purchase at the start. These skills unlock as you upgrade the Blades Of Chaos using the Chaos Flame in the game. Once you’ve upgraded the Blades Of Chaos to level 6, all of the skills in the skill tree should become available for purchase. Following are the eight best skills that you should acquire for the Blades Of Chaos in the game.

1. Rising Chaos

The Best Skill For Juggling Enemies.
weapon in the game
The Rising Chaos Skill
  • Why I Chose This: Rising Chaos is very helpful in clearing smaller foes because it leaves them susceptible to more dmg.
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I consider it to be a great skill that adds a charged R2 move to your Blades Of Chaos. You can basically launch enemies into the air with a charged R2 attack from the blades. That not only deals damage to the enemies but also leaves them open for more hits as they become vulnerable while being in the air. You can continue to follow up with a deadly combo once the enemy has been launched into the air.

  • Leaves enemies open for more hits.
  • Is an innate ability of Chaos Blades.
  • Can not juggle larger foes thus useless against them.
  • Has considerably lower damage.

2. Vaporize Frost

The Best Skill On Frozen Foes.
god of war ragnarok best blades upgrades
The Vaporize Frost Skill
  • Why I Chose This: Vaporize Frost makes short work of frozen opponents, thus making a great pair with Leviathan Axe.
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The Vaporize Frost skill allows you to use your Leviathan Axe and the Blades Of Chaos in synchronicity. Basically, you can freeze your enemies using the Leviathan Axe. Then you can switch to the Blades Of Chaos to deal massive damage with your normal hits if you’ve got the Vaporize Frost skill. The skill is very useful, especially if you like to switch between Kratos’ main weapons in the game. I mostly used this combo when playing, and it always paid off.

  • Best to use with Leviathan Axe for increased dmg.
  • Very easy and inexpensive to unlock.
  • Needs to first freeze the enemy for maximum dmg output.
  • Blades hits break the frozen enemy very quickly.

3. Plume Of Chaos

The Best Skill For AoE Burn Dmg.
weapon in the game
The Plume Of Chaos Skill
  • Why I Chose This: Plume Of Chaos deals great burn dmg and can also stagger many enemies effectively.
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The Plume Of Chaos basically adds a finisher to your light attack combo of the Blades Of Chaos. You can now unleash a heavy attack at the end of the light attack combo that deals enough damage to finish off the enemy. It not only adds variety to the combo, but you can use it to deal massive damage to both the enemies and the bosses in the game.

  • Has considerable AoE, can make short work of smaller foes.
  • Deals heavy burn dmg and can stagger enemies.
  • Acquired relatively late in the game.
  • Can not be executed if your combo is interupted.

4. Immolation

The Best Skill For Consecutive Attacking.
god of war ragnarok best blades upgrades
The Immolation Skill
  • Why I Chose This: Immolation is very helpful for for those who have mastered dodging and awards players with increased overall dmg.
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Immolation is a really important skill if you’re good and dodging and chaining your attacks in the games. As long as you deal damage without getting hit, the blades will continue to power up. They will not only inflict more damage but will also cause more burn status effects to enemies. Immolation is good for powering up your blades during battles.

  • Increases the burn application of Blades of Chaos.
  • Item discovery is also increased in this state.
  • The effect is removed immediately after taking dmg.
  • Needs multiple hits to activate.

5. Hyperion Grapple I

The Best Skill For Closing Distance.
weapon in the game
The Hyperion Grapple 1 Skill
  • Why I Chose This: The Hyperion Grapple can effectively close distance between your enemies while also stunning your target.
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The Blades Of Chaos don’t have a huge range like the Leviathan Axe. But you can still capitalize on the medium range of this weapon with the help of the Hyperion Grapple I skill. You can impale an enemy with the Blades Of Chaos using the L2 + R1. However, if you hold R1, you will launch toward the enemy and hit them whilst also closing the gap between you and the enemy. 

  • Effectively closes distance and stuns the impaled enemy.
  • Slams down airborne enemies, making them helpless.
  • Leaves you vulnerable to dmg if the enemies are not stunned.
  • Has relatively short range and is single-target.

6. Flame Whiplash II

The Best Skill For Burning Foes.
god of war ragnarok best blades upgrades
The Flame Whiplash Skill II
  • Why I Chose This: Flame Whiplash deals decent dmg to enemies in front of you, burns them, and it doesn’t require charging with Flame Whiplash II Upgarde.
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Flame Whiplash was already a great skill for the Blades of Chaos. You could charge the blades with fire by holding the triangle. The blades would then inflict more burn status effects. However, charging the blades can get difficult during fast-paced fights. Hence, I recommend using the Flame Whiplash II skill. You can basically charge the blades in between combos by just pressing the triangle with that skill.

  • Causes burning on opponents and instantly charges the Blades.
  • Can be used anytime after an attack.
  • Difficult to acquire as is unlocked on Blades level 6.
  • Needs proper timing to execute.

7. Chaotic Rampage I

The Best Skill For ST Dmg.
weapon in the game
The Chaotic Rampage I Skill
  • Why I Chose This: Chaotic Rampage deals exeptional dmg to a single enemy, perfect for dealing with bosses or larger enemies.
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Chaotic Rampage I is basically a big combo for the Blades Of Chaos that only requires you to hold R1 for it to work. Kratos unleashes a flurry of attacks and finishes up with a heavy attack additionally. I discovered that this combo can be initiated pretty quickly in battles as it doesn’t require you to remember different inputs. And it deals enough damage to finish off the basic enemies in a single combo.

  • Deals multiple strong hits to a single enemy.
  • Animation can be cancelled with dodge.
  • Highly single target.
  • Higher dmg is unlocked on upgrades.

8. Blazing Explosion I

The Best Damage Among Ranged Skills.
weapon in the game
The Blazing Explosion I Skill
  • Why I Chose This: Blazing Explosion I has the longest reach in Blades Skills and can effectively burn foes while possessing a decent AoE.                                 
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Blazing Explosion II is another ranged skill for your Blades Of Chaos in God Of War Ragnarok. It allows you to pierce your enemies with the blades, and then you cause them to explode by holding R2. This not only damages the enemy you pierced but also the enemies in the range of the explosion that happens after. I consider it to be one of the best-ranged skills for the blades that you should absolutely get.

  • Possesses high range and dmg.
  • The first upgrade has a decent AoE in it.
  • Deals comparatively less physical dmg.
  • The AoE of the skill requires upgrades.


Just like the grips and knobs for the Leviathan Axe, the Blades Of Chaos also have certain attachments known as pommels or handles, and these act as some of the best upgrades in God Of War Ragnarok. These not only increase the basic stats but also provide various buffs alongside the increase in your stats. There are many attachments for the Blades Of Chaos in the game, but here are the three best ones that you should go for.

1. Pommels Of Burning Unity

The Best Attachment For Increased Burn.
god of war ragnarok best blades upgrades
The Pommels Of Burning Unity
  • Why I Chose This: The Pommels Of Burning Unity not only increases burn efficiency but also enhances your Immolation charge-up.
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Pommels Of Burning Unity increase the burn status effect dealt by the Blades Of Chaos and also increase the immolation skill charge gained. Basically, this attachment enhances the burning capabilities of the weapon whilst also affecting the strength and runic stats of Kratos. 

You can switch to the Leviathan Axe after burning enemies to deal even more damage. So, if you rely on the burn status effect, then I suggest not sleeping on the Pommels Of Burning Unity.

How To Get

  • You get these pommels as a reward by throwing crystalline shards into the wishing well in Vanaheim.
  • Once you’ve thrown enough shards, the reward will unlock for you.
  • The crystalline shards can be obtained by destroying orange crystals in the crater region of Vanaheim.
  • Significantly boosts your ability to Burn.
  • Greatly Increases the Immolation charge rate on burning enemies.
  • Useless against burning-resistant enemies.
  • Can be quite difficult to acquire.

2. Hardened War Handles

The Best Attachment For Ranged Builds.
god of war ragnarok best blades upgrades
The Hardened War Handles
  • Why I Chose This: Hardened War Handles significantly boost the stun and dmg output of Hyperion Skills making it an ideal choice for ranged builds.
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Hardened War Handles was my preference when using ranged attacks, as it boosts damage and stun for the Hyperion Grapple and Hyperion Pull skills of the Blades of Chaos. These skills enhance your ranged capabilities, and these handles amplify their effectiveness. As you upgrade the attachment, the benefits become even more substantial, affecting three of your in-game stats.

How To Get

  • You can find this attachment in a legendary chest located on the south side of the Forbidden Sands in Alfheim.
  • You will come across the chest while doing the Song Of The Sands Favor in the game.
  • Increases the Stun and dmg of Hyperion abilities.
  • Best to use in a ranged build.
  • Only buffs Hyperion abilities and nothing else.

3. Radiant Warden Handles

The Best Handles For Deflecting.
god of war ragnarok best blades upgrades
The Radiant Warden Handles
  • Why I Chose This: Radiant Warden Handles is your best pick if you like to use Flame Whiplash and don’t want to get interrupted by projectiles.
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The Radiant Warden Handles give you a little more protection or defense while charging up the Flame Whiplash on your Blades Of Chaos. While you’re charging up your blades with the burn status effect, you can mash the triangle to protect yourself from incoming projectiles.Basically, this lets Kratos automatically parry the incoming projectiles so that your buff isn’t interrupted. 

How To Get

  • You can craft these handles quite early in the game at the Huldra Brother’s shop.
  • These become available to craft during the Quest For Tyr in the game, which is the second main quest in the game.
  • Invaluable for safely charging Flame Whiplash against ranged enemies.
  • Can be acquired fairly early in the game.
  • Does not protect you against melee attacks.
  • Provides relatively low substats.

Light Runic Attacks

The Light Runic Attacks can be activated by holding out your shield and pressing R1. Such attacks deal more base and posture damage to your enemies than normal attacks. Additionally, these need to be charged up as well before you can use them. There are five light runic attacks available for Kratos in the game, and here are the two best ones that you should definitely get for your Blades Of Chaos upgrades in God Of War Ragnarok.

1. Cyclone Of Chaos

The Best Runic Attack For AoE Dmg.
god of war ragnarok best blades upgrades
The Cyclone Of Chaos
  • Why I Chose This: Cyclone Of Chaos has multiple hit-counts, large AoE and Stun making it an ideal choice for crowd-control.
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I consider the Cyclone Of Chaos to be one of the best light runic attack for clearing out a large group of enemies with the Blades Of Chaos. Kratos will use the blades to unleash a circling sweep attack that will take care of enemies around him. If you get surrounded, then the Cyclone Of Chaos will help you get out of that situation very quickly.

How To Get

  • You get the Cyclone Of Chaos as a reward for completing the Raider’s Stronghold in Midgard.
  • It is located inside a legendary chest at the end of the stronghold.
  • Stun locks enemies due to multiple hits.
  • Possesses decent AoE, effective in gank situations.
  • No Burn application without upgrades.
  • Very high cooldown of 125 seconds.

2. Hades Retribution

The Best Runic Attack To Create Live Bombs.
god of war ragnarok best blades upgrades
The Hades Retribution
  • Why I Chose This: Hades Retribution deals great dmg to an enemy and other enemies adjacent to it, has low cooldown, and effectiveness further improves with upgrades.
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Hades Flame utilizes the Blades Of Chaos to turn an enemy into a walking bomb that inflicts damage to other enemies upon exploding. Kratos basically stabs an enemy with the blades, and that enemy turns into a bomb. The enemy will explode, dealing damage not only to himself but also to the other enemies in the range of the explosion. I must say, strategic possibilites are endless with this ability.

How To Get

  • The Hades Retribution is located inside a legendary chest that can be found in the Temple Of Light in Alfheim.
  • You come across the chest during your main quests as well.
  • Deals substantial HP and Burn dmg, greatly improves on upgrades.
  • Can juggle smaller enemies, leaving them open for more dmg.
  • The first slashes are highly single-targeted.
  • Has no stun application throughout.

Heavy Runic Attacks

These Heavy Runic Attacks can be activated by holding out the shield and pressing R2. These are very strong attacks that deal damage in a bigger range as compared to the light runic attacks. There are five different heavy runic attacks for the Blades Of Chaos, but here are the two best ones for that weapon in the game.

1. Meteoric Slam

The Best Heavy Runic Attack For Clearing Groups.
god of war ragnarok best blades upgrades
The Meteoric Slam
  • Why I Chose This: Meteoric Slam provides a great mix between Physical dmg and burn. It further possesses a large AoE and Stun application.
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I consider it to be one of the best AoE attacks that Kratos can do in the game. He basically summons meteors that fall down on the enemies in a huge range. And he does that while performing a charged attack as well. So, the meteoric slam is one of the high damage-dealing runic attacks that can be used with the Blades Of Chaos. 

How To Get

  • It can be unlocked by opening up a legendary chest at the Raven Tree in God Of War Ragnarok.
  • However, you will need to kill 38 of Odin’s ravens before the chest opens up.
  • But the attack is extremely powerful, and it is definitely worth the grind that you need to do in order to unlock.
  • High Physical dmg which further increases on higher levels.
  • Stuns and apply burn efficiently on upgrade 3.
  • Tedious to acquire as obtained by killing 38 Odin’s Ravens.
  • No Stun inflicted at lower levels.

2. Atlas Eruption

The Best Runic Attack For Burning Enemies.
god of war ragnarok best blades upgrades
The Atlas Eruption
  • Why I Chose This: Atlas Eruption Possesses decent AoE making it useful for defeating multiple enemies while burning them in the process.
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The Atlas Eruption can be used to eliminate waves of enemies at the same time. Kratos will penetrate the ground with his blades and unleash explosions that deal damage to enemies all around him. I always found it to be a great heavy runic attack that quickly took care of multiple enemies at the same time in the game.

How To Get

  • The Atlas Eruption is located inside a legendary chest that is present on top of The Forge in Svartalfheim.
  • The Forge itself is located on top of the Myrkr Tunnels.
  • Has the highest Burn application in Blades Runic Attacks.
  • Deals multiple blasts on upgrades, increasing its AoE.
  • Has a high cost for maximum upgrade (10500).
  • Very high cooldown and no Stun.

How To Upgrade The Blades Of Chaos

god of war ragnarok best blades upgrades
The Chaos Flame In The Game

In God of War Ragnarok, you upgrade the Blades of Chaos using Chaos Flames, obtained by defeating bosses. Visit Sindri or Brok to perform the upgrade, and it only requires Chaos Flames, no additional resources. Blades can reach Level 9, compared to Level 5 in the previous game. Higher levels increase stats, base damage, and unlock more skills. Level 6 unlocks all skills and offers various attachments, skills, and runic attacks that enhance damage, add buffs, and expand your combat options.

My Experience Using The Blades Of Chaos Upgrades

Blade Handles never felt like a true upgrade to me, as the buffs that you get from these will have a minimal effect on your overall gameplay. But I still ended up sticking to the Radiant War Handles once I unlocked them. These allowed me to easily charge up the whiplash attack without getting interrupted by ranged attacks.

God of Wae
My Hours in God of War Ragnarok (PSN ID: ELiTExNoGuns)

Hardened War Handles and Pommels of the Undying Spark were my other go-to’s since these buffed up the damage of certain attacks and the damage caused by the burn status effect using the blades. Honestly, you can never really go wrong with the handles, as they won’t affect the Blades of Chaos drastically.

This concludes my guide about the Best Upgrades for your Blades Of Chaos in God Of War Ragnarok. I entailed each and everything related to upgrades for the weapon. All of the best skills and attachments have also been explained.

The best runic attacks for the Blades Of Chaos were also mentioned with their location. I hope that the guide was helpful. Let me know what you think about the revamped movesets of Kratos’ Axe and Blades in God Of Ragnarok in the comments below!


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